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  1. What hypocrisy are you referring to exactly? From what I've been seeing and reading conservatives have been giving Obama a lot of credit for this kind of aggressive anti-terror policy and supported this assassination. It has been the American Criminal Liberties Union and the Ron Paul isolationist nut jobs that have opposed it. As a conservative Republican I back the Obama administration on this 100%. One of the few times I could say that about an issue.
  2. Shop.NHL.com raised their prices to 125 bucks for a blank Premier.
  3. Which is why I said, "If they think waterboarding is useful in some situation, let them make that call.", implying that they are smart enough to also judge if it undermines their ability to do their job, leads to misinformation, and puts troops at risk. You stated pretty succinctly that interrogators asserted all four of your points a, b, c, and d, to which I responded to let them judge all of those and make the decision themselves.
  4. I was only responding to the point that interrogators themselves realize that waterboarding doesn't work. If we are basing our decision to use waterboarding on whether or not it works, we should let those who are experts on the matter decide instead of having some know-nothing politician make the policy. The debate on whether or not waterboarding is torture is a different issue.
  5. Just to play devil's advocate, if actual interrogators are telling us that, then why not allow them to make the decision themselves? We should let those who know how to do their jobs do it themselves. If they think waterboarding is useful in some situation, let them make that call. If they don't think it's useful in any given situation, they won't use it.
  6. Please, I ask for as much support as possible! For anybody living or with influence in Nassau County, please pass on the message to VOTE YES!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/On-August-1-vote-YES-for-a-new-home-for-the-New-York-Islanders/208953092469701 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vote-YES-on-a-new-arena-for-the-New-York-Islanders-on-August-1st/191239960922222?ref=ts https://twitter.com/#!/VoteYESNYIArena/
  7. Do I wear the Devil jersey to the garden Saturday? If the rags win and clinch, it may not be worth the sh!t i'll have to take

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    2. GoArmySports


      Wear a Devils shirt under a sweatshirt. If were winning take the sweatshirt off. If were losing keep the sweater on!

    3. Scottie2Hottie


      Dude represent the red!

    4. Aznjsn


      Through thick and thin, alive or dead, rock the black and red

  8. https://twitter.com/#!/BComptonNHL/status/44458746503639040 It appears this change has already been reflected on the iO digital guide
  9. This. You simply don't see these kinds of death tolls from Christian extremists who are killing people in the name of god. There can be no moral equivalency made here. We are not looking at who has caused more bloodshed in history, nor are we comparing Muslim murder now to Christian murder in the 1200s. We are looking at the current present danger to civilized society. Like Daniel said, it's the radical muslims who are blowing up churches and synagogues. The worst that the Christian fundamentalists want is to remove evolution from the school curriculum.
  10. For the drama queens in all of us... not sure where the notion of large amounts of radiation came from.... http://www.redlandsdailyfacts.com/sanbernardinocounty/ci_16729193
  11. Cablevision has enabled HD for all overflow channels in certain areas... those of us who have 414 and 460 as overflow channels can now see all overflow games in HD.
  12. As a current senior in high school, I can tell you that had I not become interested in politics as early as 8th grade, I would have less than a flying fvck's idea of what a Keynesian is. Furthermore, I'd be willing to wager that I'm around one of at maximum eight in my class that might know what it is. This is out of a class of just about 600 students. Just giving your claim a little perspective, although I might also be giving claim as to why the public school system sucks
  13. I will be there! Lookee there! Post number 500!
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