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  1. Perfect example of why this team is clueless off the ice. Last home game of the year and 3 people working the membership pickup line instead of doubling that amount because you know the line will be as long as it is.
  2. This is from HF boards by JK3 over there, absolutely amazing...
  3. That post is far from blowing a gasket. I'm not even a baseball fan but I know the Phillies give promotional items out to all fans in attendance. Don't think it's unreasonable to expect a team on "fan appreciation night" to have enough bobbleheads for everyone in attendance. They sure a sh!t can afford it after the ticket increases.
  4. I'm ready for the pain to end. Would be nice to beat them though and possibly hurt their playoff chances. Also nothing says fan appreciation night like not having enough bobbleheads for everyone in attendance. We only appreciate you if you can get here early enough before we run out of them. Nice job by our clowns in the front office on that side of things.
  5. I think we'll see a team in Kansas City, Cincinnati or even Oklahoma City before Quebec City. Hell I'd even say Portland before that one. I just don't think the league wants to go back there and a lot of the players don't want to deal with playing there since it's mainly French speaking, way more so than Montreal.
  6. Sorry that's my bad, I didn't mean to direct it you but I've seen it so many other places today and that's why it was on my mind when I read your post.
  7. Personally I don't care about all the whining about the Islanders and loser points, our team was a bunch of losers all season and didn't deserve to make it no matter how many times all these other teams tried to help them out.
  8. Believe it all when I see it. An actual authentics jersey costing more than one of my Red Bulls season tickets is still a joke no matter how much anyone wants to try justify this garbage. I'm sure the markups are insane on these things and they'll blame "inflation" Fanatics is absolute garage and should not be allowed to be the absolute monopoly that they are now. A perfect example of everything wrong with our country. Overpriced garbage made with cheap products that don't last. They can blame Nike all they want but what's their excuse for all the orders they send out that are completely hilariously wrong across everything they do? They took over the WWE shop in the past year and everyone says you literally can't wash the shirts a few times because the printing is that cheap. They also just ran the big convention event during wrestlemania weekend in Philly over the past weekend and numerous posts about what a sh!t show it was with them running. Michael Rubin needs to be shot into the sun.
  9. Do you got a surround setup? You can just unplug the center channel speaker and it will cut out Bill and Dano but you'll hear all the other sounds so it will be like you're at the game.
  10. I'm not telling anyone not to bitch and moan, when MSG was feuding I didn't have it for almost half a season and it was a pain in the ass to sail the high seas to find a steam. Now it couldn't be easier, get a VPN and get espn+ and you're good to go. Hell it's even cheaper than cable.
  11. I know they have an overflow channel but not sure the availability of it since I don't watch the Yankees or Nets but I know nycfc of the mls got bumped all the time and there would be times where a 2nd overflow channel would be needed if the Devils, Nets and Yankees all played at the same time.
  12. I don't mind this but I like our teams msg crew. Not sure what people were hoping for here because besides SNY which only has one channel so we would get bumped to an overflow channel some games too there really aren't any other options.
  13. There's plenty of breweries and distilleries too. Some of their rules are more of a pain in the ass more than anything but there is still plenty to do for rich young athletes. I'm no fan of mormons but Utah is an absolutely beautiful state and there are way worse places to live and play in the NHL
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