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  1. I would be happy with Sal and Dano switching roles.
  2. I assume Cangi is just burnout on traveling. For the Red Bulls it's less games overall at 34 and even less than that because MSG doesn't get all of the games and MSG doesn't send the broadcast team to the away games.
  3. Ugh as if being a fan of this team isn't bad enough we now have the possibility of having someone who is absolutely awful at calling games calling our games now. I'm glad Cangy is still doing the Red Bulls games though.
  4. I love this stuff, it's definitely the Red Bulls fan in me but I wish "away fan designated sections" were a thing in every sport here. I use to travel a lot for the Devils but I absolutely hate sitting among home team fans. Designating a section or two at the top of the building for away team fans is something I'd love to see. Would all the Rangers fans in one large group be absolutely annoying? Absolutely, but at least they would all be together.
  5. It is wild to me that 2003 will be 20 years next year though, it certainly does feel like ancient history at this point. Certainly makes it feel even longer ago that we have now had an entire decade of mainly meaningless hockey.
  6. Still seems like a pain in the ass, even for them, considering how many season ticket holders there are / people who just have tickets and wanna get rid of them for a few events a year. Guess they think it's worth the time to try to get more money out of people if it's possible.
  7. Anyone get an email about needing their tax information from Ticketmaster recently? I haven't sold anything in 2022 but just sold a pair of my Red Bulls tickets for a game through the Red Bulls app through ticket exchange for a game that I can't make for $50 and they sent me an email about needing my tax information. It looks legit because of new tax laws but I obviously didn't even come close to $600 so it shouldn't be an issue. Could be more of an issue with the Devils in the future if I can't make a bunch of games and a real hassle for the irs themselves considering you gotta imagine all the season ticket holders who are just selling some games cause they can't make it and just wanna make some of their money back. What a pain in the ass. Here's a link about these new tax laws... https://www.cnbc.com/2021/03/26/its-going-to-get-harder-to-avoid-telling-the-irs-about-income-from-online-sales.html
  8. Absolutely nothing of value lost here. Guy has one of the most unlikeable phony faces of all time.
  9. The conference finals was enough, this would be nightmare fuel. They will probably change the playoff format before this team actually makes the playoffs again so never know lol
  10. This is the only thing the team actually wins lately.
  11. You might have better on HF boards, they definitely have some Finnish members over there, especially if you post in the main board or the international sections.
  12. Canadian exchange rate is probably higher for those too
  13. Get Ruff out too, stop carrying over the garbage to the next season each year. Sick of his "learning valuable lessons" bs line.
  14. So which one of you on here is actually this guy?...
  15. Having more than basically 4 shots a period isn't really asking for a lot. I don't disagree but will nice not watching this crap for awhile.
  16. At least the season is over Friday, they deserved all the boos.
  17. This might "almost" be Zacha's last home game as a Devil
  18. Top Gun night is so minor league which is fitting cause we are basically a minor league operation at this point.
  19. Guess it wasn't the old gear Hammond lol
  20. Looks like Hammond got some new gear, maybe he thought it was the gear that was the problem lol
  21. Good for Cangi getting some national spotlight...
  22. The entire coaching staffs jobs should be in the danger zone. If Fitz doesn't clear house he can enter the danger zone too.
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