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  1. Rod got fined 25k for this, wasn't issued a bench minor so he definitely didn't say anything that was deemed offensive to the refs. Seems ridiculous...
  2. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of social media and airing dirty laundry on the internet so I feel bad for kids like her and others who will have to deal with all this nonsense that their parents caused and showed everyone else. It's such a mess.
  3. It's not ever going to happen but I would love an owner who is like Arthur Blank though he did have PSLs sold for the Falcons which is another thing I could rant about for days. PSLs and a name change are basically the only 2 major things that would get me to cancel my Devils season tickets. I'm not an NFL guy so I can't speak about the Falcons but in the MLS he spends a ton of money on their Atlanta team and they have already won an MLS Cup and numerous other trophies and are almost always competitive. Only missed the playoffs 1 team since joining the league in 2017. Here's another article about the pricing... https://sports.yahoo.com/cheap-beer-good-press-falcons-fan-friendly-pricing-win-win-191626117.html “We had a number of owners who weren’t understanding the dynamic, the reasoning, the logic,” Blank said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon. “[They were asking], ‘Does this make good sense economically?’ We never justified it in terms of economics, but today we can.” “It’s working in terms of economics, but we didn’t do it in terms of economics,” Blank said. “We did it because it’s the right thing to do for the people who are supporting our business.” "during the 2017 season, even though prices dropped by 50 percent, fans spent 16 percent more than they had at the Georgia Dome." "A fan that’s spending less on food and drink has more to spend on merchandise; Falcons president Rich McKay noted last summer that the Falcons saw a 90-percent increase in merchandise sales from 2016 to 2017"
  4. Yes, that's why I always talk about this. Just because it's an event and the vast majority of arenas and stadiums charge ridiculous prices doesn't mean we should accept it because that's just the way it is if you wanna attend an event. The Atlanta Falcons / Atlanta United were one of the first places to lower concession stand prices when their new stadium opened and they found out that they made more revenue in concessions because people showed up earlier and spent more because they didn't feel ripped off. They also spent more on merchandise because of it as well. This is why I always fill out the surveys that I won't purchase anything until the Prudential Center adopts this. These were the prices in 2017 when they started it... Hell it was working so well they LOWERED the prices Check it out... https://mercedesbenzstadium.com/mercedes-benz-stadium-cuts-food-prices-second-time/ There are other teams and stadiums that have adopted this but for whatever reason a lot of teams and buildings haven't. Even though the proof is right here it seems they are simply stuck in their ways of thinking they will make more money if they rip people off. I think a bottle of water at prudential is $5+, it's an absolute joke. I wish more people would send this stuff into the Devils and just stopped buying concessions all together until fan friendly prices were adopted but I've been beating this drum with the team since I went to a game in Atlanta in 2018 and nothing has changed so they clearly are set in their ways.
  5. Can't say I actually disagree when you are talking about merch, concessions and face value on Ticketmaster. I've been filling out every single survey I get that concessions and merch are too high and that I won't spend a dime on concessions until they adopt fan friendly concession pricing. In terms of Newark safety I've never had an issue. This article says Vegas is #2 worse which seems absurd considering how much their atmosphere gets praise. Islanders at #3 makes no sense with their new building and how much their fans have said its fantastic. The distance from city center sh!t is stupid, especially with the "least accessible" nonsense when everyone out there mainly drives to games anyway. Plus they are adding transportation too.
  6. The 10 team no trade clause interests me, a lot can change around the league by 26-27 but gotta imagine some of the teams listed are those like Arizona, Buffalo, maybe some of the Canadian teams, I hope the Rangers are on there too lol
  7. This makes me wanna run through a brick wall for him. Absolutely love it.
  8. Suspended 5 games, seems light to me especially cause it's very obvious he bite him... https://www.nhl.com/video/lemieux-suspended-five-games/t-277440360/c-9721511
  9. Great win but who thought it was a great idea to put the white signs on every single seat? Besides it looking awful on TV cause you could see how empty it was my tree loving hippie side hates how much waste that all costed for absolutely no reason.
  10. That's a crazy streak! It's always good to take a day of rest here and there
  11. Nice! I have been using the Nike run app and will do at least the bare minimum of hitting challenges, at the very least a 10k a week and 100k every month. Some months it ends up being more sometimes just the minimum if I'm busy. I was just starting to get into running marathons before Covid hit, did a 5 and 10k and then had to get refunds on some that were canceled. I haven't gotten back into signing up for marathons but I'd love to do the NJ half marathon one day and then eventually the full marathon. I should have done the Devils 5k but was busy that day.
  12. I've heard this too and it should work because the commentary voices do come out of the center speaker. On my receiver you can just turn down the volume of the center speaker but I've never tried it for the espn+ games since I also don't get 5.1 for those.... For regular Devils broadcasts I actually like Cangi and Dano so I wouldn't mute them anyway so never tried it. I'll have to give it a shot one day for a non Devils game just to see how it is.
  13. Shut them all up! Mute the microphones again! It's the only way we are gonna score more! Lol
  14. The rush sounds of the game is like an Xmas gift come early. Wish the whole game was like this.
  15. Needs some stripes on the bottom, with that being all black and then the pants being black it's just so much space without any color. I do like the pitchfork better that's on the grey shirt a few posts up more.
  16. I agree with @NJDevs4978 I don't give two sh!ts what Marty does in his personal life or whatever he supports but then again people also keep saying he played for the St. Louis Blues and I don't know what those people are talking about either.
  17. Salvador was on the parade float wearing the jersey, looks so meh.
  18. Ah gotcha, yeah I thought you were talking about the regular ones. Honestly I'd rather just an entirely new 3rd jersey when we get to that point. I want more red in it.
  19. Would be one of the dumbest moves every made by this organization. The 3rd jerseys exist for this very reason to me. You create alternate logos for the 3rd jersey, make new ones every couple of years but ya never change the original now.
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