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  1. I've only ever used the free version on Roku where you sign in with your cable subscription when I forget to dvr some of the US soccer games but there were options for replays for that and there's always other things listed for replays so I don't see why they wouldn't have it for the NHL too.
  2. Agreed plus the fact that so many people are absolute selfish morons. My disappointment in the human race is at an all time low over all this. Members of my family actually fought in World War 2, actually made real sacrifices to try to protect this country and the world. In our present time all we had to do was wear some masks and get a free shot to protect one another and ourselves and we could have ended this sh!t months ago and moved on with our lives but instead we are dragging this out and we have people acting like we are oppressed. I find it absolutely infuriating. Not gonna trail off too much politically but I think the two party system is broken and I find that the vast majority of politicians are attention seeking ego maniacs and that they all care more about themselves and their parties more than what's best for the general public. It always feels like it's choosing the candidate who still sucks but doesn't suck as much as the other options. Red or Blue, it's a different shade of poo.
  3. Oh man, you mean we don't get to see you on an msg commercial 5000x during the season now? Shucks lol
  4. Geez that's pretty bad, especially cause the place is a tourist trap usually filled with a bunch of people.
  5. From what everyone is currently saying the answer is no
  6. Half the league now has a covid policy in place and the Devils are still all quiet. Absolutely embarrassing by our front office and ownership at this point. I just emailed the team yet again about this subject. https://www.nhl.com/blues/news/st-louis-blues-covid-vaccination-policy/c-326161436
  7. I don't have optimum but have her call or do it for her and ask what current promos are going on right now, you're debating canceling, might switch to streaming, blah blah blah. Works almost every time to get put into a "promo" deal and get the bill lowered. Absolutely worth the few mins of time every bunch of months and I've lowered my bill considerably by doing this.
  8. My personal plan is to just borrow a friend's Hulu account to watch just the 4 away games since I should hopefully be at the 4 home games.
  9. I believe the games will be on both Hulu and ESPN+ but I'm not 100% on that. Makes sense though since it's under the same Disney umbrella.
  10. Maybe we can finally get the Devils to retire the woo and Ric Flair videos...
  11. For me it's personally more about not supporting the idea of more exclusive streaming options. Everything has its own streaming service nowadays and it's gotten to the point of being ridiculous. People bitch and moan about cable pricing but to have all these streaming services plus a good internet connection it ends up being closer to the same price as cable to begin with.
  12. Apparently it looks like the games would be on ESPN+ as well as Hulu so you technically don't need both it seems.
  13. In Devils news that I'm actually pissed off about. Apparently the Devils have 8 games that are exclusively on ESPN+/Hulu. I'm not paying for more streaming services. This is exactly the type of sh!t I was worried about when ESPN came on board. I'd rather have had NBC stick around.
  14. See ya... https://theathletic.com/news/blue-jackets-replace-sylvain-lefebvre-due-to-coachs-vaccination-status/LlKLySOTwSUS
  15. Are you watching live though? I know streams are readily available in places but if I'm not at the game unless it's the playoffs I very rarely watch Devils away games live.
  16. There's a lot of awful ones in this top 10, gotta be so many other horrible entries to pick some of these as the top 10 lol Really don't give a sh!t who wins though.
  17. Didn't affect our team so I really didn't care
  18. You being a real life Al Bundy makes perfect sense to me lol...
  19. Yuck, too many thrown together colors and MPLS is stupid too. Can't wait for our Newark Bulldog throw backs. *puke*
  20. I own a couple of the Red Bulls Parley jerseys. The league has been making them for a few years now and the entire league wears them for a game one weekend. The only difference is that they are always in either like a black/blue/white versions but that's more to call attention to keeping our oceans clean with their for the oceans campaign . I like the cause so I always buy them but I generally hate the color blue since I've been conditioned to hate that color lol They fit and feel very well though and I'd never guess they were made from some plastic thrown into the ocean. My only complaint is that they never seem to make enough of them so they can be a pain to get them, we all know there's plenty of plastic in the ocean so it shouldn't be difficult to make more. 2018... 2019... 2020...
  21. I went to a bunch of games during the lockout year, even have a jersey. The son use to be above the ice in like a suite and would scream and yell the entire game. Was absolutely hilarious lol
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