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  1. Colorado didn't get to win on home ice tonight, oh no, what a shame. fvck em.
  2. Very sad day for our country. What a backwards ass bullsh!t decision. It's only going to get worse.
  3. Good for Ottawa, I really enjoyed being there for the 03 conference finals. Their fans and the city were absolutely incredible atmosphere wise. Literally every car and store/house had Sens flags on it when I was there. Their arena though is literally the Canadian version of the Meadowlands, same sort of arena setup and in the middle of absolutely nowhere. They have had a sh!tty situation for awhile now and deserve better. I do hope they make the owners pay for the entire arena though. It's absolutely absurd that so many of these places are built with taxpayer's money when so many of these owners are billionaires.
  4. Any idea where he said this? It seems very not like Doc.
  5. I agree with you but I admit I'm a bit sick of this team in general, just an overall sourness in terms of everything on and off the ice. I'm tired of talking about how next season is finally gonna be the season that this franchise finally turns it around. I'll believe it when I see it at this point. I have no faith in Ruff or our goaltending.
  6. Coyotes only made the playoffs 1 time since 2012 as well. Our dog sh!t team ain't that much different than them at this point. I don't even feel like it's the sky is falling but until this team goes out and proves it's not dog sh!t I won't be holding my breath. The team sent out an email asking what we think of the team going forward, "extremely pessimistic" was an option and that's what I picked. I'm sick of watching losing hockey for a decade. If there is no progress next season we need to really clean house again. I definitely admit I'm getting more and more like @DevsMan84in thinking that our owners really don't give a sh!t.
  7. Thanos actually won for awhile though.
  8. Perfect "Kaapo Scratcho" lol...
  9. Glad that's over, would be nice to see our dumpster fire of a franchise actually make the playoffs next year now.
  10. Perry loves to take dumb penalties
  11. I have no idea how anyone actually watches these intermissions, Chelios and him both come across as unintelligent mouth breathers. I watch on a bit of a delay just so I can fast forward straight through it.
  12. Ridiculous that wasn't called a penalty
  13. I really hope our team never gets this point, don't think it's deserving whatsoever but not my team...
  14. He probably learned it from dad.
  15. Satans Hockey


    He's 39 and didn't even play anywhere for 21-22 and missed the last 2 seasons in the NHL. Hard pass.
  16. He hit another person too... https://www.wtsp.com/article/sports/lightning-fan-sucker-punched-rangers-fan-madison-square-garden/67-c9ac9d05-9c4b-4034-bcd4-13f484196ac2 "As Anastasio tried to run away, police say the witness tried to stop him, which resulted in Anastasio punching the witness in the face, too. Officers say the witness "sustained pain and bruising" to his face, but he refused medical treatment."
  17. He hit his head really hard on the ground and the reaction time for security to get him some help looks like it was super slow so it wouldn't really be surprising if the guy passed away. Hope that's not true though. I'm more amazed people still do this kind of sh!t when there are cameras everywhere and you can easily ruin your entire life in a split second.
  18. sh!tty commercials for the win!
  19. Not sure I've seen that one, I really don't like this draft kings nhl commercials with the woman who uses all the "hockey lingo"
  20. Maybe sticking to talking about commercials works lol
  21. Not that guy, those I don't mind, the other one who is Flos buddy, this one...
  22. Flo, she's been around forever now and has the other horrid guy now whose name I don't know that I hate just as much. I'll never purchase Progressive simply because of these two.
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