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  1. Who says this? Most season ticket holders just want improvement, not finishing dead last or second to dead last in the division every year. Hell there aren't even many season ticket holders on here anymore. Team has made the playoffs 1 time since 2012 while winning a whopping 1 playoff game. Next season is a full decade since 2012. Shouldn't be surprising that some people think that spending money on this team is an absolute waste.
  2. Yegor Sharangovich 11 (+1) Pavel Zacha 11 Nico Hischier 11 Michael McLeod 11 A.J. Greer 10 Mackenzie Blackwood 10 Kevin Bahl 10 Nathan Bastian 10 Jesper Boqvist 10 Jesper Bratt 10 Connor Carrick 10 Nolan Foote 10 Jack Hughes 10 Andreas Johnsson 10 Janne Kuokkanen 10 Mikhail Maltsev 10 Nick Merkley 10 Ryan Murray 10 Damon Severson 10 Ty Smith 10 Marian Studenic 10 P.K. Subban 10 Tyce Thompson 10 Scott Wedgewood 10 Colton White 10 Miles Wood 10 Aaron De
  3. Absolutely fvcking infuriating that this team comes out and gives up a goal like 41 seconds into the game after they have played the last bunch of first periods like complete dog sh!t. I'm not expecting wins but can we at least make it 10 mins into the first period without giving up a fvcking goal ffs
  4. Haha touche but you know what I mean
  5. I don't get why people root this way either way, it's not like this team needs any imaginary help to lose, they have lost 7 straight in regulation and only have 4 home wins all year. They got losing covered lol
  6. I always enjoy your rants whether I agree or not but this is easily the worst thing you've ever said lol I'd be 100% done with the NHL entirely if this nightmare scenario ever actually happened.
  7. I'll have to look into it more but this season might go down as the worst home record in the team's history at 4-17-3, good lord. Also we can be officially eliminated from the playoffs tomorrow if Boston wins their game to make it 8 of the past 9 seasons with no playoffs. Also next season will be a full decade since their 2012 run and our last playoff series win. We can yap about being spoiled in the 90s and 00s and blah blah blah but a full decade is a very long time. The good old days are long in the past at this point. fvck is it depressing.
  8. Knew it was coming soon as they approved the helmet logos, it sucks but it's not the least bit surprising. Those poor billionaire owners, what would they ever do without some extra corporate sponsorship money?
  9. "Mitchell would not get into the details of the demands made by the Devils." Anyone see what these demands actually are? I'm curious if they were actually reasonable or not. That being said it's more a shame to me they are going back to Utica when we have a perfectly great arena in Trenton sitting empty so many nights of the year. I'd rather see them give back to the state with new jobs and revenue for Trenton than Utica but it definitely won't happen.
  10. At least they battled back, shame the power play is such trash otherwise this could have been a tied game.
  11. At least the Red Bulls start tonight, I'm beyond sick of watching this team, I'm ready for the season to be over.
  12. Team deserved to score a few goals but sh*tsterkin played well, it happens. Get some revenge on Thursday.
  13. He's done games at Red Bull Arena for years, not sure what else he does though where you would have heard him before. Personally I don't give 2 sh*ts about Kevin Clark leaving.
  14. Did this account get taken over by a twitter scammer? Lol
  15. We didn't win with them so maybe we'll win without them lol LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  16. 100000% agree and I've always hated this stuff too.
  17. Zajac wasn't willing to waive the NMC last year because he still had a year and a half left on his contract. There's a huge difference from being further away from your family and home for 1.5 years vs what could be as little as a month or so or at max like 4 months which means you're getting a shot at a Cup. Huge difference in terms of sacrifice family wise.
  18. I would have just said I wish them well but it's not like him being nice will actually affect the picks lol not something to get riled up about to me. That being said I hope the Islanders lose as many games as possible the rest of the season and then get swept out of the playoffs.
  19. As a fan base the Islanders fans have surpassed the Flyers for me. For whatever reason, Flyers fans haven't been traveling up in the numbers that they use to in the Meadowlands from what I've noticed and when they do they don't act like they use to. Islanders fans have turned into these obnoxious rangers fans who wear a different shade of horrible blue. You would have thought they won their 4 cups in a row a few years ago. I just hate them. I absolutely hate Carolina too but that's more about playoff history and nothing to do with their actual fans.
  20. Absolutely agree about the window. Eichel is basically the Hall situation again with a few more years added on, have to build around him quickly asap or he's gonna bounce and we already know he's miserable in Buffalo losing so he wouldn't be any happier here losing.
  21. In terms of following the draft I dont follow it at all other then hoping whoever we get is good. I just don't know why so many Devils fans are buddy buddy about the Islanders simply cause we both hate the Rangers. The Islanders fan base has been absolutely horrid in our building for years now despite them not winning anything of any importance. I just can't absolutely stand them and have no desire to see that fan base enjoy a cup win. I wish they never got this new Belmont stadium and fvcked off to Quebec or wherever the hell else they would put another team.
  22. I find it absolutely bizarre that so many comments I've seen online are people saying they are rooting for the Islanders to win it all even if it hurts our chances of getting a higher pick. I know I can be an a**hole but good lord it's absolutely embarrassing to me to call yourself a Devils fan and say this instead of wanting the best possible pick for the future of this team.
  23. I think missing the playoffs 7 of the past 8 years with 1 measly playoff win during that time has led me to not caring who comes and goes anymore. I just want to watch some winning hockey again.
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