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  1. What a great game by Zacha, loved that ot shot. Nico getting on the board is great too. Same story with the brutal penalty kill, this team just has to stay out of the box.
  2. Looking at some other games some sections 7 and 9 are opened behind the benches but still looks like section 8 and the 200s aren't being sold unless they were all bought already in the first block.
  3. I'm not going or buying anything but logged in just out of curiosity... Every game is different pricing like normal based on opponent. Like Rangers game is obviously gonna be the most expensive. Lots of sections not even being sold, all of the 200s are closed, 116-120 are closed and the 3 black seated sections behind the benches are closed. Downstairs looks like row 12 is the closest to the glass, everything before that is closed. For the first game vs the Islanders prices range from like $40 to $150. There's also suite tickets available for $300 and those dining table seats for $180. Prices resemble normal prices to me. There's also a ton of tickets still available so I do think there will be tickets left for a regular on sale. Another thing it says is that even section numbers should enter an hour before puck drop to 30 mins before puck drop and odd section numbers 30 mins prior to puck drop to puck drop but seems like a recommendation more than anything else. I think anyone who wants tickets will be able to get them at this point tomorrow. Seems like a lot of people would rather see how this goes first or doesn't think it's worth the hassle to see this team. The restrictions on not being able to transfer the tickets is also probably scaring some people off.
  4. Theres definitely some good posters over there, I like the Prudential center/ticket thread cause theres more season ticket holders over there than here and the entertainment thread and the themed game day threads over there more than anything else.
  5. I don't read the same amount of posts on HF that I do here even if I post there, especially in game day threads and news threads because it's too many posts to keep up with but I'm absolutely sure some of them do I just haven't seen it.
  6. I looked at his profile, its not even a Devils fan, its some random hockey fan from Germany. Random idiots on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook do not represent the entire fan base. Amanda responding to it makes it worse.
  7. Amanda has no idea how to just ignore troll posts, it's absolutely pointless that she responds and gives attention to this stuff and the team should tell her to ignore it. It's not even a Devils fan, its some random hockey fan in Germany. It's literally social media 101 but I guess she missed that class.
  8. Well they certainly played like they wore the retros.
  9. That graphic with the players name that appeared blocking the view right before the goal is absolutely unnecessary.
  10. Just looking on google I wasn't expecting the prices to be so low and looks like they have money back guarantees too so definitely looks like it's something worth giving a shot if you're interested.
  11. Ever think about trying those glasses that can let you see those colors? I'm not sure how they work or if everyone is eligible but I've seen a few videos of people reacting to seeing the colors for the first time.
  12. I wouldn't mind seeing some more color match-ups. Like at home wearing our reds vs the rangers wearing their ugly blues.
  13. This is a big fyi for anyone getting tickets this season. I'm really not a a fan of this whatsoever and considering their history of wanting to control the secondary market I almost buy this as a way for them to try to implement this under the disguise of covid protocols. This team doesn't have a scalper problem and we would all be way worse off as fans and consumers if the team is allowed to have full control over all of the tickets. Other teams are not doing stuff like this, they are simply making you sell/transfer all of the tickets you have, ex. you can't sell 1 out of your 4 tickets, it has to be all 4. They can yap about this neighborhood stuff all they want but since there is no testing anyway and you can easily lie about who is in your household this is a rather trash move by the team imho. Not worth talking about it to them currently but if they try to keep this next season a lot of people will have a big issue with this... https://www.nhl.com/devils/team/membership-hq Will I be able to transfer tickets in 2020-21? For the safety of everyone attending Prudential Center, fans are asked to only sit with those from their immediate household and ticket resale is prohibited. To maintain "neighborhood" integrity, ticket transferring has been disabled for the 2020-21 NHL season.
  14. I'm not a big fan of the current jerseys either, the even stripes are the worst part of it for me. I'd be fine with a new design but I don't trust Adidas or the team to ever make something I'd be happy with lol I'm just happy we aren't wearing the old colors or red and green/black versions of KC Scouts or Colorado Rockies stuff like Carolina and Colorado did with their Hartford and Quebec jerseys.
  15. Buffalo hasn't either but they beat us by a few days lol apparently some other teams aren't wearing them 6x either, saw some with as few as 3x
  16. I'll object ever having green on the jerseys full time until I die lol some retro games during the season, sure, just never want to see it full time and absolutely never want to see it in the playoffs. I know it's definitely seems skewed to age on this board but I don't enjoy the green at all and never wear anything Devils related with the green on it. It just looks like the color combination a losing franchise would wear to me, which considering what they have been since 2013 maybe they should have switched to the green full time during this stretch lol
  17. It's only a week wait at this point, why not wait for some fans to actually get to eNJoy them in person? Lol
  18. All but the Caps game were moved around. If they are sticking with the original schedule on the new dates the retro games should now be... 3/2 - NYI at 7pm 3/6 - NYR at 1pm 3/18 - PIT at 7pm 4/2 - WASH at 7pm 4/9 - PIT at 7pm
  19. Looks like no retros tonight, I assume they are saving them for when fans are back in the building...
  20. Saw some people saying that tickets aren't going to be transferable. I'm not sure if that's true but I would absolutely get confirmation first before anyone here sells or buys to anyone else. I didn't think they could restrict that kind of stuff but who knows anymore with the pandemic going on maybe that made an exception with this for contract tracing or something. Who knows.
  21. I'm sure there will be someone who will pull their mask down just to yell SHHHHHOOOOOTTTTTT during a PP who will take the attention away from you lol
  22. This is an important part too that I had missed, not sure how they are going to actually enforce this but if they somehow do will definitely affect people as well... "Fans will be able to attend with only those who they currently live with – defined as a “household”."
  23. With no test requirements though I believe they will sell the whole or vast majority of the allotment before the general on sale though as long as ticket prices aren't ridiculous. I'm also curious to see what the secondary market is going to be but that is really gonna depend on what face value costs and the team not going on a downward spiral. However without needing tests I can see a lot of Rangers, Islanders and Flyers fans trying to attend games too since it will be a less of a hassle than getting a negative test for msg or nassau.
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