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  1. I know I complain a bit here and there but I've never actually had to talk to my rep this much ever before. That stuff like Twitter and the PA announcer are honestly things I really don't care about but I totally get your frustration. This is the first major issue I've ever had with this current ownership group and I really think they are reading the room wrong. I don't know a single season ticket holder who sits around me that is happy about this situation and the vast majority of them plan on using buybacks/selling most of their games for awhile. I have a bunch of mine listed for sale but I know there's no way the majority will sell. I'm probably just gonna go the route of fighting for more buybacks to use to at least November when the election is over and things might be changed by force.
  2. I know I keep posting about it but I'm super frustrated with this organization and ownership. "Just stay home" really isn't an option for me when they have had my money since March of 2020 and I always expected the front office to do the right thing by the fans safety. It's gonna be an argument and battle with them because the team doesn't want to issue refunds or credits. I'm honestly very surprised this team is willing to lose long term season ticket holders instead of being flexible for this season and just giving season ticket holders the option to defer more games as credits to next season. I don't get why we have a front office that acts like we have a waiting list for season tickets. People are not banging down the door looking to even go to a game let alone go to all 44 home games. It's beyond out of touch with reality.
  3. Our first home game is Friday and it certainly doesn't look like we are going to have any changes in the covid proctols. I find our front office and ownership to be absolutely embarrassing. I missed the Islanders announcement on Friday but now we are the only team in the area not doing the right thing...
  4. I've been watching all the Child's Play movies again since the new TV series is coming out on October 12th
  5. Didn't know that about Marty but he's also not on the team right now and his career is long over so that makes it a lot easier too. A lot of these things is also why I just wear a blank jersey, don't have to worry about the stupid sh!t the player can possibly do or if he sucks or gets traded. I've always been more of a logo on the front over the name on the back guy anyway.
  6. Blackwood also had an autograph signing the other day and took pictures with fans right next to them. Makes absolutely no sense to be doing that right before training camp either. I'd say I'm surprised the front office even allowed it but our front office has been an absolute embarrassment in how they have handled everything lately off the ice.
  7. It's definitely Blackwood, check out who he follows on Instagram. I would say I'm surprised but I've never found him the least bit intelligent in any of his interviews so I'm not surprised at all. I'd throw his ass off the team if he refuses but we have a front office and ownership that doesn't give a sh!t about having any covid protocols in place for fans so we know they won't do anything here either. Lack of spines all around in this organization.
  8. Because we haven't won sh!t cup wise since 03. Brylin was not the heart and soul of the team, that's extremely over dramatic. I liked him but let's not get carried away. I don't wanna be like the Rangers and Islanders who are retiring numbers 20+ years after they played just so they could sell more tickets and merch.
  9. No. We shouldn't be retiring anyone's number for a very long time. Would need Hughes or Blackwood or Nico to lead us to some Cup wins. Nobody from the past, Brylin, Zajac, whoever should ever have their number retired.
  10. Don't worry, it eventually will be lol
  11. When did you cancel them if you don't mind me asking? I know one person who tried to cancel this week and was told sorry there's nothing we can do besides give you an extra 6 buybacks, which they don't even want because they are so annoyed they are canceling their 2 seats after this season now and buybacks only work if you renew.
  12. I've been emailing them every time another team announces real protocols. Feels like I'm pissing in the wind though so I don't see anything coming out of it.
  13. 17/32 teams now while the Devils continue to just ignore it...
  14. Cleary the Devils most think so since they have been quiet on this. I can only speak for my section but I have 4 season ticket holders other than myself all with numerous tickets on their accounts who all want vaccine proof and have been bothering the Devils to institute the policy. Certainly gonna be interesting. I know I keep bringing this sh!t topic up but we would have been long past this problem if people weren't stupid morons who didn't give a sh!t about one another. I've really been pissed off about this situation lately. This is a privately run arena but it's a community event and if you don't care enough about the other members of your community enough to protect yourself and others than you shouldn't get to enjoy a community event such as these. I'm done ranting for the day lol
  15. Oh absolutely I also meant they are the vocal minority that the team shouldn't be listening to about anything. From a business end they are the ones who will yap about not going cause of mah freedums but they are the ones who weren't spending money to begin with.
  16. I very well might, also not the least bit surprised this comment comes from you. Absolutely shocking. That's the same group that wants tickets for next to nothing from the team or other season ticket holders. They are the vocal minority the team shouldn't be catering too.
  17. We have 10 days before our first pre-season game and it sure as hell looks like there won't be any covid protocols that actually matter. Our front office and ownership is embarrassing.
  18. Seems like he could have probably signed a 1 year deal somewhere in the league but really doesn't wanna be away from his family nor move them from Jersey.
  19. Zajac retiring, signed a 1 day contract to retire as a Devil... https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/travis-zajac-signs-one-day-contract-to-retire-as-a-devil-i-release/c-326223424
  20. Malignant was a dumpster fire of a movie. What an absolute waste of time and I have no idea why people were talking this one up. Acting was atrocious too which made it even worse.
  21. I've only ever used the free version on Roku where you sign in with your cable subscription when I forget to dvr some of the US soccer games but there were options for replays for that and there's always other things listed for replays so I don't see why they wouldn't have it for the NHL too.
  22. Agreed plus the fact that so many people are absolute selfish morons. My disappointment in the human race is at an all time low over all this. Members of my family actually fought in World War 2, actually made real sacrifices to try to protect this country and the world. In our present time all we had to do was wear some masks and get a free shot to protect one another and ourselves and we could have ended this sh!t months ago and moved on with our lives but instead we are dragging this out and we have people acting like we are oppressed. I find it absolutely infuriating. Not gonna trail off too much politically but I think the two party system is broken and I find that the vast majority of politicians are attention seeking ego maniacs and that they all care more about themselves and their parties more than what's best for the general public. It always feels like it's choosing the candidate who still sucks but doesn't suck as much as the other options. Red or Blue, it's a different shade of poo.
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