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  1. At least this is the last week of this trash hockey. Another wasted season in a decade of mainly trash seasons.
  2. This is the most offensive thing you've ever said on this board.
  3. I don't think we could get a box of pucks for Hammond at this point. This guy absolutely sucks and that's saying something with some of the goaltending we have seen over the years here lately. fvcking hell.
  4. It's 13 because Nico wears 13, so stupid.
  5. Jack is great but it's not like they were winning much with him in the lineup either.
  6. I'm still not a fan, find them more boring and a missed opportunity than downright ugly.
  8. Certainly would be more line brawls, most likely amongst ourselves though lol
  9. Hey, I like comic books...we aren't all like this lol
  10. At least the Islanders ain't winning sh!t this year either.
  11. Don't think they even had a shot on goal.
  12. Agreed, this season is already a lost cause, let's just watch the world burn.
  13. That's 1. Keep shooting, he fvcking sucks.
  14. Our road record has been sh!t lately even with him in the lineup
  15. If they actually take some good shots he won't. Cory absolutely sucks.
  16. Lovely, we can have member berries about the 03 cup teams 20th anniversary.
  17. I'm happy Wood is back, it's nice to see someone with some piss and vinegar.
  18. Come on Jack, get a hat trick on free hat giveaway night!
  19. Absolutely awesome comeback win. fvck the Rangers. A sidenote but Chris Kreider's fluke goal scoring numbers this season reminds me of Gionta's fluke goal scoring season. Both solid players who won't/didn't ever recreate those numbers again.
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