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  1. Halloween Kills was an absolute dumpster fire, this had to be some of the most unlikeable and downright stupid supporting cast of characters in any movie ever, I was actually rooting for Michael to off everyone. Besides milking it for more money there's no reason this should have been stretched out into a trilogy, whatever happens in Halloween Ends could have easily happened here.
  2. Don't know anything about this subject but asked one my friends who does and he said he got this in a few years ago but Barclay's Center doesn't allow it anymore so he's not sure if Prudential has changed their policies as well. Also said "Anything smaller is pointless, so it really is basically a no camera policy at a lot of these venues"
  3. I know this policy is them pretending to act like they care but ffs
  4. Don't a lot of their fans come across the border too? That can explain it, plus the Eichel stuff and their roster looks like trash again, fans can only deal with so much bs before they say fvck it
  5. As expected, there's no point even showing it when you can just walk in with a mask and take it off as soon as you hit the escalators anyway. Is what it is.
  6. Those plastic bracelets that were the giveaway yesterday really should be axed. It's an absolute waste of money and the vast majority are being tossed right into the garbage. Just doesn't seem worth the waste for people to use them for a whopping like 3 minutes during the pre-game with some flashing lights.
  7. This unfortunately did not come true and this bold prediction has been eliminated lol..... Kidding aside I saw tons of comments elsewhere about people wanting Nas fired last night haha
  8. A poster on HF said that Hughes might have thrown the stick to her intentionally which makes the story even better, he said... "I saw the young girl who caught the stick carrying it after the game. Her brother thinks Hughes saw his sister holding up a birthday sign and intended to throw the stick to her."
  9. They never mentioned it on the broadcast that I can remember
  10. Saw so many comments online about people not liking the new PA guy, hope he just stays off social media or just ignores whatever hate comes his way. I never got the fascination some had about Kevin Clark and this new guy doesn't bother me at all. I thought he was fine tonight, just not something I can muster up any enthusiasm to care about either way.
  11. Well it's your fault we are stuck seeing this guy all season now, it could have been you instead lol
  12. For all you jersey guys, is this not a jersey foul? Hughes Kansas City Scouts jersey? Lol...
  13. Holy sh!t this is like ptsd from that home opener a few years ago
  14. Certainly haven't missed Sal saying roll it and stop it a hundred times each broadcast, buy the guy a damn button to press to alert them to roll it and stop it ffs lol
  15. I wanna see at least 30 goals this year, Jack seems like if he gets it going early his confidence can get him there
  16. I got a few bridges to sell ya if you think it's a legit sell out
  17. He said it's really hot out there, maybe they can't turn the ac too low cause the power will go out again lol
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