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  1. I guess im in the minority that I don't care much about Zajac. He'll probably end up signing again anyway.
  2. Here we go with more of the Islanders are ok to root for sh!t. fvck them and their fan base. Hope they get swept in the first round.
  3. Did anything from Amazon referrals come through? Not huge amounts but I used it a few times
  4. When did the NHL ever have this during the regular season?
  5. Im still sitting this season out, from an email... "We are pleased to inform you that based on Governor Murphy’s announcement this afternoon increasing indoor capacity at sporting events to 20% starting Friday, April 2nd, the New Jersey Devils have released additional seating locations for all remaining Devils home games beginning with this Friday’s game against the Washington Capitals!"
  6. Wow that in goal cam shot, what a damn save!
  7. Absolutely had to challenge that, should be called back.
  8. There is one... https://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?/forum/14-the-marketplace/
  9. Do the Amazon referrals actually give a decent amount? If they do I'm sure the majority of us use Amazon and if that alone can cover it then you don't have to worry about other gimmicks or even donating directly.
  10. I didn't watch that game but they showed some highlights after the Devils game last night and the game did look a lot more chippy than normal so the refs getting the game under control is most likely what he was talking about but at the same time Tim Peel has been probably the absolute worst ref every season for years now so I wouldn't be surprised either way.
  11. None, the jersey I wear all the time is a blank. The only name one I ever actually bought was Brodeur and I got that signed to eventually frame. I'm probably in the minority in this view point but I think they are absolutely uncomfortable to sit in with a name plate and numbers on them in the arena seats so that's why I always wear a blank one to games. I buy player t-shirts instead for guys I like, lot less money and if they leave or leave on bad terms it's just a t-shirt so who cares lol
  12. Absolutely greatly below what I expected - You all really expected to set a record for most consecutive games lost at home in the history of this team? I didn't expect them to make the playoffs but I didn't expect them to be historically bad, covid, shortened schedule and no practice included I still wouldn't have expected them to lose 11 consecutive games at home. MVP - Wood, scoring goals, not taking as many stupid penalties. He went from me not caring if Seattle took him to actually being someone I want here for awhile. Super happy to be wrong. Disappointing - Gusev - good lord
  13. How quickly do Amazon referrals show up? Just bought something using the link but I made sure to bookmark it so going forward the referrals should work every time.
  14. What a great play by Bratt! Guys played fantastic today, they deserved those 2 points.
  15. I always liked Paul, even got his jersey when the Devils gave STHs a free jersey per seat coming out of the 05 lockout. Really happy to read that he got through all that and is doing better... https://www.twincities.com/2021/03/19/after-bottoming-out-former-gophers-nhl-star-paul-martin-see-the-light-again-im-pretty-lucky/
  16. I mean its not a wrong answer haha especially if he wasn't into video games, not everyone is.
  17. Thats what the Nets were doing but the Rangers and Knicks just needed a test result from anywhere. Not sure what Buffalo was doing.
  18. Didn't think of this, I think NY is the only state that I'm aware of that is requiring negative tests...
  19. They shouldn't have played last night, like deja vu for Buffalo...
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