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  1. Don't know where they got this from as being an "announcement" but this looks like a bs rumor twitter account and this is obviously subject to change. Live Nation is going to require it for concerts at Prudential. So far Devils games is nothing but they haven't announced anything either way yet, from my rep... "We have not had any policy updates or changes yet for events at Prudential Center. We hosted a few Monster Jam events over the weekend – masks were encouraged for fans but not enforced. As we get closer to the start of the season, we will share policies as they are announced. We will continue to follow the guidelines and regulations set forth by the state of New Jersey."
  2. Geez that's awful news
  3. Might have been talked about already but if so I missed it but Dino BBQ and Edison Ale House both permanently closed. Personally I wasn't a fan of either so I'm hoping better things come along but I'd imagine those places will eventually be filled once events are for sure going again since they are prime locations.
  4. I think a Brylin, etc etc night for a ring of honor would definitely move more tickets than McMullen. Sold out? Definitely not but most fans, even the most die hard fans would be more interested in a former player than a former owner who wasn't even alive for the ceremony and wasn't loved by everyone since the older fan base seem to have had a love/hate relationship with him because of his threats of moving the team to Nashville. Personally I'm glad he failed at getting an arena in Hoboken done. I know people bitch and moan about the traffic at times in Newark even though I rarely ever have issues but Hoboken would have been an absolute disaster for those of us who drive to games.
  5. Bingo. Guy has never said a bad thing about being here or the fans. Most of the guys social media is him working out, hanging out with family & friends and traveling. Literally what almost every one else does with their social media(minus working out for a lot of people lol)
  6. I've never been to the Glendale arena but I've been to events at the baseball field and the downtown arena where the coyotes use to play. The locations there are definitely seem way better and were very convenient to get to. I thought Phoenix was nice enough to visit but the downtown area really cleared out rather quickly after events and there wasn't even a ton of places to grab something to eat after that were still open.
  7. One is tolerable, the other is not and is to simply make the rich even richer* *Views are of my own accord & not stating how the entire board should feel
  8. Adidas and CCM at least make and distribute these jerseys and the logos aren't in a prominent spot. It's not the same as a Billy Bob's Burgers ad being thrown on the front of a jersey cause they simply paid for it.
  9. They released the times for all the games. I know some people won't be happy that there isn't more but I hate afternoon games so only having 7 of them is fine by me. It's the two sets of back to back on Saturday and Sunday afternoon home games that is absolutely miserable to me. I'm gonna probably try to just sell off or use a buyback for the Saturday ones.
  10. I really don't see that happening, they will go with vaccinated only / limited capacity first which should be more than ok. I could be wrong but I just don't see us going back to no crowds again.
  11. I think concerts, especially at smaller venues like starland are a whole different beast than sporting events. They are packed with no room between one another and people screaming along to the songs and social distancing isn't realistic in these types of places. The smaller venues would end up losing money reducing capacity unlike sporting events where they can still make money with reduced capacity. Sports can spread people out a lot easier if it has to come down to it but I think we see more arenas/stadiums end up being vaccine only before we see stuff get canceled again. Music wise a lot of younger bands / artists simply can't afford to not tour any longer since it's been over a year and a half as it is. They simply don't have that luxury of being able to cancel if they feel uncomfortable.
  12. A few bands canceled their tour 2021 dates today, wonder if this is gonna start a domino effect. Probably not since some bands simply can't afford to cancel any longer...
  13. Raging = posting messages on a message board? Lol k. I've never stopped doing anything I actually enjoy over ads. I never canceled my season tickets, I wouldn't cancel my season tickets over ads. Complain about them? Absolutely but I'm a customer who is sent surveys about the team and I voice my opinion there when they ask for it. I didn't like our arch rivals goalie celebrating on our ice after the playoffs. Why does this need justification? If that sh!t didn't make you mad as a fan of this team why even bother following sports. Sports is about competition, it's about rivalries. sh!t gets heated. Did I jump on the ice and assault him? No, I complained on a Devils message board, oh no the rage! I don't like being advertised to when I'm outside my own home, note what company it is and don't purchase their products, such rage! How is that entitlement? How about the stupid corporate stooge who came up with that idea and said hey if we fly a banner over all these people's homes that will want everyone to buy our product! That sh!t is entitlement. You literally just said this a message board who cares yet you quote my post and attack me and list all these things saying that I constantly complain about ads when I only talked about it in response to the news article someone posted. You're actually the person who drummed up Lou and got into constant arguments with numerous posters for years over and over and over again so the irony in this whole thing is absolutely amazing that you don't see it. You call me entitled but you want me to have the same opinion as you. That's some serious entitlement.
  14. I'd rather be the Karen of the board than the person of the board who everyone puts up with and who most absolutely can't stand.
  15. Also you telling someone else they do something CONSTANTLY (omg I can bold too!) is fvcking hilarious. Look in a mirror you absolute fvcking dolt.
  16. Good lord shut the fvck up. It's a fvcking message board with differing opinions. I'm not fvcking protesting outside Harris and Blitzers house, I'm complaining on a fvcking message board in a post that took me 30 seconds to write. The Devils have my money for my season tickets and have made interest off of it since March 2020. The owners are absolute billionaires. They didn't lose sh!t. Considering you have an entire room dedicated to what in the end is all corporate bullsh!t advertising it doesn't surprise me that you're willing to suck all these ads down willingly. I don't like commercials or advertisements or the never ending marketing being shoved into our every day lives. You like it? Good for you.
  17. Also since we have to deal with this nonsense it just better not be blue on the jerseys. It's bad enough we have blue on the white helmets.
  18. Very unrealistic but if every Devils fan switched their insurance from Prudential citing the reason being the helmet ads that would have gotten their attention. Unfortunately ads our part of our every day lives. Ads that are annoying have never seen a dollar from me. Progressive has the absolute worst commercials and Flo has me reaching for the mute button every single time if I'm actually watching live. I will never give progressive a dollar. Ads have actually conditioned me to never watch anything live anymore, I'd rather start the game 30 mins late so I can fast forward them all. fvck em.
  19. The helmet ads were just the beginning and people didn't complain loud enough so they knew they could get away with this too. I'm beyond over the endless amount of advertising. Those poor owners don't have enough money! Boo fvcking hoo. Also maybe I'm in the minority on this view but you know those small planes that fly all over the place dragging ads? More so on weekends when they know people are relaxing in their yards outside. I make sure to read the banner so I can note what it is so I can make sure I never give that company my money. Beyond fvcking annoying to see those things.
  20. Rumors are that he was being a creep on Twitter and maybe even behind the scenes and that's what got him fired, I never saw any of it but he deleted his Twitter and the Devils never acknowledged his time here so where there's smoke there's usually fire.
  21. Speaking of Marvel, I enjoyed the first episode of What If. Besides the faces when speaking at times the animation was really great, especially for all the actions scenes. I saw people complaining that it's too fast paced but these are supposed to be more of a short story with maybe something bigger at the end so I thought the pacing was fine. Not everything needs to be long and drawn out.
  22. To me it's a pride thing of unfinished business and showing you still have it mixed with money, I know it's wrestling but the undertaker in wwe has said in the past it's just so much money(talking over a million or so) to pass up for his family & their future that it's almost impossible for him to say no for a few nights worth of work but that he knows his body can't go like it use to so he'll go out and give a performance he hates, wants to come back to make up for that, have a good performance then get offered money again to come back and it's a vicious cycle.
  23. Not that this makes this story any better but NHL teams usually don't have interns that are minors, usually it's college kids earning college credits so they were probably under 21 and he thought they looked younger. Don't see why any team would have minors working for them but the Blackhawks were clearly a mess so maybe I'm wrong.
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