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  1. Guess a lot of people complained... "Based on feedback from fans, digital ticket transferring and resale will be enabled for Devils tickets starting March 24th. It is strongly encouraged to resell/transfer all seats in a “neighborhood” to ensure fan safety and social distancing."
  2. Yes but he wasn't a ufa after the season, he is this season. There's a big difference being away from your family for 3-4 months tops to possibly win a cup vs having to move them or be away from them for 1.5 seasons.
  3. His durability and luck of not getting hurt and whatever off the ice training to keep his body in shape is incredible though. He played all 82 games in 11 seasons, played 81 games in 3 other seasons. Played all 48 in the lockout shortened 12-13 season. His least amount of games played in a normal 82 game season was 74 games in his rookie year 97-98. That's wild, guy is an absolute beast. I do agree he doesn't qualify for the hof though but this games played record is still extremely impressive.
  4. I think Zajac to there does make sense but I really have 0 interest in helping the Islanders win anything so I personally don't want to see it happen unless the trade is just simply way too good to give up. If its just a late second round pick? Hard pass. I'm sure he might be more willing to waive it to go elsewhere too since he's a ufa after this season. Much easier to go to wherever for just 3-4 months and that's only if that team goes deep anyway than having to go somewhere for almost 1.5 years like last year if he would have waived his ntc.
  5. Holy sh!t we won a home game and in the retro jerseys no less, we need @MadDog2020 to have a birthday every game day!
  6. That shot to Hall's face was brutal, really hope he's ok. I definitely think we will see full shields or cages eventually at this point. Way too many guys getting brutal injuries that could be avoided.
  7. Satans Hockey

    Nico update

    Blah, I already have enough reasons not to bother attending a game this year but can throw this up as another one. Wake me up when it's next year.
  8. I'm surprised they aren't waiting for april and may to see if they can increase the capacity but I guess they can still always just do that anyway if that gets approved. I already wasn't going beforehand until stuff is back to normal but their awful play really sealed the already shut door on that for me but if anyone didn't check their email... "As we prepare for the remaining games on the 2020-21 schedule, we are excited to announce that Devils Game Packs – comprised of Devils home games in April and May – will be made available exclusively to Devils Black and Red Members this Thursday,
  9. Vegas is totally a place I could never imagine living, a few days is enough for me but I'm also not into gambling or fancy clubs. I enjoyed the buffets though lol I forgot what it was like to have people being allowed to smoke wherever they wanted and that was what I hated most about the place. So many places absolutely just stunk of cigarettes. I really didn't realize how much of a blessing banning smoking indoors was until going to Vegas.
  10. Happy Birthday! LETS GO DEVILS!!! Something has to give lol...
  11. Just such a freak awful accident. I hope that player who dumped the puck in is doing ok too. A rather routine play for him directly led to this, obviously not his attention but hopefully he gets the support he needs to get through this.
  12. https://76.ru/text/sport/2021/03/14/69811322/ ah the longer video shows how quickly the situation got bad. Hoping this kid can somehow pull through but it unfortunately really doesn't look good
  13. This is awful, the play obviously looks like it hurts but doesn't look that bad to cause this much damage. I'm not sure how true it is but I saw a google translate on HF that apparently his heart was stopped for 8 minutes before they got it going again. Sounds like he's only surviving cause of the machines, just awful...
  14. As if extending a team record for most consecutive home losses in this team's history wasn't bad enough we really gotta go down miserable memory lane about a final that could have been? Woof
  15. Oh I didn't mean show the fans at the game, I meant show the conclusive offside footage in the arena to the fans and on tv. Be as transparent as possible with this stuff instead of just saying Toronto saw it, trust us.
  16. Also it's 2021, show the fans watching the games, on tv and in person the actual conclusive footage of the play. Beyond bush league in this day and age not to show it with the technology that exists now. It's an absolute joke.
  17. 0-10-1 in their last 11 at home, the worst in the history of this team. Absolutely pathetic considering some of the trash that has been thrown out on the ice here since they last won a playoff round.
  18. Should officially rename the Prudential Center the house of horrors.
  19. I read it wrong, I'm with ya now
  20. I get what you're saying but Lemaire doesn't fit that, he was almost a point per game player and won 8 cups as a player.
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