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  1. Lmfao like tickets not being available has ever been an issue with this team
  2. The Devils updated their policy and people are talking about it. It's news literally related to attending games that affects people who go. It's not like it's just covid talk in general.
  3. Vaccine proof only or vaccine proof & negative tests. I can confirm they are not giving out wrist bands so under this current policy you can literally wear a mask in and simply take it off which is why it's an absolutely do nothing policy.
  4. I don't even know how many season ticket holders we have on here but if you aren't interested in attending under these policies call your rep. They are giving options to roll over the entire season while keeping your seats or you can even take it month to month if you wish.
  5. They aren't going to enforce this, it's a joke policy. They want to try to look good without pissing anyone off but this isn't it.
  6. This is absolutely worthless, it's a half ass policy... ENTRY POLICY: In order to enter Prudential Center, patrons ages 12 and up must (1) present proof of full Covid-19 vaccination status (via display of an actual vaccination card, a complete picture of the card, or an online digital vaccination record) or (2) wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times unless actively eating or drinking. Children under 12 may enter the venue so long as they wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times unless actively eating or drinking. For complete Prudential Center health and safety protocols, please go to PruCenter.com/safety.
  7. I know it feels like a few years back but that was installed in 2014 already. They did do some cool things with it originally but they either fired the people who know how to really use it properly or it simply can't do Vegas level stuff cause of the model they bought, I have no clue. For the price and what we have seen from it the past few seasons I agree though.
  8. Got this from the NHL website... "A player on an entry-level contract can skate in nine games before teams must decide whether to send him to the American Hockey League or junior hockey and delay the start of their contract to the following season. Teams still can send a player down after his 10th game, but it would use up the first season of his contract regardless of how many more NHL games he played."
  9. I got the same no posts to show message today too so you're not alone lol
  10. The way the Prudential Center has been going lately that might take care of itself lol
  11. I don't know about you guys but I can't wait to bitch and moan about the awful 3rd jersey whenever it's released. Already have my email to the front office drafted to complain to them. Might even start a change.org petition.
  12. Might be missing a lot of starters to start the season if they don't heal up soon...
  13. I watched it subtitled, I think the dub is sometimes the default setting
  14. Just blew through Squid Game, enjoyed the hell out of it.
  15. His dad is named Jim Vesey, played in the NHL too
  16. Yeah, I'm done with this guy, hope we have another prospect in the system who can take the #1 job sooner rather than later... Amanda "but you are kinda leaning towards?(getting the shot)" Blackwood "unfortunately, yes" and then laughs
  17. I sure hope so, if he's healthy I'm hoping for 25+
  18. Honestly couldn't remember if I posted here about the team giving people options for the season because that just happened recently. They have been quite shady and sh!tty about it too, only offering it to some people but not outright offering it to everyone so you basically have to push for it if that's what you want. I really don't get why our team acts like there's some high demand for people shelling out money for 44 home games for a team that's made the playoffs 1x since 2012 and a team that has always had attendance issues. Instead of saying hey we know this situation sucks here's your options they have to hide it and make it difficult for everyone. They are also not holding the seats for people who opt out, you can carry your money over and keep your tenure but there's no guarantee the seats will be saved. This is the stuff I don't get with them, why not build more loyalty by realizing this is a year with a sh!tty situation for some and just say hey we know you've been a season ticket holder for x amount of years and we value your loyalty for keeping your money with us, we will keep your seats and see you next season. Instead I now know several long term season ticket holders who are completely done spending money on this team. Our front office on the ticket/arena side is run by absolute fools. That's my last rant on this one for awhile.
  19. If our starting goalie wasn't in the news for Covid it wouldn't be talked about and people would be talking about the season a lot more. Personally my excitement for this season is at an all time low because of how the front office has handled the arena. I won't be at games for quite some time. I think attendance is going to suffer, there's a lot of tickets available for the home opener. I know a lot of season ticket holders who sit around me who opted out for the season entirely and others who got full refunds. I saw my section during the pre-season games and nobody was in my area at all. The front office really better hope this team doesn't sh!t the bed out of the gate. I would like nothing more to get back to actually normality but we simply aren't there yet.
  20. Very hard to tell from pre-season but sure feels like it has a possibility if a lot of these guys, Smith and Hughes especially are out for a bunch of the games to start the season.
  21. In other news, hopefully the team gets healthier before opening night...
  22. It's the same few people that really have an issue which is why a blocking feature that works well would solve everyone's problems, some of them that stemmed way before Covid hit.
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