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  1. Winnipeg Jets are requiring it, sometimes I don't know where to post this stuff so this thread seems more suited for it cause it's more of a world topic than related to hockey...
  2. I think it's only a matter of time now before the rest of the NJ arenas/stadiums will end up doing the same...
  3. At least she can't say he isn't committed if she ever finds out lmfao
  4. I've actually been going through all those too, finished The Curse of La Llorona recently so just have the 3rd Annabelle and 3rd Conjuring to go. They are all pretty much the same formula but I still enjoy them. The nun was definitely the worst one to me so far but the Conjuring 1&2 and Annabelle comes homes have been the ones I liked the most. Also really looking forward to the new Child's Play tv series on Syfy coming out in October.
  5. The violence was definitely kicked up quite a few notches in this, definitely not comparable to anything Marvel wise to me that I can think of. What horror movies have ya been watching together lately? Sweet Tooth on Netflix seems like it would be a good one for a family, not really a light and fluffy show but not too dark either. It's a bit timely too considering a big plot point is a virus.
  6. There's brief nudity in other scenes of both sexes but yeah I definitely wouldn't recommended this for younger kids either.
  7. I thought it was fine but it was absolutely a 1 watch and never again for me. I think Gunns humor is simply not for me, I thought the mom joke was extremely cringe instead of funny and they kept going back to it over and over. A lot of the movie actually gave me Doom Patrol meets Guardians of the Galaxy vibes. They tried to make King Shark like Drax. I fully admit I don't like John Cena and never have nor will so I hate seeing him in anything. Elba was fun as Bloodsport though. Viola Davis is the perfect Amanda Waller though, I hope they keep using her going forward if they keep doing more movies.
  8. Was flipping around channels and saw this, tucking a jersey into jeans? Absolutely appalling...
  9. This is how I feel as well
  10. Devils have been quiet on this front, which makes sense considering the season is a few months away and things can change quickly one way or the other but Prudential Center and Red Bull Arena have been having events with no requirements so far. The rock had a concert and a boxing event so far and RBA has been having soccer games.
  11. With nyc looking to do this I wonder if NJ will end up following suit, maybe not to this extent but at this point I can see it for arenas, stadiums, concert and club venues...
  12. Love the walking dead series so black and white isn't an issue for me, neither is the right to left, it's more adding more things into my to read list when I'm usually way behind as it is lol Definitely gonna check out those 2 you mentioned though.
  13. I just wanna know how much money Kane still lost betting on his own games lol
  14. Saw the Jungle Cruise movie, it was entertaining enough, like a mix of the Pirates and Mummy movies. CGI was absolutely putrid in some spots though. This isn't a spoiler but the opening with the Disney castle starts off with a re-done version of nothing else matters and there's a longer version later on, apparently Metallica did it themselves, I like it but was just so unexpected to hear this come over the Disney Castle lol...
  15. Good to hear they are ok. I'm not afraid of flying or heights but those small personal planes are not for me, always seem to come down way more often than anything else. Not that I'll ever have to worry about being one in anyway lol
  16. Never really read any Manga but I love horror movies and comics so I'll have to check those Junjii Ito ones out.
  17. I just read the first 5 issues again, I read these originally back in 2010 so I'm cutting myself some slack here with my memory, I generally don't read anything twice but it's definitely very different from the show lol I do enjoy both but in terms of story and plot the comic moves along way faster than the show does amongst other changes. TV show is definitely toned down too.
  18. Honestly I'd have to go back and read again to really compare. While I remember the general story its been quite a long time since I read it so the complete details are more fuzzy but I'd probably agree that is toned down a bit which really doesn't surprise me anyway. What else have you been reading lately?
  19. Been watching Sweet Tooth on Netflix, only have an episode to go but it's been really well done. It's based on a comic book(it's not superheros) from many years ago that I had read and I forgot how oddly fitting it is to watch this during a pandemic. Definitely recommend it.
  20. As said a couple pages back I also fall into move on from Zajac camp. We'll have plenty of new guys and the younger guys stepping up to make this team their own. No more retreads.
  21. Shame how Butcher has fallen, wonder what the future considerations are...
  22. Someone on HF said theres a Devils free agency show on MSG tonight so maybe it will be announced on there
  23. The Ric Flair stuff should have died the day Hall was traded. Should have sued the team for pain and suffering, might have even won the lawsuit
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