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  1. The 10 team no trade clause interests me, a lot can change around the league by 26-27 but gotta imagine some of the teams listed are those like Arizona, Buffalo, maybe some of the Canadian teams, I hope the Rangers are on there too lol
  2. This makes me wanna run through a brick wall for him. Absolutely love it.
  3. Suspended 5 games, seems light to me especially cause it's very obvious he bite him... https://www.nhl.com/video/lemieux-suspended-five-games/t-277440360/c-9721511
  4. Great win but who thought it was a great idea to put the white signs on every single seat? Besides it looking awful on TV cause you could see how empty it was my tree loving hippie side hates how much waste that all costed for absolutely no reason.
  5. That's a crazy streak! It's always good to take a day of rest here and there
  6. Nice! I have been using the Nike run app and will do at least the bare minimum of hitting challenges, at the very least a 10k a week and 100k every month. Some months it ends up being more sometimes just the minimum if I'm busy. I was just starting to get into running marathons before Covid hit, did a 5 and 10k and then had to get refunds on some that were canceled. I haven't gotten back into signing up for marathons but I'd love to do the NJ half marathon one day and then eventually the full marathon. I should have done the Devils 5k but was busy that day.
  7. I've heard this too and it should work because the commentary voices do come out of the center speaker. On my receiver you can just turn down the volume of the center speaker but I've never tried it for the espn+ games since I also don't get 5.1 for those.... For regular Devils broadcasts I actually like Cangi and Dano so I wouldn't mute them anyway so never tried it. I'll have to give it a shot one day for a non Devils game just to see how it is.
  8. Shut them all up! Mute the microphones again! It's the only way we are gonna score more! Lol
  9. The rush sounds of the game is like an Xmas gift come early. Wish the whole game was like this.
  10. Needs some stripes on the bottom, with that being all black and then the pants being black it's just so much space without any color. I do like the pitchfork better that's on the grey shirt a few posts up more.
  11. I agree with @NJDevs4978 I don't give two sh!ts what Marty does in his personal life or whatever he supports but then again people also keep saying he played for the St. Louis Blues and I don't know what those people are talking about either.
  12. Salvador was on the parade float wearing the jersey, looks so meh.
  13. Ah gotcha, yeah I thought you were talking about the regular ones. Honestly I'd rather just an entirely new 3rd jersey when we get to that point. I want more red in it.
  14. Would be one of the dumbest moves every made by this organization. The 3rd jerseys exist for this very reason to me. You create alternate logos for the 3rd jersey, make new ones every couple of years but ya never change the original now.
  15. Absolutely agree that's why I said the only chance these will go away sooner is if sales bomb big time, but really don't see that happening either. Although with that picture that @Devil Dan 56 posted showing a sh!t ton of PK jerseys, I don't know who is buying all those lol
  16. Also booing does work once in awhile, it got our goal song changed when the fans booed that lol it obviously won't work for these and these will be around for awhile unless sales bomb really bad which they probably won't either. Like the saying goes, there's a sucker born every minute lol Also for any of the sneaker fans with lots of money, check out these for charity... https://www.nicekicks.com/new-jersey-devils-adidas-third-jersey-release-date/?amp
  17. I agree nothing will change but I still enjoy those clueless suits hear their things get sh!t on. I'm not going to games for awhile so I'm glad someone's doing my booing for me lol
  18. I know some people don't like this but I love it, it's the only way our fan base can really get their point across besides not spending money on it...
  19. I'm not having those issues tonight so no clue. Message them on Twitter if you have it, they do respond when they get DMs about quality issues with the feed.
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