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  1. I'm just happy to not have been there for any of this, that's my one bright spot in this ocean of absolute darkness.
  2. FYI Devils broadcast is on MSG+2 tonight I don't have optimum but I have no idea how this is a thing in our area in 2021...
  3. It's gonna keep expanding on the uniforms, this was them dipping their toes in. I wouldn't mind the digital ads as much if they didn't shake most of the time, they need to figure out how to keep it steady.
  4. Which means all those ads will be around even when we get back to normal. Yay.
  5. Been a year to the day of our last regular Devils home game under normal circumstances, can't believe I haven't been to a Devils game in year now.... I would have bet on us getting nuked first over this mess
  6. Beautiful! Side note, has anyone here fostered dogs before? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and researching about it and giving it a go in the future. I like the idea of getting to help a lot of dogs find their forever home as well as spending time with different breeds.
  7. Wedgewood earned that shutout, great game by him and the guys!
  8. Wedgwood has looked solid but they really need to get a goal first and actually have a lead, might boost their confidence.
  9. Yup and look at Rasmus Ristolainen on Buffalo who only came back on the 27th after getting it during the game against us, he had a rough time and hes a young athlete. I don't like trying to use this as an excuse but it definitely seems like it's part of the explanation of why this team is doing so poorly.
  10. Dont know if you saw this but in case you didn't, it does seem odd that all 3 teams are having this much trouble, even some lingering affects plus the condensed schedule, there has to be something there besides all 3 just being bad considering how they were playing before covid...
  11. I've seen tons of rangers fan complain about Micheletti before and personally I'm not a fan of Goring or him. I think Dano's rough sounding voice doesn't help at times but I believe hes a big cigar guy so that's probably why it sounds rougher every year.
  12. Playing Devil's advocate a bit but are there really any color commentators out there that are that negative? In a normal season they are around the locker room and guys a lot so that line of criticism/sh!tting on the guys is a fine one to walk. I really don't mind the broadcast finding some positives to talk about or them trying to not sh!t on everything. I get enough of the negative aspects of everything (which are rightfully being expressed with how bad this team is) on here, HF and some social media if I wanna go there too. I really don't think we need to hear all that
  13. Not sure if you saw this and it's missing some games now but still definitely seems like there is some after affects going on whether they admit it or not...
  14. 9 straight home loses in regulation, good lord, at least I didn't have to be there for any of this.
  15. I know Kaapo Kakko is a stupid name but it's not a hard name to pronounce lol
  16. I know this team sucks either way but looking to move that record to a nice 4-15 in retros and 0-2 in these reverse retros...
  17. Maybe clutch is the right word? I definitely get what he's trying to say. It certainly doesn't feel like we have anyone who can change the game for us when we need it most and besides Hall's MVP season it's been a long time since I've felt we had.
  18. I hate that they use past teams for these stats, at first glance I was like who the hell is Blaine Stoughton and when did he play for Carolina, same with Goulet on Colorado. Also have Selanne listed for Arizona. Those real answers should be... Arizona - Keith Tkachuk - 52 Carolina - Eric Staal - 45 Colorado - Joe Sakic - 54 Dallas - Mike Modano - 50 Winnipeg - Patrik Laine - 44
  19. That guy should have just ran him over, Avery was clearly trying to intimidate and threaten the guy.
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