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  1. This is awful, the play obviously looks like it hurts but doesn't look that bad to cause this much damage. I'm not sure how true it is but I saw a google translate on HF that apparently his heart was stopped for 8 minutes before they got it going again. Sounds like he's only surviving cause of the machines, just awful...
  2. As if extending a team record for most consecutive home losses in this team's history wasn't bad enough we really gotta go down miserable memory lane about a final that could have been? Woof
  3. Oh I didn't mean show the fans at the game, I meant show the conclusive offside footage in the arena to the fans and on tv. Be as transparent as possible with this stuff instead of just saying Toronto saw it, trust us.
  4. Also it's 2021, show the fans watching the games, on tv and in person the actual conclusive footage of the play. Beyond bush league in this day and age not to show it with the technology that exists now. It's an absolute joke.
  5. 0-10-1 in their last 11 at home, the worst in the history of this team. Absolutely pathetic considering some of the trash that has been thrown out on the ice here since they last won a playoff round.
  6. Should officially rename the Prudential Center the house of horrors.
  7. I read it wrong, I'm with ya now
  8. I get what you're saying but Lemaire doesn't fit that, he was almost a point per game player and won 8 cups as a player.
  9. I'm just happy to not have been there for any of this, that's my one bright spot in this ocean of absolute darkness.
  10. FYI Devils broadcast is on MSG+2 tonight I don't have optimum but I have no idea how this is a thing in our area in 2021...
  11. It's gonna keep expanding on the uniforms, this was them dipping their toes in. I wouldn't mind the digital ads as much if they didn't shake most of the time, they need to figure out how to keep it steady.
  12. Which means all those ads will be around even when we get back to normal. Yay.
  13. Been a year to the day of our last regular Devils home game under normal circumstances, can't believe I haven't been to a Devils game in year now.... I would have bet on us getting nuked first over this mess
  14. Beautiful! Side note, has anyone here fostered dogs before? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and researching about it and giving it a go in the future. I like the idea of getting to help a lot of dogs find their forever home as well as spending time with different breeds.
  15. Wedgewood earned that shutout, great game by him and the guys!
  16. Wedgwood has looked solid but they really need to get a goal first and actually have a lead, might boost their confidence.
  17. Yup and look at Rasmus Ristolainen on Buffalo who only came back on the 27th after getting it during the game against us, he had a rough time and hes a young athlete. I don't like trying to use this as an excuse but it definitely seems like it's part of the explanation of why this team is doing so poorly.
  18. Dont know if you saw this but in case you didn't, it does seem odd that all 3 teams are having this much trouble, even some lingering affects plus the condensed schedule, there has to be something there besides all 3 just being bad considering how they were playing before covid...
  19. I've seen tons of rangers fan complain about Micheletti before and personally I'm not a fan of Goring or him. I think Dano's rough sounding voice doesn't help at times but I believe hes a big cigar guy so that's probably why it sounds rougher every year.
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