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  1. Someone else said it too and I absolutely agree, our front office is run by a bunch of absolute clueless corporate stooges, especially Jake Reynolds so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they made up this bs up about Marty and David Puddy having a part of making these jerseys thinking "oh the fans will love if we say those guys "designed" it"
  2. Oh joy they found some more teams nobody has ever given a fvck about to reference. I really can't express how much I hate all these pictures explaining what everything is referencing. If you have to explain every single thing it shows what a sh!t job you did. Absolute fvcking trash...
  3. Boring and uninspired is how I have seen them all along. They aren't downright ugly like some teams past jerseys. Just absolutely not something I'd ever spend any money on or wear.
  4. Congratulations! Hope your wife and him are doing well!
  5. Maybe they could put DEVS on the front of it and we can all chip in to put njdevs.com as the sponsorship patch lol
  6. I believe he's talking about this, the chatter isn't going to be as loud because nobody goes to these games...
  7. The Newark community doesn't even know who the Newark Bulldogs are let alone them being important to them. Hell you could probably survey all the fans at a game one day and even the vast majority of them wouldn't know either.
  8. Those truly awful designs are also fun cause they aren't ours lol
  9. Maybe the fans will boo the jersey, we have booed new goal songs before lol
  10. Remember when this was the slogan for awhile for the team? I still don't love just having "JERSEY" on the front but if they were gonna do this they literally had a better looking font they already used in the past on other things. It still should say "NEW JERSEY" no matter what the stupid font is though.
  11. What? You don't remember their glorious one and only season where they went 14-26?!? And you call yourself a Devils fan? ..... They don't even have their own Wikipedia page lol
  12. Bumping this because I'm at the Red Bulls playoff game in Philadelphia which ended horribly but they played the Hey Song at the end of the game. Been quite some time since I've heard it in person. Did Gary glitter lose the rights?
  13. Players don't care that much, these are more insanely boring than goofy looking like that Blues trumpet jersey from years ago lol
  14. So happy we are paying an odd homage to the awful Newark Bulldogs that nobody gives a sh!t about, unreal
  15. Could also make it even better and donate a bunch of the portions to St. Jude(Warburton's favorite charity)
  16. So apparently 2 guys over on HF got shipping confirmations, gonna be pretty funny if they somehow receive the jerseys before its revealed lol
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