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  1. Lmfao imagine going from Tampa to Calgary, good grief.
  2. I'm definitely not trying to sway your guys opinion on the show either. Music is always up to individual interpretation in ones likes and dislikes. I'm sure there are people who ended up not liking it they just didn't talk much about as the people who love it. I don't know any people in my circle who actually saw it or even care to see it though so I've never had the chance to talk about the show before lol
  3. I saw it on Broadway and I do, would have left at intermission if I was by myself. No offense not that I'd think you ever take offense anyway lol but the majority of the theatre was either middle school theatre kids or middle aged to old white people so I don't think it's going out on a limb to say that most of the people who end up seeing this show or listening to it are listening to rap and hip hop on a regular basis. I compare the show itself to MSG, absolutely fantastic at marketing itself both they are both still overrated and awful.
  4. Imagine going from Tampa to Calgary lol I just can't see this, hell I'd take less money to stay in Tampa at that point lol...
  5. I know it's an unpopular opinion but to me Hamilton is like those teachers we had back in school who always try to be cool except here they rap and it comes across corny as hell. Miranda is the worst of the bunch to me with his whiney nasally voice and I think it's awful. I think a lot of people paid a stupid amount of money for those tickets and didn't want to admit that the raps are actually awful. At the same it seems to be the majority of the people who actually like this show don't listen to any rap or hip hop to begin with so another explanation as to why they think this show is just so amazeballs.
  6. A tiny life goal of mine is to never play a single round of real golf for as long as I live. I've gotten out of it numerous times lol Not knocking it for those that like it but it's absolutely not for me. Love me some mini-golf though and Holey-Moley on ABC is a ton of fun lol
  7. Absolutely agree on the phone. I've gotten into the habit of putting my phone down when watching movies or tv shows, I'll set it to do not disturb where only the people who I have selected can call me or text me and that's just in case they have an emergency because watching movies on my tv would be a horrible excuse to miss the call lol Pausing I love though, bathroom break, snack break, even finishing it the next day. I don't think any of those things takes away my enjoyment of the movie cause I'm still paying attention and it beats running to the bathroom or snack stand for a refill in the middle of movie in a theater where you just miss all of that.
  8. It's the type of movies too, big action/adventure movies always give people more of a reason to say I wanna see that on a giant screen with better sound. I really enjoyed Parasite but I saw it from home and nothing about it made me feel like I needed to see in a theater.
  9. I watched the new Space Jam from home but I'd never have gone to see it in the theater. Hell I barely go to the theater anymore unless it's a new James Bond or Terminator movie and that's because it's a tradition with my oldest friend. The rest I'd rather wait to watch from home. No people talking on their cell phones, can pause and go to the bathroom whenever. I know this is also sacrilegious to some people but I've even been watching some movies in two parts if they are too long lol Space Jam was worth it simply to see the ridiculousness that was the rapists from clockwork orange and the clown from IT in the front row of the sidelines with other ridiculous characters cheering on Lebron and the toons even though this is a kids movie lol
  10. While I still enjoy some of the movies, DC has shown how hard is really is to pull off a proper universe which is a shame because they have some amazing characters. They just rushed into it all too quickly.
  11. I really miss Rick Moranis, I totally understand why he stepped away from movies. And speaking of sequels, remakes etc, he's coming back to do Shrunk which is gonna be set 30 years affer the original. I know sequels blah blah blah but I'll be so happy to see him in something new that I don't even care lol
  12. Personally I never watch trailers for movies I know I'm going to watch, hate having stuff spoiled when I absolutely know I'm gonna watch the movie. Trailers nowadays seem to give away way too much. I watched the tomorrow war with Chris Pratt the other day on Amazon Prime. Absolutely a mindless sci-fi action movie but the aliens were pretty cool and well done.
  13. Smith was great last year, I absolutely don't agree that we should trade him if Luke becomes better than him. That would be a fantastic "problem" to have but you would keep both and have them be part of your defense for years. Not like our defense has the depth to not keep both.
  14. Nope I would have let you known if I did and if I come across it I'll definitely let you know. I've been going through a box every few days but I really have a stupid amount of Devils stuff, I knew it was a lot but it's really ridiculous now going through it lol I've had everything in rubbermaid boxes but not in any sort of order so I've been organizing now as I'm going and killing 2 birds with 1 stone lol
  15. Ribs look fantastic. My grill died over the winter and I haven't bothered replacing it yet because I don't particularly enjoy grilling. I've been on the fence about buying a nicer one so maybe I'll actually enjoy grilling for once lol
  16. Also apparently really good at faceoffs too. Sounds like a solid pick...
  17. Or contemplating how he can get Quinn to NJ so they can all move here together lol
  18. Also want to add that I know I'm in the minority view point on all of this but that getting paid a sh!t ton of money to play a game is a privilege. I'd kick anyone out of the league, goes for any sport or form of entertainment who acted this way or worse. Let these athletes and entertainers go get a normal job instead like the rest of us schmucks instead of being put into a spotlight that they don't deserve. fvck em.
  19. For some context, I'm just copying and pasting my post for this on hf where there were quite a few posts not thinking that it was a big deal... I don't know why things need to be compared to situations that are even worse but I think it's a shame a lot of people just think this stuff isn't a big deal or it's simply just what a lot of kids do these days. I know its mostly guys on these boards but even if you dont have a daughter / don't want kids / aren't a girl/woman you should be able to at least have empathy and understand that once these photos/videos get online they stay there forever unless you're insanely lucky to have them not remain out there. If they remain out there it's something that can follow her for the rest of her life, be something even her kids can see if their peers find them and harass them with them. It's really a dangerous slope. Seems like schools nowadays could really benefit for having a class that shows what kind of damage sharing on social media can cause for one's future.
  20. I think it's amazing that a show that literally has a clock and is timed out somehow still goes this far over.
  21. I think the Devils could have sent a real jersey but I'll admit my give a sh!t meter is empty on this one lol
  22. I know nothing about him but the Fins seem to pump the tires of everyone who is Finnish over on hf.
  23. He can have #6, Andy is never getting it retired anyway. Plus if Barry Tallackson can come in and wear #27 right away then Luke can have #6.
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