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  1. Maybe he broke something in his face, the fact that he was actually at the building could be a good sign. If it was a concussion and they know it's a concussion he would most likely be home resting but who knows. We'll probably find out in the off-season lol
  2. I can't remember if it was on here or over at HF but some were just speculating that Murray is feeling some lingering effects from covid. Whether it's true or not who knows but it would make sense as to why he wouldn't be playing for this long.
  3. Jeremy Davies and Steve Santini weren't worth anything, the two 2nd round picks turned into Bobby Brink and Marat Khusnutdinov so jury is still out on those 2 cause they are young but overall the whole thing really looks like it will probably be a wash overall. PK is gone after next season, either at the deadline or the end of the season anyway so it's not like he handcuffed himself long term.
  4. Some videos about the arena opening, good lord that Maria host has a horrid voice to listen to
  5. Mattaeu shouldn't have been picked on his last name alone, period.
  6. Definitely, it was 2012 but even if they won game 6 and forced 7 at home you can go the other way and say the same thing with games 1 and 2 that they lost in ot. We could have just as easily been up 2-0 in the series and probably win that cup. I really hate going back and remembering some of this crap but next season will be a full decade since 2012 and since then they have made the playoffs a whopping 1 time and went out in 5 in that 1 time. The next decade really can't be much worse. Worst sporting event I've ever been to is a rough one for me. The Red Bulls have hurt me way more
  7. I figured Cory and his horrid streak would be in there too but guess we got some random wins in here and there with someone else
  8. Definitely, I wonder what the record for most consecutive losses at home is as well, this says 9 in 85-86 but sure when the last time this was updated... https://records.nhl.com/records/team-records/losing-streaks/longest-home-losing-streak-one-season
  9. 7 straight loses at home, wonder what the record is there. Glad I didn't attend this one.
  10. Not saying it's my business but if they are posting links and talking on broadcasts about donating to gofundmes it certainly isn't a private manner any longer. It's not something I'm gonna go on social media and bitch and moan about directly to them but for here it seems its open to discuss. I also really don't get how it's perfectly acceptable to take money from complete strangers who might not be able to afford it but would deny it from your millionaire family who can absolutely can afford it but that's just me. If I had that much money I wouldn't allow my family or good friends t
  11. Was debating touching this touchy topic and we only briefly talked about in the around the league thread but Cangi brought it up on the broadcast about donating money to Cory's family's gofundme, it's an absolutely tragic situation but I don't understand why a gofundme exists when Cory has made more money than all of us combined and both teams and owners can easily afford to chip in way more than us regular folk. The optics of all of it just weird to me in terms of multi millionaires asking us to help out with what we can but hey at least they posted a picture of some sticks against the w
  12. I made a comment about this awhile ago, went back and found it... "Feels weird to feel absolutely nothing about a guy who I watched play 14 seasons and 973 games in a Devils uniform. I never hated nor loved the guy. A huge amount of indifference from me when it comes to him. He was fine for what he was but was never anything special. I'm sure he'll get a nice video package and standing ovation when he comes back for his first game but I can't say that I actually care. "
  13. Wood has Zajac cracking up on the bench talking to Cizikas hahaha
  14. Sounds like you love green so much that you should be a NY Jets fan!
  15. I can hear the fake fan noise over the TV but I would have never guessed it was this bad, my friend texted me... "The fake noise is brutal. I can barely hear my gf next to me and the music is even worse. So loud. It's so loud in here I can't hear the whistle."
  16. I know I'm probably in the minority opinion on this but after seeing them during warm-ups, I still don't like these uniforms.
  17. Agree about NY but pretty sure the vast majority of Flyers actually live in NJ
  18. Also looks like Nico is out again, really hope it wasn't a concussion. Hope Murray is back in the lineup too, let someone else sit a game.
  19. Can also see in that picture that they moved the card boad cut outs to like sections 4/5
  20. I'm surprised that the gms haven't asked to make it mandatory, it's a simple thing to do to protect an investment.
  21. I called my rep just to double check but they confirmed that yes you indeed can wear a brown paper bag over your head in addition to your mask for extra safety lol
  22. Personally I'd love for this to happen just to get all their hopes up again and then it turns out that Eichel was really the problem all along and then Buffalo makes the playoffs 7 years in a row while the Rangers miss them 7 years in a row lol
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