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  1. Everyone lets throw in a dollar and get peter his one-way ticket to sweden
  2. All aboard the Cheechoooooooo train 3-0 sharks
  3. oh does anyone know the heimlich manuever the flyers are choking 2-2 sundin scored
  4. sorry i got both games on two different tvs with the volume on both of them so its hard to catch everything
  5. sorry but i have no idea what youre talking about
  6. ahhhh sharks almost scored but frickin david kept them out
  7. lol yeah but if the leafs win that means im gonna have to waste more money cause ill have to go to game 7
  8. lmao that was so funny to see jr singing that song
  9. its starting to look like it could be a long night
  10. that stunk that should be a goal. if it wasnt for maltby pushing the net off its mournings
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