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  1. choke choke choke choke the bruins royally choked
  2. i still hate his guts and he still plays only when he feels like it
  3. Im still waiting to see if sw61776 can explain what the trap is. Im sure he will look it up somewhere first though
  4. stupid penalty the game might be over cause of that
  5. If u consider what he does work than your insane. He has one of the best jobs in the world. He got paid to see the yanks play the red sox and then he got paid to see game 7 tonight. All he has to do is call the game. Thats not hard work its an awesome job.
  6. Well im hoping that changes tonight. But the Bruins can't seem to solve jose
  7. This proves why hockey is the best the sport in the world.
  8. Well so far this game has been very fun to watch
  9. I think the Sens will fly by the flyers but im still waiting for the bruins to finish off the habs. Im not a fan of the teams up north except the sens and cans
  10. No, No, No!!! Do you not remember what happend last year? Flyers beat the leafs and the sens beat the flyers. If the Bruins lose i want to see the sens play the flyers.
  11. I hate you already. We don't play the trap anymore and I bet you couldn't even explain the trap to me.
  12. Wow this is gonna be a fun one its only 2mins in and its been crazy so far.
  13. Because ESPN probably has the rights to it or some blackout nonsense rule which suks cause the CBC broadcasts are so much better
  14. I cant root for kovalev plus i think the Bruins can take the Flyers
  15. Here we go Bruins here we go. Who do u guys want to win.
  16. Yeah those count I almost went to an Ottawa 67s game last year when I was up in Ottawa during the playoffs but they didnt have any tickets.
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