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  1. Oh yeah micheal leighton is in net for them now they are awesome. I saw them beat binghamton in binghamton 3-0 in game 2. Im going to games 1 and 2 in philly against norfolk and i might go to game 5 in norfolk. lol im a phantoms fan though.
  2. I think hell has frozen over Larry Brooks actually wrote a good article
  3. Yeah but do u really want me to name all the places where I see the same thing. I could do other sports if u desire as well.
  4. She has no need to look it up. Some teams play all different forms of the trap. You like to play the 1-2-2. Send one person in on the forecheck and it forces a player to go one way or the other. By doing that you are leading them into a trap with the forechecker & the man in the neutral zone. You can sometimes force teams to make a cross ice pass or force them to try and use the boards therefore giving the 2nd group of 2 a chance to pick the puck off. I really didn't need to look it up for a reason unrelated to hockey. The trap is used in basketball usually on full court and half court presses for the same reason it is used in hockey. Having played basketball since I was 4, I kind already knew what the trap was. So, anything else you want to ask me? I have a new found respect for u. U actually now what u are talking about
  5. Which of those lines scored tonight? I think we would have fared far better against the Bruins. But it's our own dam fault we didn't play them. Losing the last game of the season to them put the last nail in that coffin and doomed us to playing the big Flyers. yeah they couldnt score against the habs tonight but against our d-man they would have
  6. We wouldnt have beaten them You don't know that. And I don't think that. We played with the Flyers, twice the team the B's are. At least in height. And we had reason to be confident. But you do never know until you play the game. The way the Habs ended the season, they looked like easy pickens. And the way they've fought amongst themselves all year... and it was a baaaad idea letting Kovy wake up. No they would have beat us cause even though they choked they had 3 lines that could put the puck in the net and we had only the midget line
  7. choke choke choke choke the bruins royally choked
  8. i still hate his guts and he still plays only when he feels like it
  9. Im still waiting to see if sw61776 can explain what the trap is. Im sure he will look it up somewhere first though
  10. stupid penalty the game might be over cause of that
  11. If u consider what he does work than your insane. He has one of the best jobs in the world. He got paid to see the yanks play the red sox and then he got paid to see game 7 tonight. All he has to do is call the game. Thats not hard work its an awesome job.
  12. Well im hoping that changes tonight. But the Bruins can't seem to solve jose
  13. This proves why hockey is the best the sport in the world.
  14. Well so far this game has been very fun to watch
  15. I think the Sens will fly by the flyers but im still waiting for the bruins to finish off the habs. Im not a fan of the teams up north except the sens and cans
  16. No, No, No!!! Do you not remember what happend last year? Flyers beat the leafs and the sens beat the flyers. If the Bruins lose i want to see the sens play the flyers.
  17. I hate you already. We don't play the trap anymore and I bet you couldn't even explain the trap to me.
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