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  1. lmao hahahahahahahaha im rolling on the floor they interviewed oleg saprykin on espnews and you can't understand a word hes saying
  2. Maybe i hate Yelle and i now think Sutter is a windbag
  3. all that cause they wouldnt hit iginla, they could have crushed him but nope they let him do what he wanted with the puck
  4. They do have the same face
  5. Click here to see Sutter
  6. Me too. It's going to be rough... I'll probably switch allegiances every 3 minutes. Being Canadian, I've gotta go with Calgary. But TB won't be hard to take too... Andreychuk deserves to have one before he retires. All I'm hoping for is for the games to be 7-6, or at least 8-4. GO FLAMES GO!!! I can't stand Florida and I can't stand the stupid lightning bolt on their pants and on the red line on the boards. GO FLAMES GO!!! Plus the flames fans deserve it more.
  7. ummmm who said Primeau was like Stevens?
  8. Im not rooting for the flyers but if tampa blows this game like they did in game 6 then they deserve to lose and ill be back in Philly secretly rooting for the flames like I was this whole round secretly rooting for tampa.
  9. More reasons why I hate Gary Thorne. Primeau wasn't celebrating a goal on that breakaway he was looking for a penalty. Open your eyes Gary.
  10. LMAO I know who your talking about. She is like the usher nazi.
  11. No I wasn't I just screwed something up and it looked like that
  12. Wait wait wiat ... no no no.. this cant be? Are you sure? Cause all the Flyers fans come on here and criticize NJ fans for this..and Swear that they dont leave their games early... Which is so unrealistic.. I mean its not that we arent fans and we leave.. its that we know u can come back forom a 4-1 in a minute and a half and therefore try not to sit in 35 mins of traffic to get out of the lot.. No, they did go for the exits and soon as it hit the 10min mark half the building was gone
  13. The Flyers had one of the best intros i have seen. They kept switching between sami kapanen getting up from that hit he took against the leafs and rocky getting up. Then they showed Hulk Hogan in a tampa bay jersey screaming are you ready and then they showed rocky throwing hogan out of the ring. Next the brought out this big bell and they had an officer who just got back to the us ring it a couple times and they had all these blown up pics of the devils and leafs series on the ice. The crowd was so into the game.... then the flyers came out and screwed that up The crowd was electric after they scored rite away in the 3rd but then as soon as tampa scored it was quiet as a mouse in there. And when goal number 4 came people headed for the exits.
  14. Im going to the game tonight so ill post about it later.
  15. oh what a goal by donovan 2-0 flames
  16. I understand that, I really do, But someone i knew for 3 weeks and hung out with 2 times only committed suicide and I was upset about it for like a month. I hardly knew him, but I guess in my head I wished I had gotten to know him better and wished I had hung out when him and his friends invited me... stupid stuff like that...am I saying ti was my fault, NO, but it does affect me and so I can understand how others get like that... And my Fiance told me to "get over it" about 3 months after my father passed away so I guess that kind of hit close to home when i read it! Needless to say I broke up with him immediately! He really did use those exact words! And so Im sorry I got all emotional but when i read that.. it just brought back terrible memory! There is still a big difference between someone you know and a player you have maybe met once or twice but we could go on forever about this. People see death in all different lights.
  17. There is a big difference between your father dying and some hockey player dying
  18. Because people always want to be right.
  19. Exactly, you don't see everything. You see him playing hockey and being interviewed for hockey. You don't see him at his house or at a hotel when hes on the road. He might have nightmares about the accident and he might sleep like a baby all night long but there is no way we can know whats going on inside his head.
  20. lol is it possible to change the name of this thread now?
  21. lol i actually thought the heatley thing made this thread more interesting than canada winning the worlds aka the tournment where the losers come to play with the up and comers
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