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  1. so what if its orginal six that doesnt mean its automatically gonna be good. There is a great story with the sharks and tampa. With tampa u have dave who has been looking for a cup his whole career and the sharks are such a fast team and they are so fun to watch. You can take all of your over-rated talent(look up wings and leafs) and shove that series down someone elses throat cause im not that interested in seeing either of those teams win or play hockey cause the flyers or boring and the leafs are too old
  2. I'd rather see the sharks play the flames but I really don't care as long as the sharks go to the finals*knocks on wood*
  3. I think we are talking about all jerseys - new and old
  4. I completely agree with you. Those red and green jerseys were bad. We were suppose to be the devils but those jerseys still remind me more of christmas time. Im so glad they decided to change the green to black.
  5. sorry derek i always forget your a ranger fan, but meant it was another young player they traded, oh forget it
  6. You have won the best saying of the night, so far
  7. nice save by david that should have been 1-0 sharks
  8. they were already on the 5 on 3 and the flyers took another penalty
  9. Too bad for him then. I hate the avs so I want them out in 4
  10. And we have a Cup without him. I don't understand the point of doing that ever... but I really don't when we've won afterward. Obviously a million guys in this league it might be nice to have on the team. Mogs was out for three-quarters of the season. That's prob not something we'd want to spend $4 mill on. Alright thats it im going to go on a rampage and make a list of all the players i wish didnt get traded or left for the millionth time
  11. what jersey is that and what site is that from?
  12. That black flyers jersey is their home jersey the orange one is their 3rd jersey
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