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  1. Forsberg scored again but hit evgeni so they called interference so no goal. He looks hurt they went to commercial
  2. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I told ya Sharks score Vinny damphousse!!!
  3. sharks going on the pp. They are going to score soon i can feel it
  4. the sharks are getting closer and closer to scoring
  5. Avs scored but no goal cause forsberg used his hand. Wings scored
  6. Satans Hockey

    Trade up?

    Im not big on the draft. I don't know most of the players. At least in the nfl all the players are coming out of college football which is shown on tv. With hockey players are coming from all over the world from different leagues and colleges so its a pain in the a** to be bothered with it.
  7. I see your point but i just hope he doesnt get hurt *knocks on wood* and i dont care who wins
  8. Yeah its CenterIce and i have time warner cable
  9. I think they will eventually grandfather clause it in. In the ECHL it is mandatory to wear a visor
  10. Satans Hockey

    Trade up?

    Eh? There is only going to be the difference of one spot. Oops my bad
  11. I want to watch the worlds but I cant. I blame baseball.
  12. Both 1st periods over. Both games were very fast-paced
  13. True Brilliance!!! *Takes a bow* Thank You, Thank You
  14. Any 1 else think that Jerome Ignila has the worst playoff beard?
  15. ...life is good... Ahh yes it is put j.d. and gary thorne on mute and listen to emrick and pang
  16. I agree about Barry. St. Louis will win the hart and Roberto should win the vezina but marty has a shot.
  17. I have 2 tvs in my room. Flames-wings game on abc and then the sharks-avs game on the hockey package but its still the abc broadcast
  18. Wow thats funny after the game on thursday they put all the hats that were thrown on the ice in the back of patrick marleaus truck
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