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  1. I like these green St Patrick's day warm-up jerseys more than the black jerseys
  2. And they booed him pretty loudly on the return video, I'm honestly surprise they even made one for him, not like they won anything and they forced him out of the organization...
  3. They should ditch the Grammy museum(does this place actually make any money?) and make that a ring of honor room, clips of the retired number players plus the ring of honor name and face plaques on the wall with clips on TVs of their big moments too. Could be jerseys and other items in there too. Charge $1 minimum admission or pay more if you wish and all of that goes to whatever charity of the month that they are sponsoring.
  4. Maybe they just gave him one of the mini giveaway ones instead lol
  5. At least I'm not the only crazy one around here when everyone responds funny to when I say Brodeur played his whole career here.
  6. “The organization has been working through future plans and details for holding a Ring of Honor night next season, which would fit nicely with the celebration of the club’s 40th anniversary in New Jersey during the 2022-23 season,” a team spokesman told The Athletic. I'm more curious to see how they do it more than anything else. McMullen has that giant picture on the back of I think it's section 103, wonder if they would keep adding these until they run out of room...
  7. Blue on our jerseys should be the one thing that unites our entire fan base in full blown hatred.
  8. No but you can get them for free with reward points, they were much cheaper until the last week when points have gone up across the board to get anything but before that it wasn't really many points so maybe a lot of season ticket holders got them that way but obviously no way of knowing that. I wouldn't wear it for free so I didn't waste my points on it.
  9. I agree about Brodeur, not sure on the other aspect, only because someone here or on HF pointed out that the "Jersey" lettering was on a pin given to season ticket holders about 2-3 years ago. So either they were working on it for awhile or they just saw the lettering and just took it lol In terms of whatever new jersey we get I'm in the whatever phase. Didn't like the green reverse, don't like the jersey jersey so don't have much faith in this new one. I simply won't buy it like I haven't bought the past 2 new ones. My only major complaint is having to see the jersey jerseys so much. 13 times(FOR NICO!!) is way too much.
  10. Of course, it's just a hypothetical response but I don't think anyone would have guessed we would have gone a full decade with no playoff series win and only 1 playoff appearance so who the hell knows. Want nothing more than them to finally start winning so hope it does get turned around. Just sick of saying maybe next season at this point.
  11. Retire here or elsewhere? Cause if this ship isn't righted by the time he's a ufa he's definitely outta here. Not trying to be a miserable fvck but like you said with the goalies I'm definitely taking it as a wait and see if it happens in terms of them getting back into being a winning franchise again.
  12. Just tweet at Daws about how much he sucks and problem solved lol
  13. Good comeback win. Hopefully some of this stuff actually carries over to next season.
  14. Have you gotten the current goalies Daws and Gillies? If not there's a season ticket holder team autograph event on March 29th that you could probably grab tickets from someone in one of the Facebook groups for.
  15. Some sort of musician networking thing... https://www.razu.io/about
  16. Gillies probably would have given up 3 goals on 4 shots.
  17. So happy this is the last game on ESPN+/Hulu... Start Daws, Gillies absolutely sucks.
  18. I had already missed the 1st period cause I was dvring the game cause unless I can fast forward the bs in a quick manner I wasn't gonna watch anyway. I just have a bigger problem with them changing their programing last minute on TV, saw a few people complaining cause this is what they were showing instead...
  19. Awesome news and at least ya didn't have to call him lol
  20. Much like most of the Olympic hockey the coverage by NBC blows, half the sh!t they say is gonna be on isn't even on. The Finland vs Slovakia game was scheduled to be on USA and instead they bumped it to peacock even though the guide says Finland vs Slovakia.
  21. Don't win with him in the lineup, don't win without him in the lineup. Hope he feels better asap but this season is a dumpster fire and is over so not like it really matters. All Star sh!t was corny as fvck all the way around but what the hell do I know.
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