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  1. I can hear the fake fan noise over the TV but I would have never guessed it was this bad, my friend texted me... "The fake noise is brutal. I can barely hear my gf next to me and the music is even worse. So loud. It's so loud in here I can't hear the whistle."
  2. I know I'm probably in the minority opinion on this but after seeing them during warm-ups, I still don't like these uniforms.
  3. Agree about NY but pretty sure the vast majority of Flyers actually live in NJ
  4. Also looks like Nico is out again, really hope it wasn't a concussion. Hope Murray is back in the lineup too, let someone else sit a game.
  5. Can also see in that picture that they moved the card boad cut outs to like sections 4/5
  6. I'm surprised that the gms haven't asked to make it mandatory, it's a simple thing to do to protect an investment.
  7. I called my rep just to double check but they confirmed that yes you indeed can wear a brown paper bag over your head in addition to your mask for extra safety lol
  8. Personally I'd love for this to happen just to get all their hopes up again and then it turns out that Eichel was really the problem all along and then Buffalo makes the playoffs 7 years in a row while the Rangers miss them 7 years in a row lol
  9. Yup it wasn't too long after that, hit in game 3 in Tampa in 03 and only played 38 games in the 03-04 season. https://nypost.com/2003/05/01/stevens-no-f-ear-devils-captain-guts-it-out-in-game-4/
  10. Wonder how long it takes until they mandate having to keep the ear covers on. Scott Stevens had a brutal shot to the ear cause of not wearing them. Crosby wears them so clearly not a hinderence to one's play. On our team Hughes is the only one I know that wears them.
  11. I hope all the fans on Tuesday wear paper bags over their heads, can consider it extra precautionary and almost like double masking.
  12. I said backup, Keith was basically our starter the last few seasons he was here lol
  13. Dell is the most solid backup we have had in years, not using him makes no sense with the schedule and Mac coming off a long layoff and covid.
  14. This is stupid, Dell is a solid backup and should be played. He certainly wasn't the issue in the game he played.
  15. I've had a Zacha player t-shirt for a few years if that counts haha
  16. Might have been in the conversation in 08-10 but that also involved getting smoked in 5 by the rangers and flyers and one of the worst collapses in a game 7 in playoff history to Carolina, hell I'd almost rather just be sh!t all year and out of the conversation entirely than deal with those miserable experiences. Prudential as an overall whole has been a miserable experience in terms of on ice product. This is our 14th season there and besides 2012 we have never made it past the first round and only made the playoffs 5x with 3 of those years being out in 5 games. Playoff record without 2012 is 4-8(1 ot loss) Playoff record in 2012 was still 7-4(2 ot losses) for a total of 11-12(3 ot losses) It's been bad even with 2012 but taking that out and its truly been a house of horrors, which is really unfortunate because the arena absolutely rocks when this team actually does something worth cheering for.
  17. Considering this team has only made it out of the first round 1x since the first season in the Prudential Center, 07-08, being sh!t has been the norm for awhile.
  18. Palms is known to take some dumb penalties but that was an extremely soft call
  19. You could probably Venmo PK a $20 to aim for Zachas head if you wanna save $20 on the donation
  20. Who gives a sh!t, probably have a higher chance of dying on the turnpike than worrying about this scenario.
  21. At least the ref you suck chant will be back on Tuesday, path to normalcy lol
  22. Palms is right there, that was a bullsh!t call
  23. That a boy PK, useless fvcking slap shot that never works destroys Nicos face
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