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  1. I'm with you on a lot of this and sure they are looking good right now but they missed the playoffs for 4 years straight(no I'm not counting that bs 2020 system where Carolina swept them in 3 games anyway) and they finished dead last in the division 17-18 and second to last in 18-19 and 19-20. They also had 7 straight misses from 97-98 to 03-04 while the Devils were winning some cups and making the playoffs every year. I know this team blows now and our situation sucks and I'm not making any excuses for it but the Rangers and Henrik had their window for a cup win, one we even stopped. I don't envy anything about the Rangers. Their color blue is putrid. The moral of my story is fvck the Rangers.
  2. So happy Henrik fvcked off into retirement with no cups. Glad his night got spoiled too, the night ending in disappointment is very fitting for king nothing...
  3. I do feel bad for the die hard Coyotes fans, you know there are some out there and this is only temporary so it's whatever. I feel like placing blame on fans for not showing up when their team blows is unfair because since the 93-94 season their team has only made the playoffs 10x and they only made it of the first round 1x with the conference finals in 2012. Missed the playoffs 17 and going on 18 times at the end of the season during this stretch. If the ownership and team put good teams out there every year then yes it's on fans but they have had only 1 good playoff appearance since 93-94 so I just don't fault fans for not wasting their time nor money.
  4. As it should be, I get the whole "franchise" thing but the Rockies and Scouts were never our teams, they were Colroados and Kansas Citys. Never made any sense to me for our team to pay homage to those former failed teams. At least there are some people in Colorado who actually saw the Rockies play live and will enjoy those member berries. I'd pwefer that over the current boring black one.
  5. As long as it's not this or a Newark Bulldogs jersey I really don't care. I'm absolutely sure it's going to be ugly as sin considering how awful the black jerseys are.
  6. McCleod got absolutely rocked
  7. Looks pretty empty on TV as it is. I'm not happy about not being able to go to games this season but with how the team has played it certainly has made it more easier to take.
  8. Was weird seeing so many people complain about the Nick NFL broadcast. I'm not an NFL fan but it's not like people were forced to watch that broadcast alone. Nick could do their version of the fox glow puck with slime if the NHL ever put a game on there lol
  9. *have plows ready to go in advance lol Apparently they weren't plowing anything at all when it was snowing
  10. What an absolute embarrassing mess in Virginia on 95, some people stuck in their cars for over 24 hours in freezing cold weather. They didn't salt or have plows ready to go in advance knowing there was gonna be some snow(not even a lot of it either)
  11. https://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?/topic/136521-the-new-jersey-devils-2021-22-regular-season-thread/page/57/#comments
  12. They haven't won 4 games in a row the entire season and it sure doesn't look good for tonight to get it done but whatever... LETS GO DEVILS!!!
  13. 4. We have random people on Twitter breaking all this news because we don't have any actual reporters covering this team.
  14. And confirmed by the team now. Unreal we have random people on Twitter break this news.
  15. He blocked a shot in the last game, was in quite some real pain cause they showed him hobbled over on the bench during the broadcast. Probably decided to just play through it and took the skate off after the game and that was that.
  16. This guy has been right enough to have me concerned. This absolutely fvcking sucks if it's true and Nico did block a shot last game so it probably is true...
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