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  1. Nice, I honestly only voted for the guy who didn't get to call a game cause of the power outage cause I felt bad for him. Didn't matter to me who actually won though but nice to hear he's a fan.
  2. Has anyone ever seen any video of this anywhere? Lol
  3. Certainly looking like Bernier will be in net tomorrow...
  4. The power goes out again this season forcing the Devils to postpone another game after everyone is already in the building.
  5. Oh man if we ended up playing the Islanders in the playoffs I think a lot more Devils fans would be on the same page as some of us who have been saying for awhile that the Islanders fan base is absolutely obnoxious to be around at games.
  6. Zacha, our boy Pavel is gonna kick off his best season ever early.
  7. Those original renderings of the fire and ice lounges were so cool, especially at that time, I think they were even talking about putting in an actual ice bar lol I know they wore out their welcome and the updates were needed but the current clubs just seem so boring and nothing at all special about them. I'm curious about the Islanders standing section they are putting in for their supporters section, it's something I would have loved and could have worked at Prudential eventually if the Devils didn't fumble the ball with the supporters section.
  8. Construction was also shut down for ahwile because non essential construction was shut down for awhile so them missing the date by just a few weeks really isn't bad at all.
  9. It was 07 and they played the first 9 on the road. Their new rink looks pretty nice, I doubt I bother to check out a game there but I'll check out other events there.
  10. The new thread is for ticket and arena polices and happenings, it's not a talk about Blackwood/all other covid in general thread. It's also funny having to hear how belligerent some of us are when some still can't keep my name out of their mouth. I didn't bring up any other teams because I don't give two sh!ts about the rest of the league nor players on other teams, I rarely follow anything going on in the league these days because I simply don't care.
  11. Someone else mentioned it either here or HF boards that converting to cashless is more about saving money too, like that they don't have to worry about collecting cash and counting it at the end of the night, don't have to worry about people stealing it, and they don't have to pay for an cash moving company to move it from the arena to the banks.
  12. They also have reverse atms now so it's not like they aren't accepting cash at all, just making it an extra step for those people who want to use it. "For guests needing to convert cash to a card, Reverse ATMs are available with no fees by sections 1, 14, 125 and inside the Box Office Lobby."
  13. Funny enough this is actually why I carry some cash with me, I ended up at a restaurant in NYC, they had no signs anywhere that said anything about cash only, finished the meal and went to pay and on the side of the register was a tiny piece of paper that said cash only. It wasn't even a lot of money, maybe $35 total and I was upfront and said I only had like $20 so I said I'll mail the cash to you but I seriously don't have anything and of course I forgot my atm card so that wasn't even an option. They gave me an attitude at first about it but let it go because I was obviously mortified and I promised I would mail them the rest, which I did with a nicer tip than I would have left normally and apologizing again. Always have carried some cash with me since and double check signs if I go into a restaurant that looks like it might not accept credit cards lol
  14. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be from the credit card companies generosity but most of things I charge don't have options for cheaper options for cash. Like the Devils for example don't have anything I'm aware of. They also use to let you pay in full and give you back a merch/food card with x amount on it. They stopped that so there's no benefit in paying in full. I also do most of my purchasing online so Amazon, etc etc don't have any options for cash anyway so at least I'm getting something back. It's still a nice chunk of money I'd never see otherwise.
  15. This a new thing cause of covid? I've never been big on going out to eat so have no idea. Same thing goes with the arena, I've always eaten before I go or I'll just eat when I get home because the prices are just absurd. I've been including the fan friendly concession stand options that Atlanta and a ton of other teams do now in every survey the Devils send but they somehow think their idea is better. I personally won't spend a dime on concessions until it's adopted. The Atlanta research proves that more people come inside earlier, spend more on concessions and then since they have money left over spend even more on merchandise because they don't feel like they are being taken advantage of. Give it a read... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2019/03/06/were-evangelists-this-why-atlanta-falcons-are-selling-hot-dogs/ "But AMB is still making money, even though the profit margin on concessions is much slimmer. Sales volume increased by 50 percent after the price cuts, Beadles said. Ten percent of fans arrived an hour or earlier before kickoff of Falcons games, which led to a jump in pregame food sales and merchandise sales."
  16. Quoting @DevsMan84 to steer this conversation into this thread.... Personally I don't understand those fans either. I always charge everything simply because I get cash back. I know not everyone is great with credit cards but I just charge everything I can and then pay the full statement off every month. I earn a sh!t ton of cash back for literally doing nothing. I'll always have a tiny bit of cash on me just in case but that's it. I've only paid cash when I'm doing a project that involve more mom and pop type shops that are willing to knock off the tax if you pay in cash but in this day and age that's also becoming something that places can't even do anymore.
  17. We wouldn't have had pages of it if we didn't have 1 of the 5 guys in the entire league who are actually not vaccainted and him having to sit out practice cause of unsure results. Our GM also discussing our starting goalie and the situation as well on a podcast. These things are what dragged this whole thread into that discussion to begin with cause it unfortunately does end up being Devils news.
  18. HF boards has this thread so might as well do one here. All tickets, season tickets, and arena discussions including covid related polices for the arena can go in here. The people who aren't interested in this discussion won't have to whine about it anymore. New policy announcement today is a farce. I can confirm no wrist bands are being handed out so people can just wear a mask in and then take it off once inside. If you're a season ticket holder who isn't happy with this policy call your rep. New options have been announced and you can roll over your money to next year for the entire season and keep your seats or you can even take it month by month.
  19. Lmfao like tickets not being available has ever been an issue with this team
  20. The Devils updated their policy and people are talking about it. It's news literally related to attending games that affects people who go. It's not like it's just covid talk in general.
  21. Vaccine proof only or vaccine proof & negative tests. I can confirm they are not giving out wrist bands so under this current policy you can literally wear a mask in and simply take it off which is why it's an absolutely do nothing policy.
  22. I don't even know how many season ticket holders we have on here but if you aren't interested in attending under these policies call your rep. They are giving options to roll over the entire season while keeping your seats or you can even take it month to month if you wish.
  23. They aren't going to enforce this, it's a joke policy. They want to try to look good without pissing anyone off but this isn't it.
  24. This is absolutely worthless, it's a half ass policy... ENTRY POLICY: In order to enter Prudential Center, patrons ages 12 and up must (1) present proof of full Covid-19 vaccination status (via display of an actual vaccination card, a complete picture of the card, or an online digital vaccination record) or (2) wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times unless actively eating or drinking. Children under 12 may enter the venue so long as they wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times unless actively eating or drinking. For complete Prudential Center health and safety protocols, please go to PruCenter.com/safety.
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