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  1. We need to start a petition for MSG Networks to give Sal his own remote clicker so he doesn't have to say roll it 34x each broadcast lol
  2. Saturday 1pm games are my least favorite because I hate having to pay to park and its the only time I have to pay to park..... At least it's free to park my ass on the couch, thanks covid lol
  3. They haven't been broadcasting the anthem on a regular basis on local broadcasts for as long as I can even remember, even before it became a subject that's debated over. It's usually only done here and there or for a special singer doing it, like Danos son singing it.
  4. No retros today so looks like this might actually be the schedule going forward.
  5. Maybe I'm missing the point here but why not wait until Tuesday when there are fans there who can actually clap for him? It's not like today is his 1,000th game anyway...
  6. So maybe my schedule is right lol
  7. Exactly it's weird. Some are questioning whether or not Cory actually setup this go fund me himself and while i was browsing I saw the family apparently already had a go fund me previously setup to build an addition for more space. https://wgme.com/news/local/investigation-focuses-on-electrical-panel-new-dryer-in-deadly-camden-fire "Four days before the fire, Connors set up a GoFundMe page, asking for donations for the addition they were building. Now, hundreds of Mainers have given tens of thousands of dollars to that fund, to help the family recover from this tragedy " https://www.gofundme.com/f/kemxek-building-fundraiser?qid=3c26ac781be37e1929089f4cf8ff73c5
  8. Awful, horrible, sad news. I really don't disagree about the comments. Setting up a go fund me to ask money from regular people when you have made almost $50 million in your career is definitely an interesting way to go. What's the point of all that money if you can't take care of your closest ones with it? Maybe it's a dick thing to say but if I actually had that much money I certainly wouldn't be asking for others to help out financially. When you have $50 million, do you really even miss a million if you now only have $49 million? Meh.
  9. I'd be shocked if a code of conduct clause of some nature aren't in professional athletes contract. Most of all us normal working smucks have them. These are all private leagues, they can have contracts be signed that if you're found guilty of *whatever* you can never play again no? It really shouldn't be a hard thing to implement but overall the owners really don't care about this stuff because it's basically become the norm and it will blow over pr wise in a short time.
  10. Absolutely would have to be a guilty charge for me. Just accusations would be way too much of a slippery slope for me. It's a shame so many talented athletes are essentially stupid idiots. Carrying guns, getting duis instead of using the damn Uber app. Man I just don't get it. Hell same goes for actors, another privileged job where they get away with so much that us average idiots would never get out of. Throw them out of Hollywood too, there's always some other undiscovered actor out there who would use the opportunity better.
  11. My take on all this stuff might be a bit more hard lined but if you're found guilty of doing something serious, you shouldn't be allowed to play professional sports. It should be treated as a privilege to be paid tons of money to play what is nothing more than a game when it comes down to. You beat the sh!t out of your wife, you run someone over getting a dui? Go get a regular job from now on but you shouldn't be allowed to play or ever work in a major league again.
  12. I'm surprised the NHL hasn't started fining coaches, our staff has still been doing this during games, just did it last night. I just don't get it, I know I can be a loud person but if you really think people can't hear you just speak up. My favorite that's ironic moment with NHL coaches pulling the masks down to speak is in a normal year when they cut to the benches usually the coaches are putting the line match ups/coaches sheets in front of their mouths to block people from seeing. If anything you would think coaches would love wearing masks lol
  13. Absolutely, people can be idiots anywhere, it's a universal language lol
  14. Good lord there's so much ugly going on here.
  15. There was that Blues game that the Devils won like 7-1 a handful of years ago during the snow storm that was definitely under 2k or so. That was probably my smallest crowd for a regular season game that I've attended. You could literally count the amount of people who actually stayed in the 100s and 200s cause they let anyone go into the lower bowl if they wanted to lol
  16. I hope it goes smoothly and I dont think there will be issues but I know I won't have the patience in case I'm near idiots since we wouldn't be in our normal seats next to the people I am almost always next to every game. I just know this experience isn't for me and I'm sitting it out until we get back to actual normalcy. I'd love to fast forward to the start of the 22-23 season already lol
  17. My problem is trusting others to actually care or follow the rules. I watched the rangers game for a few and there's at least 4 people in one shot with their masks all the way down and yelling after a goal simply cause they have been milking a tall boy all game long.
  18. Speaking of chants, look at this moron pull down his mask just to do this stupid chant at 10 seconds...
  19. Not sure cause tomorrow doesn't line up with the original schedule so maybe they are or maybe just breaking them in for Tuesday as well. They never released an updated schedule but if you took the old dates and adjusted them to the rescheduled ones it should be this schedule... 3/2 - NYI at 7pm 3/6 - NYR at 1pm 3/18 - PIT at 7pm 4/2 - WASH at 7pm 4/9 - PIT at 7pm
  20. Also can see they are breaking in the reverse retro gear
  21. There's a pre-sale going on from now until 11am, if anyone needs the pre-sale code just respond here and I'll private message you the code. I know its less than an hour to general on sale but I'd rather keep out as many other teams fans as possible.
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