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  1. I wonder if Miller will hate the competition committee as much as Marty did.
  2. What a comeback by Washington. I was sure they were done after going down 2-0, but I forget that Washington has a pretty explosive offense.
  3. Not content with 4-0, Habs score again with 5 secs remaining.
  4. Bleh 4-0 Habs. I guess it's a surprise in itself that Boston pushed this series to a 7th game since they lost all 8 games during the regular season.
  5. njdss4

    Brylin's Option

    Lou is perfectly within his rights to do what you said, but I hope it doesn't come to that. I feel Brylin deserves better.
  6. Well Washington isn't getting scoring from anyone but who you'd expect it from. I'm glad to see AO get some more goals. He deserves it.
  7. "moral high-road"? You really make me laugh. Reading your posts really gives me a sense of how bad Yahoo! really is.
  8. I'll call out whoever the fvck I feel like deserves it. Seniority doesn't save people from saying stupid sh!t. Biased bashing sh!t should stay off of what used to be credible sites like Yahoo!. It pisses me off because I expected more from them.
  9. It should be way more than 3. Brodeur didn't win one until Roy had retired and Hasek had fallen from grace. There was pretty much no one else to give it to after that.
  10. I never expected any blog written by some biased fan to be featured on Yahoo! in the first place. What is "fvcking stupid", as you so eloquently stated, is that I would need to go to a site like Yahoo! for biased sh!t like that. I USED to go to Yahoo! for "a neutral standpoint", but now I can clearly see I won't get that so there is no further use for going there.
  11. Now the Caps go on the PP. Let's get another one! EDIT: NVM, Laich takes a penalty and washes out WSH's PP.
  12. It's kinda cool, but it would make the Devils look like an AFL team. WHOA! Caps take the lead! Might we end up saying that the Flyers goaltending failed them? AGAIN?
  13. I understood from the start. You're obviously not understanding my point. It doesn't matter which team is being bashed, you're giving the bashers a voice they don't deserve. Featuring articles that were written with the intent to offend and do nothing but rub salt in the wound does nothing for Yahoo!'s credibility or integrity.
  14. He would win in New Jersey and Montreal, but that's it. Outside of those two cities most people bash Marty for being a goalie only as good as his luck and the defense in front of him. Everywhere I've lived (both coasts and in the heartland) there was never a clear liking of Brodeur. It's jealousy, of course, but it shows that he would lose a popularity contest. He deserved Vezinas when Roy was still playing and when Hasek was at or near his prime, but didn't get it because of popularity. Marty deserved the Conn Smythe in 2003, but lost to Jiggy-puff because of popularity. It's better for the league if Queen Henrik wins, because most of America blindly likes New York teams regardless of how awful the franchise is run.
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