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  1. GDT: Carolina Hurricanes @ New Jersey Devils

    Got to watch a little bit of the game in class. Thought the offense looked great late in the first, early 2nd thats all i saw. Great to get the first W. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going thursday and have a winning homestand.
  2. Favorite Devils videos

    This was my first Devils game at the Meadowlands and I went to the game with my father pretty impartial to who won because we are from Long Island and I was always an Islander fan. But after this game, and feeling that energy in the CAA. I never looked back. LETS GO DEVILS!
  3. No way. This team is moving forward with the youth. Love Sarge to death but cmon. Lets not go down this road.
  4. Devils on the Rise

    That was pretty terrible. Out of all the history that this team has, that was what they showed. All the classic playoff clips they could have shown, and they showed that awful Oiler game. fvck you MSG!
  5. Game 5 GDT: Flyers @ Devils

    This years exit is a lot more "alarming/sickening" rather then lasts years "upsetting/dissapointed" feeling. Hopefully this is a major moment for the franchise to clean house and start rebuilding for the future. And please dont say, "the devils dont rebuild". They better start because its obvious this group of players are not the ones that are going to get the Devs our 4th cup. One of our bigger off-seasons for the franchise.
  6. Game 2 GDT: Flyers @ Devils 7:30 EST

    powerplay is seriously fvcking us and can skoula not be on the ice for every god damn goal against
  7. Game 2 GDT: Flyers @ Devils 7:30 EST

    Skoula is a bumb. Pure bumb.
  8. Devils VS Flyers

    Obviously its not going to be an easy series, but if we are going to make a cup run we are going to have to beat good teams. This is a good start. Its going to be a war, and the boys need to get their minds in a war-like mentality. Its going to be mean, physical, nasty, you could go on for days with those adjectives.... I will take Marty over Boucher any day of the week, obviously so right there we have a major edge. We havent had this big of a goaltending edge in a playoff series in 07. Everybody is saying how the PP is going to need to step up and that is very true. Philly is going to take penalties and we need to bury our chances. I think Elias is going to be the X factor. Lots of career success against Philly and that is going to need to continue. Devils in 6. Here's to a fun spring....
  9. Oot Scoreboard - Thurs. 9/24.

    They just ripped on how we are going to be "boring" and "defensive" this year.
  10. Nhl Gamecenter?

    3 Penn Staters hahah! nice. hows Altona? UP is sick
  11. Gdt: Ps Game 2 Devils @ Islanders 7:00pm

    Anyone else's WFAN radio stream go out?? It was working fine. Now nothing is playing? *Got it back* 2-1 !
  12. Gdt: Ps Game 1 Rangers @ Devils 9/16/09

    Ughh im missing my Devils sooo much here at penn state!! I guess im starting to get used to matt and sherry. : ( i hate her so much happy for clarkson... lets go devils!
  13. NJ Devils 2009 - 2010 Schedule!

    Nice. That will be my first vacation home from college (Penn State). Looks like ill be able to catch that game and the Islanders game. Im gonna miss being home and being able to go to all these weekend games!!
  14. A funny thing about Oduya on this board

    I think Oduya should be more of a priority than Madden or Pando. Oduya is young, fast, and has good puck handling skills. A talented YOUNG mobile dman is what this team needs.