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  1. Holik Expected To Play Tonight

    and maybe if they play, Holik will score a hat trick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Could Newy Be On The Way Out?

    sundstrom you are making a good point, I saw the "+" and there needs to be additional Devils offerings for anyone to bite with Nieuwy and Danton. Triumph, we choose to disagree about Gomez. IMO he doesn't belong on the 1st line but certainly on the 2nd. I do understrand your point about other than 1st line players on the same line. I guess I believe that the combination of Gomez & Elias last season and this has proven not to work. ittle G is out of place with Elias style which he isn't using because of the talent or lack there of he is playing with to date. Sykora and Arnott knew their job, where each other was at all times, this is what Elias needs to become a star again. Not someone in front of the net that's small like Little G. I'll give you the point that G has been scoring but that won't last as other teams pick up on him. so I just think that Elias need a cetain type of talent to play with and time won't heal that this season. He will be traded if they can't find the right guys which aren't on the Devils rooster as we speak. If they bother to look. Arnott had an attitude problem which was about Stevens and Lou, same with Sykora. Arnott was a bad trade. Breaking up the "A" Line was a bad move. Sykora was a bad trade to date. Sykora is much better than Friessen and Tver hasn't produced offensively and is a risk on defense at times.
  3. Devils Passing

    I really think it's the offensive passing that is off because most passes are long one rather than controlled, crisp, hard short passes to the player that is skating forward or ready to shoot. While the Defensive outbound passses tend to also be too long, they are mostly off the mark. Center ice I understand, dump is the way to move puck forward, butwhen given a chance to pass from center ice, it always too long a pass. Short passing is the answer.
  4. Rats Have Lost All Momentum It Seems

    Is the well empty?
  5. Devils Passing

    I think the Devils passing this season stinks. The outbound passes from the Devils defensive end are usually not on the mark so an offensive player and continue skating with the puck. the center ice passes are dump ins and all (98%) offensive passes are off the mark. This is not a crisp passing team. Enough time has passed and they have played enough games to get their timing and passing down and it hasn't happened. IMO the Devils passes are too long. They don't use short crisp passing to move the puck forward. They use the long passs which is either off the mark or gets cut off by the opponent. This Devil's passing makes the Devils look slower and not a smooth flowing offensive team. Short crisp, hard passes are the answer. What do you think about the Devils passing this season?
  6. Could Newy Be On The Way Out?

    And SC Devs Fan if you're correct that it will never happen again, then Elias will be traded. I personally think it can happen but not with 2nd, 3rd and 4th line players. Elias in my book is still a 1st line player, on offense, the only one on the persent Devils team. It's up to Lou, if he wants an "A" line and a 2nd strong offensive line. Present financial problems say it won't and can't happen so I see Lou trading Elias for a bunch of 2nd & 3rd line players. Elias will demand a trade if something doesn't happen after this season or maybe sooner, but he knows Lou so I doubt he will start the trade issue. It will happen cause he won't earn his salary and Lou could use the salary cut. It's too bad, Elias has so much potential and so much talent.
  7. Game Thread

    Size, Strength and Speed. Vancouver has it and the Devils didn't match up with the 3 S's in period 1. They came out in period 2 and got a couple of breaks, kind of woke up if you will, they fell back to rest for remained of game and let Vancouver back into the game with tie which put the Devils to sleep for rest of game and OT. The 3 S's showed in the end, during OT, as two of the 5 Devils were on the ice sprawled out and the net was open for the winning goal, with all 5 Vancouver players standing on the ice. Devils are small, it hurts them, they lack strength and don't have the same speed that other teams have or they don't show the speed for fear of getting caught in the wrong end. As the Devils team is built today they won't match up to the 3 S's when other team has all three like Vancouver. I say Vancouver can beat the Devils 3 out of every 4 games as they match up today.
  8. Could Newy Be On The Way Out?

    Unfortunately the timing is bad to trade Nieuwy. It would appear that he doesn't fit in with the Devils could be age. He has had enough time to demonstrate if he can get his game in order and he hasn't, so it's time to trade. But what can he bring? I agree with Triumph, RIGHT NOW, he doesn't have any trade value and to think that he could be packaged with Danton and bring somone worthwhile to the Devils is also incorrect. Who wants that package today, a problem on and off the ice and a problem scorer. I think the package will have to be much bigger, like add Nieder and then a center will come that can help the Devils. Elias is in a slump because the Devils don't have two offensive players that can match up with Elias. Elias has speed, and passing he sees a lot of ice, the players that the devils have can't get there in time or don't see the play unfolding. They don't anticipate what is going to happen next and aren't ready to excute when playing with Elias. Gomez has never worked out with him. Nieuwy isn't the answer. This chemistry that was there with Arnott and Sykora is going to be had to come by for the Devils because of the money situation. I see Elias being traded in the future because Devils can't or won't get the players need to re create an "A" line. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken poop, oh yes you can, but it is awful.
  9. Past 4 Games

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their families and friends. My PC was down so I couldn't post that the Devils did very well during the past 4 games. I think they really passed the test. 1) They won (not really) the Detroit game with Madden's goal, but that's the breaks, he didn't kick the puck, it hit his skate while he was skating forward. Rule says must take positive action to kick puck into goal, he didn't but that's the breaks. 2) Nashville game was OK they won, they should have blown them out but still a win and Schwab get a win. 3) St Louis, Marty had 3 bad periods, everything that was shot at goal went in, but Devils stayed alive and won in OT. Big win for the mental process. Marty was big in OT. 4) Philly just couldn't get it done again. Tight game, Devils win in OT again. Thats two OT wins. Danton has been assigned to Albany, so I guess Lou can't find a trade he is happy with at this time. Too bad, why take skating time from Albany players and why have Danton disrupt the Rats which are having enough problems trying to win a couple of games. I had posted before that the next 15 games would be the test and the first 4 were very important. Devils passed the EARLY test. Big game tonight against Vancouver. Should be a tough one. Stevens played well during the past 4 games and it seems he acted as a Captain and open his mouth about lack of consistency after the Dallas game. I hope he gets he act going it will be good for the Devils. Nieder seems to have woke up, I hope for the rest of the season. Little G, I didn't think he belonged on the Elias line but he is proving me wrong. I still think he is too small to have a major impact in the NHL. Triumph, you were correct about the past 4 games and I hope about the next 11. In my opinion these were exciting games the past 4, except the Nashville game. Not the usual boring Devils hockey. Now if Elias and Niewy would get started with the scoring it will be a cake skate. I can't imagine all the press about the Devils money problems, Lou denys stories, but there is too much being made about it to not be true.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving

    There is lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to all
  11. Who Are The Devs Doing Business With?

    arena2005 wrote "I did write a post "Economy", yes our CFO's and CEO's are screwing us but why are the Devils doing business with this scumbag CEO to begin with? Are you saying the Devils CFO and CEO are screwing us? If YES, why? Is the US the fans? Are you talking about costs of parking and tickets and/or lack of players because of refusal to play the necessary salaries to get or keep these talented players on the Devils? I did read your Ecomony Post which was about fan earning power or lack of and that the CFO's and CEO's of other businesses were responsible for that problem.
  12. Sloppy Play Is Tearing Up Devils' Coach

    Pk, we agree with the lack of talent, one of my observations from the beginning of this season. Elias had an attitude towards Burns a couple of games ago. Elias is frustrated for many reasons, mostly scoring and lack of talented playing partners to support the scoring issue. Elias's defensive moves such as hitting has backed down lately as well. Stevens, as Captain, spoke of the inconsistency, that's not normal for him, I think it's the first time he has spoken those words. What amazes me is that they are mostly all off on a given night, not just one or two guys. So maybe there is a combination of both with lack of Talent being 65% attitude being 35% or 60/40. Whatever it is it will show in the next 15 tough games against some talented clubs. Really the next 4 games will tell a lot. They have to beat Nashville, they are the bottom of the league. Then what split is acceptable against Detroit, St louis and Philly, certainly not 0-3, not 1-2 so it must be 2-1. That being the case these next 4 games they should end with 3-1 to show they have talent and can as a team be respectible during the playoffs. They have played enough games to be seasoned together, they are showing what they are about, don;t need more time to get it together, it's should be there by now.
  13. Devil's Current Salaries

    Thanks msweet, Next season Stevens must go over $7,000,000 or he has performance bonuses now, probably does to drive him over $7M per year mark. Lou didn't use to give performance bonuses, he didn't believe in them (all team mentality), but he gives them out now, I believe. We can choose to disagree re: his salary. He isn't one of the top 3 defenseman in the league, not in my opinion and that of many knowledgeable observers and announcers. Pay is for present and anticipated performance, he doesn't have it anymore. If he played like 2000 before the Francis hit I would agree, but he has slowed down, is out of place, isn't hitting effectively, and he isn't challenging like against Andrejchuk's 600th, he watched as Andy went around him. That's happening too much with him, IMO.
  14. Sloppy Play Is Tearing Up Devils' Coach

    At least Burns is telling it like it is. I agree with him. Devils haven't been tested and will over the next 15 games, they will meet some tough competition. At times lack luster defensive effort along with an offense that can't seem to score when needed, causes losses that shouldn't be or sometimes they get lucky and win against a weak team. This type of effort which won't stand up against the tough teams. My My Stevens is talking about inconsistency, where has he been for the passed few years, didn't he see the same. There aren't many of the old players left but the problem remains the same, El Captain. The next 4 games will deliver a story of the Devils season ahead is they keep the same players. It's been enough time for players like Niewy and Elias to get going, and they haven't. Burns keeps moving Gomez around, just like the other coaches did after Almo left. Gomez and Elias just don't get it done together. Niewy and Elias don't either. Elias needs a certain type of player to work with, just like it seems Gomez does as well. This type of player doesn't seem to be in the Devils organization, if so they would be there now, when offense is needed. Marty is tiring and Schwab got dumped on by his coach and team in a effort ot rest Marty at the wrong time in my opinion. Marty should have been out sooner and more often. Marty needed the rest for the next 3 tough games and Schwab could try it again against Nashville the doormat of the league. Devils come away 3-1 of next 4 and they have done well, anything less is a message about the quality of the team and a loss to Nashville will be a joke. It's all telling time for the Devils right now in 4 games. Are they playoff bound as they are put together today? These next 4 games will deliver that answer.
  15. Everson's Take On Last Night's Loss

    Hi PepperKorn, the only game I missed posting was the Rangers. I post them both. you must have been busy. Whatever how are you doing? what do you think of the devils play? How about your boy? Tough schedule ahead.