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  1. My mom had an 84 Jeep Cherokee and my dad had a 69 Jeep J10 p/u. Both were awesome and never had any problems......... love the sleekness of the 05 though.
  2. YAY!!! My pats won!!!!!!! Why do you all hate Boston teams (aside from the RedSux)?????
  3. RD, you had a Birthday? Hope you felt well enough to enjoy it........... happy birthday girl!
  4. Well, you know this Boston Gal is rootin for her PATS!!!!!!!!!! GO PATS~
  5. tarabelle99

    Hey PK...

    Nice hair I wonder, is he wearing bellbottoms in that pic too?
  6. Waht? 26? Damn you Brad!!!!!!!! Now I feel old!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday bud, hope you enjoy your day
  7. lol happy holidays all!
  8. Happy Bday and happy holidays
  9. MEANIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this team has too many problems. Dismantle now, keep Bergeron, Axelsson and Raycroft... the rest can go away, but first to go should be the Sinden Regime of Sinden/O'Connell and Gorton. The talent IS there, it's the heart and desire that are lacking.
  10. All work and no play makes Tara a dull girl
  11. It's called denial To find the Holy Grail! happy bday devsrgreat..................... 3 is a Magic Number well, at least that's what they told me on Schoolhouse Rocks
  12. Happy Bday to you and to all the others I missed, hope everyone had a good one
  13. Wow, DM, great pics... I had the chance to see it tonight in between periods of the B's-Dallas game, was truly a sight to behold.
  14. Nice addittion for them DM. Me thinks me will be staying out of this section though
  15. Congrats girl! I remember when my mom got preggers with my brother. I was 8. I was sooooo excited, I had myself convinced that it would be the little sister I wanted. But alas, we got him, and I've spent the last 22 years trying to put him back
  16. Yeah, someone clue me in,, WTF is a wiggle? Is that like the latest Teletubbie thing or somefinn?
  17. Sheeps. Try Ipswich Ale (if ya can find it) My beers: Corona, Amstel Light and Coors light. But I'm not really a beer drinker, so pass the vodka please
  18. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=3146042998 OMFG this was the funniest thing I think I've read in a LOOOOONG time.......
  19. C'mon PK, I know you've got them
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