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  1. Who's saying break the bank for him? The argument in this thread is about A. Whether he's worth it at his price B. Whether he can end up being a good player for us. That's all perfectly legitimate discussion.
  2. Neb00rs

    Devils Survivor

    Time to end the thread.
  3. It's ridiculous? That's your retort? Contragulations on conceding the argument to me. I can now go to sleep. Also what came first the Byfuglien taunt or the flying yellow object?
  4. I notice you ignored my whole post and didn't realize that I said he needs to ignore it. As for the "ounce of life" comment, again, you should reread my post.
  5. There's a way to be original without being petty. A regular person would do what Byfuglien did (as in a high school hockey player). Professional athletes do not sink to that level, but instead as a group, have above average amounts of restraint. Byfuglien looked like a "robotic clone" of any regular person and not a professional athlete. If you want to pretend that what he did is good because he wasn't boring and respectful like all those other players than I would have to think you don't respect the game very much. And I know that's not true.
  6. Canucks fans may be irratating and even bad but that doesn't change the fact that it was a classless move. As a professional athlete Byfugliien needs to ignore the fans and do his job. What does your line, "This isn't the boy scouts" mean? Does it mean the players should be allowed to react and retaliate to fans even if it means being classless and demeaning the game? We all get emotional and get the urge to do something stupid at the point of heightened emotions. It was classless that he couldn't control himself and had to do that
  7. It was really classless he had this face on him like "I am God bow to me". The announcers and Versus guys loved it though.
  8. On his second goal he raised his arms and skated with his arms held up along the boards facing the fans, basically shoving in their faces that he scored.
  9. If you are saying he is about money, you may be right. But what I think you're saying is that he doesn't want to stay here because he doesn't believe this team can win. I disagree with that, if he is looking to win and not for the biggest possible deal I think he signs here. I get the feeling Kovy likes Lou, likes Patrik, likes Marty, likes ZP9 and likes Zuby and sees them all as winners (at least the first 2). Those guys have been and are going to be our main players in the coming years and so those are the guys Kovy needs to believe in.
  10. +1 On one hand I have to say I didn't see this coming. The Canucks' finesse players are being dominated by the physical presence of guys like Byfuglien. On the other there is now officially nothing to like about this Chicago team. Byfuglien's move doesn't belong in hockey and he is classless, Kane is completely unlikeable, they have a bunch of goons who are just hateable, and their goaltender is not very good
  11. That's true, we would have lost to the Bruins in the playoffs just as we lost to the Flyers and the people who say we should have intentionally lost are annoying. The point of my original post that you responded (the one with A. and B.) was that some people use the excuse that because the Flyers killed us in the regular season we don't match up well against them and that's why we lost. The Flyers losing badly in the second round to a team that we matched up well with in the reg. season shows that our loss had nothing to do with how we matched up but rather poor coaching and low effort. We are on the same page.
  12. He turned down 8.4 a year from the Thrashers. He's not getting more than that anywhere else but Atlanta or Russia. If he signs with the Devils it will be for around 7.5-8. But you are off-topic here, if he wants money he probably won't sign in NJ. The point is that if he signs he'll have a contract that is tradeable.
  13. All I said is we played well vs. them. So are you saying that we didn't play well because we won 3 of the games by one goal? That's a dumb thing to say considering what the Devils are about. We only allowed them 5 goals in 4 games. We outplayed Boston the whole season, the only time we lost it took them until overtime to beat us. In other words we got 7 out of 8 possible points vs. them. I never said we dominated them just that we outplayed them. It's so annoying how people who are frustrated with this team just make up things so there can be no bright side to the season.
  14. Neb00rs

    Claude Julien

    I'm sorry but that's just not necessarily true. The team wasn't performing well and may have done nothing in the playoffs. You have no idea what was going to happen and Lou doesn't just fire a coach for no reason. Boston is right for him, New jersey wasn't, that's just the way it is some times. It has nothing to do with him being a good or bad coach.
  15. It's understandable you got ahead of yourself...we can't wait for them to find out that a$$holes don't get to the finals.
  16. I'd prefer to begin the mocking after they're eliminated. Don't want to jynx anything,
  17. Well Philly manhandled us and now they are being manhandled by the Bruins who we played well against in the reg. season. That confirms to me that we could have beat the Flyers and also proves two other things: A. Jacques Lemaire's coaching screwed the Devils over B. They could've put more effort in
  18. Yes, the shot total is not even, but this doesn't tell the story. Boston has shot better and setup better scoring chances. Boston was also much better on their 2 PP's than Philly was on their 4.
  19. Boston has the better goaltending right now no doubt. But the offenses have been close, the defense is about the same and all-around it's been pretty even. Rask is the reason this game isn't 3-3.
  20. How does Porter have that right when he just got arrested himiself?
  21. Once again the game is pretty even, but Philly just can't get any luck. WooHoo!
  22. Great Story of sportmanship. article
  23. No I'm just saying Porter has no right to open his mouth.
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