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  1. this Also I really don't like it when a poster is made to feel like an idiot when they post something they're interested in posting about. There's nothing wrong with this post as the draft will come at some point. Yes the Devils don't have a first roud pick and that is a prob with this post but we do have picks in the draft later on. So don't act like its blasphemy to post something like this after a playoff win...it doesn't take away our playoff win nor does it mean the poster thinks we will be elminated. If you having nothing constructive to add to the thread and only want to gang up and laugh at the OP than just don't post at all.
  2. The last time Colin White scored...Chris Chelios was still playing hockey
  3. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=525777&navid=DL|NHL|home Break 'em up -- John Tortorella gave new meaning to the term "breakup day" this week when he spoke about the 2009-10 New York Rangers. Tortorella was blunt in what went well and what didn't for the Rangers, who were denied a playoff berth on the final day of the season when they lost in a shootout to the Flyers. "I wasn't crazy about the room," Tortorella said Tuesday. "That isn't an indictment of Chris Drury or Ryan Callahan or our leadership group. I think some people need to be weeded out of there. It's certainly not our core people. "I think that room doesn't sustain itself. I don't think the room's a strong room. "I think some guys need to be bumped out." That is a pretty damning indictment of the team that finished 38-33-11 and was 7-1-2 down the stretch. But he called the efforts of his team's star forwards "despicable" in the season finale. "We played a (gutsy) game against Philly in our building and we had zero top guys show up in Philly, which was despicable," Tortorella said. "I think (Marian) Gaborik's a legitimate star but I don't like the way he has played in big games. I think he needs to cross the line there, but we've got some pieces here. "We need to add to it. Then when you get an opportunity -- hey, I might not even be here -- but when you get there and you're not fighting ninth and eighth every year you might be a legitimately good team for a while."
  4. Wow, I was wondering when he was gonna get signed. Had to be the Rangers, now I have to hate him.
  5. Neb00rs

    It's Time

    ooooooooh big strong man...thanks for taking so much time to insult me...well done we're all laughing
  6. Neb00rs

    It's Time

    This is going to get a lot of disagreement but I just can't hold in my feelings anymore. Listen I believe that Lou is indeed a genius and that there is no better GM in sports. But the time has come to release Lyle Odelein. He has been on our team now for what 12 years? And in all those years he has played terrible hockey. I believe the only reason he has been kept on the team is because someone in management likes him. I understand that many fans adore him but his play is now truly starting to hurt the team. And that is not worth 5 million dollars a year. I understand that Odelein has tried his hardest to improve his play...but instead of working harder on the ice he has made worthless changes that are luck-based and not reality based like changing his number from 24 to 12. I just don't understand why we contiually resign him. The Devils have won cups with him but Odelein has been a hack since the 96 season. He hardly even fires his slapshot anymore. I know that he plays a certain role on the team as a scrapper...but cmon this is a guy who put it in on our own net before. Why does a player like this deserve such a big contract and why has he been on our team longer than anyone next to Brodeur. None of this makes any sense to me but I know aa lot of you guys are gonna argue that he is vital to the team's success...I just don't think so...Odelein is a hack and needs to retire or go to the Oilers. Sorry.
  7. Your kidding right? Firt off the game winning goal was caused by a Skoula turnover and tired defensemen. Second off the refs gave us more than enough powerplays. We spent 6 of the first 11 minutes of the third period on the PP and did nothing. Honestly the refs gave us a chance to win. Did they miss a few calls?...yes, but have you ever seen a hockey game before?...they always miss calls. The Devils lost the game for themselves. The interference call on Zubrus was correct...Zubrus was trying to make something happen and I respect that...It was definitely interference though. What seperates the good teams from the bad is the abiliity to win aside from what the refs do. I have no complaints about how they called last nights game...we just sucked
  8. Neb00rs

    Low Moment

    Perosnally I hate adding "you suck" after the goal cheer but tonight after we finally scored a goal with 3 minutes remainging Devils fans still felt it necessary to chant "You Suck!" even while we were still losing. I'm very disappointed in the lack of humility...In my 15 years of watching the Devils I have never known the fans to lack humility. Tonight we did.
  9. Can you imagine the horror for Boucher if we beat him again? Especially if we do it in comeback fashion.
  10. Neb00rs

    What a Goal

  11. Neb00rs


    There's nothing wrong with talking about the offseason as resigning Kovy is on all of our minds...(but I guess you guys are gonna be like "no way I only care about the upcoming playoffs man) With all the talk surrounding Jamie and Kovy right now this is what hit me. I think the Devils are going deep into the playoffs but at one one point there will be an offseason believe me *winks* P.S. MantaRay let me quote your earlier posts in Kovy schmooze, "And Kovy's agent will remind him why he was hired in the first place. I doubt very much if Kovy is back next year, but I commend Lou for his efforts" and "I think Lou has done a great job of keeping Kovy happy, and sometimes that's all it takes. (e.g Elias, Marty, Rolston, White, Martin, Zajac and Salvador). While this is all nice, it means nothing in the eyes of his agent, who ultimately will be tasked to talk Kovy into playing the UFA market for a higher commission" -sounds like the offseason is on your mind
  12. Neb00rs


    This is gonna get a lot of disagreement but if I'm going with my gut...Pandolfo is gone after the season (2.5M in cap) and if he's lucky he'll be able to dump Rolston (Way too much million)to a team in need of a veteran and then he'll resign Kovy. (If Kovy doesn't let his agent do all the talking) I'm honestly not sure if he is gonna resign Martin (especially with the play of Greene). I actually get the feeling Kovy is top priority for Lou. Also I think this might be it for Jamie, Lou might look do dump the final year of his contract (3 Million)
  13. amen...just what I was thinking
  14. And the Flyers won at the only time it's ok for the Flyers to win...when it screws the Rangers over
  15. Neb00rs

    NHL TOP 10 saves

    Is it just me or are half these saves led to by the goalie not being able to handle the puck correctly. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=35&id=65137
  16. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=523998
  17. What is there to say? duh? Well start threads when he gets to 40/10.
  18. Neb00rs

    Kovalchuk analysis

    Does not include last night's game vs. Columbus http://www.inlouwetrust.com/2010/3/20/1382324/ilya-kovalchuk-after-15-games-as-a
  19. I can't believe this is even posted. This is NHL hockey not dwarf hockey or hockey for the developmentally disabled. I'll tell you why we boo on the powerplay...because our powerplay sucks right now, we are 0 for a billion even with Kovy, Elias, Greene, Martin, Parise and Zajac out there and we have to let the team know we expect not a good effort but for them to score on the powerplay. These are hockey players and they can take it (ok maybe Crosby cries at night when he gets booed and needs a makeout session with Talbot while they bond in shooting pucks into the dryer in a story of forbidden laundry room love). We are hockey fans which means we will only be happy with a Stanley Cup victory. In other words we will boo at the bad stuff all the way up until victory. We boo because we love our team and hate to see them do poorly. Zach is young so if he expects to not score on the PP and not get booed during his career that's going to be another 17 years of NHL caliber booing for him. I understand Zach is frustrated and thinks that the booing is only making things worse but this is false...not scoring is what is making things worse. But all of this is irrelevant because the Devils will get tired off the booing, get more creative, turn it all around and win a cup...right??????? P.S. Dear Zach: If you can't score on the PP, 5-5 isn't going to be any easier
  20. Neb00rs

    The Senators do 300

    This is just dumb
  21. Neb00rs


    I second That...That's just awesome if he really does that I love to see a video (even though that'd be hard to find)...what a true Devil
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