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  1. I could have sworn Foster had a 2-year deal with Anaheim.. but cap geek has him as a UFA this off-season. I'm confused
  2. Volchenkov Tallinder Salvador Greene Larsson Foster Fayne Eventually, we will have 7 healthy defensemen.. and I'm not sure if any of the guys really deserve to sit. It would be between Foster and Larsson.. and I'd rather not sit Larsson. Foster, I personally would since I don't think his defensive meltdowns are worth his PPQB abilities. But still, he's working on the PP and its getting better. We can carry all 7, dress all 7 and only play Foster on PP.. but I think thats a terrible idea. We can also do some sort of rotation.. but I also think thats a bad idea to keep messing up pairings/give
  3. reminds me of the Coyotes "if we win, you win" policy last year.. There was also a six pack of coke deal in Phoenix as well
  4. Your updated week in scoreboard watching: Going in: (Thursday) 7 Rangers 71 GP, 78 points 8 Buffalo 70 GP, 76 points ------- 9 Carolina 71 GP, 74 points 10 Toronto 71 GP, 72 points 11 Devils 69 GP, 70 points 12 Atlanta 70 GP, 70 points Can now tie for 8th place if we win our 2 games in hand! Thursday: Flyers @ Atlanta Devils @ Ottawa Toronto @ Florida Battle for 10th place day. Hopefully Florida/Flyers help get us back 10th place! No bearing on any playoff positions though, we do catch up a game (and hopefully 2 points) though! Friday: Washington @ Devils Montreal @ Rangers Islanders @ Carolin
  5. The irony. Admit you're wrong already. You can make it like this streak is all because of you and take credit for it, but end of the day you're the one who didn't believe in them way before anyone else.
  6. End of a winning tradition of course. can't even admit it when you're proven *so* wrong
  7. Your updated week in scoreboard watching: Going in: (Wednesday) 7 Rangers 71 GP, 78 points 8 Buffalo 70 GP, 76 points ------- 9 Carolina 70 GP, 74 points 10 Devils 69 GP, 70 points 11 Toronto 70 GP, 70 points 12 Atlanta 70 GP, 70 points TENTH PLACE!! With games in hands on both Toronto and Atlanta 6 points out of 8th with a game in hand on BUF 8 points out of 7th with 2 games in hand on NYR Wednesday: Toronto @ Carolina Toronto easily, will have to give them back tenth for a night unfortunately but its best in the long run Thursday: Flyers @ Atlanta Devils @ Ottawa Toronto @ Florida Battle fo
  8. Your week in scoreboard watching: Going in: 7 Buffalo 69 GP, 76 points 8 Rangers 70 GP, 76 points ------- 9 Carolina 69 GP, 72 points 10 Toronto 69 GP, 70 points 11 Atlanta 69 GP, 70 points 12 Devils 68 GP, 68 points 8 points out of two spots, one of those spots we have two games in hand Also barely out of 10th place if we would win our game in hand. Monday: Tampa @ Toronto Only game of importance and obviously want Tampa to take it Tuesday: Atlanta @ Devils Islanders @ Rangers Carolina @ Buffalo Definitely Islanders, but second game is tough. At this point in time, I think just hoping the
  9. we can mathematically (extremely unlikely) still win division if the Flyers, Penguins and Rangers lose out
  10. Zach Parise has been given medical clearance to start skating. less than 20 seconds ago via Twitter for Android YESSS!!!
  11. BUF winning might put "more teams in range" but that range will also be a few points higher.. which we can't afford to have happen.
  12. Tonight we want: NYR to beat BUF FLA to beat CAR No OT here is most important MTL to beat ATL Can beat 9 points out with 2 games in hand!
  13. So we'd be 8 points behind Carolina instead of 9... in a system that makes it harder to gain points? eh.. not a big difference.
  14. Uhh pretty sure we're trying to pass Carolina and Buffalo as well... We don't want the Panthers to lose to Carolina...
  15. what? www.sportsclubstats.com is decent..
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