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  1. aLowDrudge


    lower level seats @ $400 ea. I just kept trying. I guess people are releasing seats they didn't want? Or maybe the site was having trouble keeping up
  2. aLowDrudge


    I just got pairs for game 1 and 5 two goal bar singles for game 7
  3. aLowDrudge

    The Official "2012 Playoffs Excitement" Thread

    Lol, did that actually make the run of regular circulation?? Or is that a trashed copy of an early edition?
  4. aLowDrudge

    Devils Fantasy Challenge

    That's cool that they hooked you up, Hopefully they do it next year too!
  5. aLowDrudge

    Watch How Seeds can Grow

    This same issue shows the 2nd half winning % is .666! BOOOOM!!!! OMENS!!!
  6. aLowDrudge

    Devils Fantasy Challenge

    The Devils Fantasy Challenge has ended and our own Cheesyguy is the winner for the season, Congrats! Myself...not so good... How did you make out with the awards cheesy?
  7. aLowDrudge

    Ryane Clowe Plays Puck from Bench

    What was he thinking?! I mean Sykora tricking the refs was funny but this was not classy at all.
  8. aLowDrudge

    The Race For 6th Thread

    The ticket deals were sent out as an email. They are offering pay as they play plans. You sign up for a package and you are only charged for the actual games the team plays. They also give you a food card as a perk.
  9. aLowDrudge

    anniversary video

    It might find its way onto the Devils website after a little while. They post a lot of those on the video page.
  10. aLowDrudge

    Yahoo Fantasy Hockey 11-12

    Im still active
  11. aLowDrudge

    Need 2 tix for Gold Circle Skate

    I'm interested in 3, but I'll take 4 if you have 4. eddydunn22@gmail.com
  12. If the Devils are in this bad of financial shape, how do they escape the relocation talks? I know they have been mentioned, but not as frequently as other teams. It seems there should be more talk. Or is it assumed a buyer would be easy to find who would stay in NJ?
  13. aLowDrudge

    24/7 Rangers Flyers

  14. aLowDrudge

    Last 82 games point leaders

    Well maybe things are looking better for the future... "@NHL: Did You Know? Seven #NJDevils have scored 10 or more goals this season which is the most of any team in the league."
  15. aLowDrudge

    Last 82 games point leaders

    Obviously last year's run boosted this but it is still nice to see. Hopefully they can stay strong on the PK do OK on the PP add this can improve.

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