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  1. It usually costs more to renovate than to build anew. Granted they already have the land but they are pretty much gutting the entire thing. The costs are going to be high and doing it in Manhattan without closing the arena? Yea, that's gonna take a chunk out of your pocket. Still, this should be attractive.
  2. lol not surprising. Still, attendance has been solid this year, hopefully their community outreach programs will actually build a solid base for the sport in Newark. If there comes a time when the Devils do start to perform poorly, that kind of support will go a long way in helping the bottom line.
  3. lolz, guess I was wrong. From Fire and Ice: So Zubes will stay, which means we'll have him, Zajac, Madden and Holik in the middle when everyone gets back. Therefore, the speculation becomes which line does Rolston join? I said (wrote) my part in the earlier post but now I have no idea. Maybe Pando-Madden is the only line that will be open for him when he gets back? Like the OP said, not a bad problem to have.
  4. El Zubrionta? It sounds like a Mexican discotheque. On to the topic, Rolston will immediately be thrust back on to the first line. The Devils didn't sign him to waste away as a defensive forward with the offensively inept duo. At that point, Holik will have returned and Zubrus will in all likelihood be exiled to the fourth line to join him. This is disappointing because it's truly wasting Dainius' talents, but he'll still get time on the powerplay.
  5. What is this thing they call luck? And since when do the Devils have it?
  6. Have to give credit where it's due... great goal by Langs. And that was some nice forechecking by the entire unit.
  7. Well this isn't a very good way to start the night. Honestly though, it's ridiculous to get angry at a player for one bad game or when they miss a few opportunities to score, but Langs and Gio have just been horrendous at putting it in the net. And it seems that they are the only two who really get any quality chances... which is a compliment on their positioning and intelligence, unfortunately neither have one iota of accuracy on their shot. And for Elias, ugh, he just never seems to get any good scoring chances. Zubrus/Zajac grind and create but they have no scorer's touch. Really, it's just Parise which is sad.
  8. We got one great break tonight but I know what you mean. It's just we've been saying we aren't lucky or the pucks aren't bouncing our way for years now. Like, we really should have beat the Rangers in the playoffs if things went our way but man, we're just so unlucky. At a certain point, we (and they) need to realize that you make your own luck. We also have this great ability to control the puck along the boards in the offensive zone but have absolutely no one who can bring it into the middle. Watching the Caps tonight, they were gaining and shooting from the center of our zone with alarming regularity.
  9. Doc and Chico were saying earlier in the game that Devils needed a legit, well-earned goal to really get over this hump and feel better about themselves. That certainly wasn't but I don't think anyone is going to complain.
  10. lolz we still would have lost two out of the last three.
  11. Any team would be snakebitten if Jamie Langenbrunner was getting the large majority of your chances. I mean Jesus Christ how many times do you throw it right in the goalies chest? Then, finally, he shoots to score and it hits the side of the net. Just to clarify; I like Langs, I think he's a fine captain, I think there is a place for him on this team but hoping that he is going to be some offensive dynamo is beyond stupid and it's hurting the Devils. PS- Usually when I rip on a player they immediately make a great play or score so hopefully that happens.
  12. This is it. It's that simple. Let him keep the C, it doesn't matter. We'd get nothing if we traded him. If we started benching players there would be about 3 guys on the ice. Pando - Madden - Langs or Rupp - Holik - Langs These are the lines he should be on or at least some variation of these. In fact, if Zubrus gets thrown back on the fourth line when everybody is healthy while Jamie stays with ZZ, that will actually bother me more than this lose did. That's because this game was practically gift-wrapped by the refs for the Rags with two 5 on 3s. First they call a phantom penalty and then they actually see a real one and are forced to blow the whistle. It's idiotic and sickening. To Chorske, I respectfully disagree. I think Parise/Zajac succeed because they are skilled, up and coming players and would continue to do well even if Rupp was their season-long linemate. Of course Zach is the real talent but Travis is no slouch... unfortunately I feel Langs is. And I believe Zubrus fits in very well here as he is one of the only players who can forecheck worth a damn. He's not a gifted goal scorer but he grinds and battles and wins the puck for others to put in. Unfortunately, no one seems to be able to do that.
  13. When? In two and a half years? To the Rangers!? I just can't believe people have such an inferiority complex in regards to the Rags that they think every player will jump ship. And just a quick glimpse at nhlscap shows that they already have 32,782,143 million wrapped up in Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozsival and the Queen before they can make an offer. So I doubt Sather dumps one of their salaries just to make a hypothetical run at an RFA, especially one who probably wouldn't accept and Lou would match the offer for. Then the year after that, when he becomes a FA, I just don't think he goes to the team that made his dad is famous for scoring against. Zach is of a different caliber than Gomez, he'll be a career Devil or something close to it.
  14. To be fair, he did spend his entire career up to that point at CAA. Oduya? Adding Brylin makes that team... better? What year are we talking about? Cause he played often last season and had little to no positive impact. And keeping Gomez, even at discount compared to his current contract, would have killed us. He is a talented player but he never takes over games and gets paid like he does. Yes, 2 million doesn't seem like a great deal of cash but it ignores the other 6 million you'd have to shell out. That full amount then forces the team to either hope to God that their youth pans out or sign sub-par players. More often than not, it's the latter. Honestly, re-signing Scott means we would have been stuck with largely the same good but not great core for many years. No Rolston, no Zubrus, possibly no Salvador... seriously, when this years team gets healthy we have the potential to be great. I just can't see that happening if we dump a ton of cash into a non-dominant player like Gomer.
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