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  1. Got it, thanks. I've dealt with Eric before, he's great.
  2. Really? Thats great news. What kind of options?? I'll definitely email him. Is the fan experience table the one at the top of the long escalator leading to the upper level or somewher eon lower level?
  3. Thats even better if true. If you come accross someone else with a suite willing to swap and you don't want that date then send them my way and i'll do the same. I called the devils asking if anyone inquired to swap dates and i'll let you know what i hear back from them. I can't imagine 2 people with suites to a Ranger game and a Pittsburgh game wouldn't be able to find someone else who wants it, lol.
  4. Yea, it's awesome!! last year i got 2 suite passes and the ice cream snacks. This year is way better, a full suite and it says bring 15 of your friends with you!
  5. Hey Guys, I got the Saturday 2/9 Pittsburgh game as my suite option. They are sending me 16 tickets for the suite to bring whoever i want. If anyone got this option and is interested in swapping games with me, i'd be happy to give up this game for your game as i've got plans this day already! PM or reply here
  6. Zach played the devils fans and organization more than any of us will ever truely know. He's not the good old honest American boy we all thought he was. Leaving the Devils was well planned out. He talked with Suter all year about it while playing for the devils and giving us the lip service. There was even communication between them during the ECF that Zach admitted to the other day then began to back track on the topic. Chico Resch said all year if you talked to him off the record that Zach definitely wasn't coming back and that info came directly from his buddy JP. JP was even reportedly talking at the Pitt Draft that no chance Zach returns to the devils. Zach could have said all along " well see " when asked about returning to the devils. Instead he said that he definitely wanted to resign with NJ and it was a priorty to work things out with NJ yet he never even came back to Lou with a chance to match the offer, he was just gone to Minn. He said all along he wants to be a contender and wants to win and chooses the Wild?? Face it, he is an all American Liar and he should be treated as such when he returns. Toss Jerseys, chant he sucks, Kovy's better and boo him loud and endlessly! I'll leave whats written on the bottom for you all to judge if it's true or not ( I pulled it from HF Boards ) but i certainly believe this is what really happened behind the scenes. Don't fall for Lou's saving face stuff about Zach choosing Minn to go home and Nj was second choice.... from HF poster.... I now know for a fact that Lou felt exactly like Poile did yesterday, but with the experience he has he didn't show it as much. One of the guys I talk to actually spoke to one of our leading scouts last night (can't mention names), and they said they were all pretty much in shock, because they had basically been told he was coming back. The offer Lou presented them in Toronto was exactly the deal Parise and his agents were looking for and that's why Lou said it went very well. When they found out about the decision Lou didn't take it very well at all. He was pretty upset with the agents. He was in a long conversation with them. Lou was actually supposed to have a conference call first, before Poile, but he was reportedly going bezerk on the agents, who he feels orchestrated this and sort of pushed Parise in this direction. But he also said that in the back of everyone's mind they knew that there was a risk of this happening and that's why they kept the first rounder this year and picked Matteau and went hard after forwards. Matteau has the same kind of batteries that Parise has, less skilled, but won't be denied he said. He said they are not worried, they have plans, but they're surprised and shocked because they were basically told Parise was coming back and not to worry. He just wanted to see the interest, similar to Marty and then come back to Lou. The money from Minnesota was better, but not substantially better.
  7. No, quite the opposite. Sal could have gotten much more on market. Lou has an internal budget so he needed to keep year 1 low to fit Parise in so he adds the 3rd year to give Sal total $ he wanted. Parise now is in a position to turn his back on basically entire team or return! I'm more confident then ever Parise is returning and hearing Marty of WFAN this morning all but assures it.
  8. NJ4life


    I have 1 ticket in section 106 row 1 available for Saturday night! Devils attack twice! I can email the ticket! PM me or email me at ebill5@comcast.net
  9. Have 2 available in 229 row 6 for game 2. Bought them during pre-sale and need to sell them. I paid $635 for pair and willing to prove i paid that ( face on tix and email with purchase total), not looking to make anything off of them. PM me if interested or at ebill5@comcast.net
  10. If anyone hasn't recorded it yet, NHL network will have it at 7PM tonight
  11. NJ4life

    ECF Tickets

    I have 2 in 105 row 7 tomorrow night, $398 for the pair!
  12. I posted a pair of tix available for tomorrow in marketplace if anyone needs tix
  13. Got a pair of tickets available for tomorrow night. Sec 105 row 7, Must meet me at arena tomorrow for them and must be a devils fan. $398 for pair ( what i paid ) PM if interested
  14. NJ4life

    invade MSG

    Just got my tickets for tomorrow night at msg. Tickets on Stubhub at msg for game 1 are less than what devils sold all 100 level balcony seats at $199 for. With 2500 tix left night before game, devils fans can get some #s in there if we buy them up!
  15. NJ4life

    Game 3 roll call

    Based on how the Devils sold the tickets for games 3 and 4 ( private presales to devils fans who bought tix in round 1, college offer via email and STH ) the max amount of Flyers fans can be 1500. thats it!! Expect arena 90% or more devils fams and be LOUD! Devils have finally figured out a way to pack the place with our fans. Kudos to the ticket management team for what they did for this series!
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