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  1. Is it possible to decline penalties? Devils powerplay = guaranteed no goal, except maybe a shorthanded one.
  2. Maybe Jacques can show the team what a competent power play looks like. Don't make low percentage passes when one or two defenders are in the passing lane. Of course to do that, other players have to move without the puck. Absolutely anemic.
  3. Daniel

    Martin or Kovy

    I can't imagine a way you can get rid of Rolston's cap hit in light of his NMC. I could see dumping Pando's $2.5 mill hit though.
  4. Daniel

    Martin or Kovy

    Probably cannot sign both this offseason. Assume both are willing to resign, Kovy with an $8 million cap hit, Martin with a $5 million cap hit, and also assume that each will be more or less as good as they are right now in light of age, years in the league, injury history etc. While I imagine most will say Kovy, the answer is not as obvious as some might think. Good defensemen are at a premium these days, and of course Martin costs less, making it much easier to re-sign Parise and others down the road. So who's it gonna be.
  5. now eating crow... you're never gonna make it Dewey
  6. A team that regularly cannot score on long 5 on 3's is not a good team. And woopdie-friggin'-doo, the team "looked good" during the first period. Won't be much of consolation when they lose. Prediction 4 to 1 Nash.
  7. devils are losing this game... guaranteed
  8. As it stands now, Florida is not in a position to draft an Ovechkin type player since they're good enough to be an also-ran, but have not been bad enough for a while to get a top three pick. And unfortunately they haven't been as lucky as the Lightning, who competes one year, and seems to have a 1 or 2 pick the next year.
  9. I like this move by Panthers management. Clear message to the fans about what the team's goals are and the plan to achieve those goals. Much better than the management of the Pirates who for years would sell off it's top talent without ever considering the thoughts of their customers.
  10. I'll revise... a Mets style collapse that results in missing the playoffs wouldn't shock me at this point.
  11. Devils will LOSE this game. Pathetic friggn' effort. First round playoff exit guaranteed.
  12. Daniel

    Carter hit on Salmela

    I'll say more or less clean considering that no one went after, or even jawed at, Carter later on. At that point, the Devils were up 2-0 so it wasn't like they should have been wary about taking a penalty.
  13. Daniel

    Reality Check Time

    All I'll say is that if you go around the league, most teams' defensemen are mediocre. Why do you think way past their prime types like Niedermeyer and Pronger can demand $6 million plus per year.
  14. Daniel

    Reality Check Time

    This team needs a serious attitude adjustment, or else we're looking at a guaranteed first round playoff exit. Thoroughly outplayed (and beaten) by many of the teams we could be seeing in the first round (Flyers, Rangers, Canadians, Lighting). The special teams are downright awful. You expect them to give up and not score pp goals. Idiotic plays in our own end as a result of laziness and sloppiness. Not to mention that Ansi Salmella has more goals than Kovy to this point. And you know what, it's only going to get WORSE after the Olympic break considering the our not-awful players will not be getting any rest.
  15. And what on god's green earth was Niedermeyer doing on the pp? And what on god's green earth was Niedermeyer doing on the pp?
  16. Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic.
  17. What are Flyer fans booing about? Devils PP is guaranteed no goal.
  18. Time to break out the exercise bikes?
  19. Game ends on this penalty kill.
  20. Uggh, the friggn' dump and chase. Sure sign of a useless power play.
  21. Also, does his no movement clause allow the Devils to pull a Matvichuck on Rolston?
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