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  1. Daniel

    tickets still available for tuesday's potentially historic game

    Not necessarily. For Marty's first game back, I couldn't get the $38 tix when I first tried. I kept trying on and off for a few hours and eventually was able to buy a pair. I guess they do it to try and get you to buy more expensive seats.
  2. Daniel

    Rank 'Em: Greatest Goalies

    What is Mike Vernon doing on that list at all? I think even Richter deserves to be on the top twenty more than Vernon. And even though their careers are relatively young, Luongo and Kiprisov are also better than Mike Vernon. Guess you can tell, I don't think that much of Mike Vernon.
  3. Daniel

    Kudos to the Devils

    I believe, although am not positive, that mid-range seats at MSG for Rangers' regular season games are less than comparable Devils tickets. My uncle has Rangers season tix that are more or less center ice in what would be the equivalent of the mezzanne level at the Rock. A couple years ago, face value of his tickets were something like $60. At CAA loewr part of the upper bowl were something like $70-$80, correct? Whatever the numbers are, my point is, is that Rangers regular season ticket prices (so long as you're not talking about the premium seats) are pretty reasonable.
  4. Daniel

    Please Help!

    I usually grab a beer at NY Penn Station on my way to the Rock via NJ Transit. I've never had a problem, but always have the can in a bag. So long as you don't get too loud, and don't make it too obvious, the worst I can see happening is that someone will tell you to put it away.
  5. Daniel

    Winners and Losers?

    I estimate that about 90 players or so will have 20 goals. That puts him in the middle of the pack so far as goal scores. He's also a fairly solid defensive forward (a minus 2 on a team that doesn't score any goals), probably in the mold of Pandolfo, if not better. I think that qualifies as a somewhat solid player. Another guy who will have probably a few more than 20 goals, if that, is Gionta. Contract issues, and his ufa status next year aside, as long as we're talking about 20 goal scores, I assume that if the Coyotes traded Morris for Gionta, anyone would consider it a steal.
  6. Daniel

    Winners and Losers?

    Any somewhat solid player that Phoenix could get for Morris is a winner for Phoenix. They won't be making the playoffs, and Morris is a ufa after this year. Relatedly, I think on the whole the Rangers were winners. With Antropov they get a player with more goals than anyone else currently on the team. Morris should help their powerplay. How could it get any worse?
  7. Daniel


    I sat next to him on the train a long time ago to MSG for a Devils/Rangers game. He was a little souced, but on the whole seemed like a decent guy.
  8. Daniel


    I was at the game today. The energy was fine without this j-off. Don't let him back.
  9. Daniel

    Guerin missing from the game after warmups

    Just so long as we're not the ones trading for him.
  10. Daniel


    I see this thread about being whether Zubrus has been worth it, not whether he can or should be replaced at this point. And as I see it, he's overpaid compared to his performance. I bring up a guy like Bonk, simply because I think he could more or less do just as well playing alongside Elias as Zubrus. With that saved cap space, you can go for broke on a truly great player, or simply make sure you have the cap space to lock up your career players. The reason why the Rangers are in all likelihood going to be a very mediocre team for the next few years isn't because Gomez, Drury, Redden and Rosival are BAD players, it's that they're OVERPAID players. In the end though, Zubrus is not the huge albatross that other free agent signings have been. I just think the money spent on him would have been better served elsewhere.
  11. Daniel

    What would be sweeter?

    How about signing Hugh Jessiman and tuning him into a 30+ goal per year scorer.
  12. Daniel


    Another one that comes to mind is Radek Bonk. Makes $2 million + per year less than Zubrus. I'll concede Zubrus is the better player, but I think Bonk could more or less step into Zubrus' role if necessary. And like I said, if the cap space you save could be the difference in landing a Bowmeester type in free agency, it's a no-brainer. In other words, who would you rather have, Bonk/Bowmeester or Zubrus/Andy Greene. Again, with a hard salary cap, you have to think of potential alternatives that have been made impracticable as a result of signing someone else.
  13. Daniel


    The problem with Zurbrus is his salary. True, the Devils don't appear to "need" him to put up 70 to 80 points, and perhaps he does fill an important role. However, seems to me there are lots of players who can do what Zubrus does for about half his salary. In a salary cap world, one overpriced player can be the difference in landing a unique player when you need one. There's this other team that I'm thinking of that has more than one overpriced player that's now having a lot trouble going out and making necessary additions. Who is it again?
  14. Daniel

    Online Ticket Purchase Help

    Anyone have experience purchasing individual game tickets through the Devils website? I'm trying to purchase $30 to $38 tix for tonight's game, and it says nothing is available. If I keep trying, will it eventually say that something is available? Is it likely that something will be available if I try to purchase at the arena. I don't want to make the trip to the arena and find that I can only get $90+ tix.
  15. Daniel

    Scott Gomez rumor from Eklund

    You are correct. My mistake. The point nevertheless stands though.
  16. Daniel

    Scott Gomez rumor from Eklund

    Unless there is a way to get really creative with Gomez' cap number, the GM that trades for Gomez should immediately lose his job. He makes about the same or even more than you can expect the top free agents of this upcoming class to receive (Hossa, Bowmeester, Kovalchuk). While one should never underestimate the stupidity of some professional sports general managers, I think the fact that Š„klund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) can't even invent a plausible trade rumor, shows that anything he says has less credibility than Baghdad Bob. And to the extent he's ever right, a broken clock is right twice a day too.
  17. Daniel

    10 Worst NHL Contracts

    Rolston is definitely overpaid, IMO, but way too early to put him in the ten worst category. The power play has improved dramatically since he returned from injury, even if he's not on the points list (I know correlation does not equal causation). I think the knock on his age is overblown. Players are in much better shape these days. You got guys like Chelios who're still able to meaningfully contribute at 46! The real test will be the playoffs.
  18. Daniel

    Arnott yes or no?

    Cap space issue: I'm not a cap expert, so I agree that it's possible it's not feasible, at least for this year. It would work for next year, if you assume, as most people do, that Gionta won't be resigned. On the other hand, if there is speculation that Pronger and Niedermeyer could be dealt for, then I assume there is a way to make it work. As far as the proposed line combos, I didn't put them in any particular order, so i didn't mean to give the impression that Parise, Gionta and Rolston would be centers. Odd man out would have to be Rupp if Zubrus isn't dealt, which for the reasons mentioned, he most likely won't. All in all, I'm just responding to a thread that someone else started. If there is a serious interest in getting Arnott back, given the range of possibilities, that would be the most I would offer. If it doesn't get the job done, so be it.
  19. Daniel

    Arnott yes or no?

    Maybe, if their goal is to dump salary. And Arnott might be their best player (although I'd disagree with you, in that it's clearly Shea Weber), but he isn't necessarily setting the world on fire compared to how much he makes, he has 39 points, so on pace for a 55 to 60 point season. But if it makes you happier, maybe a second instead of a third. Hey, we did get Mogilny for Brendan Morrison, in a pre-salary cap era, so anything is possible.
  20. Daniel

    Arnott yes or no?

    I'd do Bergfors and a third for Arnott. Unless you trade Zubrus though, which is unlikely since it doesn't save Nashville much cap-wise, who's the odd man out for the rest of the season? Guess it would be Rupp, making the lines: Zajac-Parise-Langenbrunner Elias-Gionta-Arnott Madden-Rolston-Zurbrus Shanahan-Holik-Clarkson
  21. Daniel

    Ovechkin does it again

    To get a guy like Ovechkin, the Devils needs to be really bad at the right time.
  22. Daniel

    Penguins fire Therrien

    Obvious move. You have a team with two of the best forwards in the game, with a decent supporting cast and you're out of a playoff spot, you deserve to get canned, even if you were successful the year before. Renney on the other hand really doesn't have much at his disposal, but guess what, the Rangers are still in 6th place in the conference and is still comfortably (for now anyway) in the playoff picture. Like I keep saying, I'd be thrilled if the Rangers fire Renney.
  23. Daniel

    More Sutter Speculation

    http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news;_ylt=AqH6...n&type=lgns Says "speculation" is that he wants to be with his family. Take it for what it's worth.
  24. Daniel

    TSN ranks top lines

    Alright then, Corrente for Nieds, would you do it? And, by the way, I don't put much stock in hockeys future considering they still list Chereponov as one of the top prospects in the league.

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