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  1. I was poo-pooing the idea of Brady coming to Miami, but it does make a certain amount of sense. Miami is probably the most desirable city of plausible landing spots from the celebrity aspect of his life. It seems like half of the stuff at Michigan has Ross's name on it. And there's the possibility that the roster could be looking good by the time the draft is over, but not so good that Brady can say he really can carry a team all by himself. Adding Tua on top of that would be perfect for both sides, although perhaps they only do it the Chargers don't leapfrog them. Who knows, maybe they could package their two firsts or something like that to move up and draft Lamb or Jeudy.
  2. Until I see results, I'm going to remind myself of all the other times in the past ten years or so when the Dolphins appeared to have won free agency and ended up missing the playoffs when having a coach that everyone liked for the first year and a half. I've pretty much made up my mind that the Dolphins need to end up with Tua. Maybe the Dolphins get really lucky and can sign Brady to a two year deal, and Tua sits on the bench for that time and can really get healthy and learn whatever he needs to learn.
  3. Now with close to 60 NHL games under his belt and being a nonfactor in pretty much all of them, I have recognzied his detractors were right.
  4. Mirco Mueller played well at the Worlds too. The source of me saying that he's not going to be a good player is just what I said. Putting on ten more pounds of muscle is not going to matter because it won't make it difference when you are consistently handing the puck over to the other team on a 2 man advantage.
  5. Or I guess we'll be the new Oilers. Mike Gillis is probably going to be the next GM so it'll be a real viking funeral, but at least the Devils will have the most efficient hotel booking system in the league because that's definitely what helps you win games in analytics land.
  6. Jack Hughes is having the worst season for a number 1 overall pick in 20 years and that’s with getting more of an opportunity to succeed because the team has no offensive talent to speak of that is taking opportunities away from him. He’s fast, but he’s invisible 95 percent of the time, except when he’s turning the puck over. If you’re gonna have as slight a frame as he’ll always have, you have to really think two steps ahead, which he has shown no ability to do when he’s not playing against other teenagers. It took everyone here forever to recognize John Hynes’ incompetence, that Adam Larsson being overrated was not Pete DeBoer’s fault, and that Pavel Zacha was never going to be a good NHL player. Trade him for Jack Eichel while we can.
  7. He won’t be a good player
  8. I see that we’ll have legit lottery winning odds again this year. Maybe we’ll actually get a good player this time around.
  9. Kevin Rooney can at least play defense and will be on the bench on the power play where he can’t cause it to suck.
  10. Kevin Rooney will occasionally score on a break away while coming out of the penalty box.
  11. I was right about Larsson, Zacha and Hynes. I’m right about Hughes.
  12. Just a small fast player who has demonstrated he has no hockey sense and will get pushed around to boot. It sucks that he was supposed to be the franchise savior, but he’s worse than Nail Yakupov. So it goes.
  13. Jack Hughes has no business ever playing in the NHL. Trade him while other teams might be fooled.
  14. Never be on an NHL roster ever again
  15. Even following the game on Twitter you know this team sucks and will for a long time. Fire the analytics losers into the sun.
  16. Sadly with these two clowns now running the show, weaponizing means firing blanks.
  17. Barring the overpayment which apparently never came, what they would have gotten for Palmieri probably wouldn't make much of a difference, especially given the possibility of already having three first rounders. Shero played the wheeling and dealing game well and it looks like Fitzgerald can do it too. And I have a bit more faith that Fitzgerald has a better idea of how to build a team that wins than Shero ever did. What is slowly happening before our eyes is the team is being turned over to two people who for all I know have never put on ice skates in their lives. A couple of low rent imitation Theo Epsteins.
  18. Realizing that having good players and good coaching is how you win and not having a preposterous notion that there is a theoretical value that is attached to someone's cap hit has nothing to do with luck. Unfortunately, Messrs. Dellow and Cain, who now run the Devils, believe the latter is true. It's why both of them were failures before they got here and will continue to be so.
  19. Kakko has not been given the opportunities that Hughes have precisely because Kakko has better forwards he's competing for ice time with. Hughes is the next Yakupov. Kakko will be the next Draisatl.
  20. The Rangers have completed their rebuild despite the fact that Chtyil is their only draft pick from the past three years that's really making anything close to an impact. They're only going to get better as Kakko laps the invisible boy Hughes and K'Andre Miller turns out to be the superior defenseman to Ty Smith. Everything the Devils have been doing is wrong, and it's not a coincidence that it started when analytics dopes took over the franchise. Maybe we get new owners who proceed to toss Dellow and Cain out of the building Victor Maitland style. Sadly that's not going to happen, and Mike Yeo is going to be our next coach and a useless non-entity in Mike Gillis is going to be the GM.
  21. Friedman’s notes on the GM search are not encouraging: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-marc-bergevin-sees-canadiens-present-future/sn-amp/?__twitter_impression=true I don’t think it’s unreasonable to conclude “skill set” means “spreadsheet” and that analytics, which is cargo cult, will fully take over the organization. The good news is that even analytics people like Gillis can luck into success if the drafting goes well both before and after he gets here. On the other hand, analytics people usually hire untested head coaches that know how to speak the lingo but don’t actually know how to win, which is exactly how the Devils got into the mess they’re in in the first place. I got to see the Devils win more Cups than most teams fans will. I’ll always have that.
  22. Mike Gillis, talk about a guy who was born on third and thinks he hit a triple. No more obvious a sign of gross incompetence at the top of this clown is hired.
  23. Pretty amazing how this became a fanbase that tolerated top to bottom incompetence all the sudden. Maybe it's an effect of having all those shiny draft picks.
  24. You're right, Nico, Palmieri now and Taylor Hall at the beginning of the season all suck. So he's as crappy as most everyone else on the team. Thank god for small miracles.
  25. Just a coincidence that the puck rarely ends up in the other team's net despite him being so "dynamic" all the time.
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