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    John Hynes

    I'll say it again, the only free agent theoretically available that would have helped the team was Tavares and that wasn't happening. I believe the reports that he tried to trade for Karlsson out right and that he was looking to pry something valuable from Tampa in order to take Callahan's contract. So he's not in Sandy Alderson territory, at least not yet. This offseason will be different. You have what looks to be some really good free agents and other teams that need to trade good players for cap reason. If it's more of the same "build through the draft" and make "value" moves, the Devils will be at the bottom of the league again next year, and I can't imagine he makes it.
  2. Daniel

    John Hynes

    The extension doesn't really matter. They can still fire him at any time and the only consequence is that they have to pay him until he gets another job. The money at stake is basically what a league minimum player gets.
  3. Daniel

    John Hynes

    He rips players at times and is supportive at others. At this stage of the season, it doesn’t really matter all that much.
  4. Zacha was almost as controversial as Crouse in that Zacha did not have the production that you would expect from a top ten pick. Zacha got something of a break in that regard since it was his first year in North America and he played through some injuries. Obviously, he was more talented than Crouse, but neither truly dominated the OHL in their draft +1 year. My educated guess is that Conte's board in 2015 was: McDavid, Eichel, Hanifin, Zacha.
  5. Either winning the Super Bowl or 0-16
  6. This Dolphins should use all of their picks this year on offensive and defensive linemen and somehow get Nathan Peterman in here to start.
  7. As it stands now, the Dolphins are set to head into next season with a ridiculous $120 million in cap space.
  8. If I'm correct that the dead cap space is just for this year, it doesn't really matter as the last thing the Giants need to do is splurge on free agents, which of course, they couldn't do without the trade anyway. Drafting Barkley instead of a QB is water under the bridge. If they get their QB next year, the amount they have to pay Barkley when his rookie deal is over should even out. Now they have the sixth and seventeenth overall. They can get their O-line back on track in this draft and they might have also upgraded at safety.
  9. Will disagree. Wide receivers generally don’t age well, and the Giants got an enormous haul for him, especially compared to what the Steelers got for Brown. They can either get their QB in this year’s draft or have one of Tua, Fromm or Herbert next year. If one thing set the Giants back enormously, it was passing on Tunsil and drafting Eli Apple.
  10. Might have competition from the Giants. We’ll know on draft day.
  11. If the lottery goes poorly for us, I'd like to end up with Byram.
  12. I’m confident that Nico will be the best player in that draft, and if he’s not, the guy who might turn out better is Cale Makar.
  13. Peterson is shooting at something like above 20 percent, which should not sustain itself. And Heskainen would not make the Devils better than they are, much less than how much better Nico makes the team. The Devils made the right pick.
  14. I'll still give the edge to the Flyers because they've gotten more picks right, or appear that they will. It's not even a contest if you go back to 2005. That's why the Jay O'Brien pick was so surprising as it was completely out of character.
  15. Taking Jay O’Brien when guys like Merkeley, Miller, Kupari and Veleno (just to name a few) were available was a real head scratcher. Even at the time it was obviously a huge reach, and a pick you had to get right for credibility sakes. Right now, based on his production, it looks like he’s heading to bustville.
  16. I got that too. It’s fairly common on other sites.
  17. Although Stone is off the board, it still looks like it could be the best free agent class in a while. The past two years the only free agents worth throwing a lot of money at were not available at any price. Things will get very interesting if the Devils end up with one of the top two picks. It would make it much easier to give up the draft pick compensation for an offer sheet.
  18. There very well might be players better than Palmieri/Johansson available that the Devils can obtain for only cap space that, for all intents and purposes, they will have more of than any team in the league.
  19. Would love it if Ray could get a first for Johansson from the Isles even if it means throwing in someone else, like Quenneville, and even if the first is lottery protected. Could move up a good three or four spots from there if we give up our second, and will still have Nashville’s and the two thirds.
  20. He’s not in the top 4 for a team like Nashville. But he would be on a bunch of playoff caliber teams. From what you hear from Friedman, he’s a desirable asset around the league and we have him on a long term deal at slightly above what the average salary is. So he’s a valuable player.
  21. His intentions are probably to go wherever he can get the best contract for himself, especially as it doesn’t appear that he’s established any ties to the area. It’s also pretty clear that Shero is aware of his intentions one way or the other, which is why he’s reportedly aggressively trying to trade him.
  22. It is, but I think a bunch of teams are resigned to giving up a first rounder for whatever they end up acquiring. Johansson is one of the few that you don’t have to add a good prospect along with that. So we’ll see.
  23. Word is the Caps are about to make a deal with LA, maybe for Hagelin, and they're waiting for DSP to clear waivers. And I'm starting to get a good feeling that Mojo is going to bring back a first.
  24. Finishing third to last or worse would put us in a real good spot. A very good chance that under the worst case scenario there, the Devils should be able to draft Byram who a lot of people say is better than any of the other defenseman drafted last year save Dahlin. It's pretty much for that reason that I would not trade Kinkaid unless the offer is too good to be true.
  25. They're losing in the best way possible in that bad goaltending has been the biggest contributor and obviously the team's best player being out for half of the season now. There's a pretty good top to bottom roster there that has the potential to get a lot better for the start of next season. Re McLeod, drafting Bratt has made up that. Bratt is in the top ten from that draft class in points and has missed a decent amount of time to injury.
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