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  1. Season can’t end soon enough. All the coaches need to be fired, and Jack needs to take the diapers off sooner rather than later.
  2. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Just for clarity because the internet is forever, I was being facetious.
  3. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    you forgot Caddyshack 2
  4. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Hey man, don't mess with the Brotherhood.... now that I think about it, they might have earned the B, no?
  5. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Another 48 Hours might be the rare sequel that's better than the original. An honorable mention is The Distinguished Gentleman.
  6. The problem with someone like Benning is that he's going to want to make GM decisions. A former player who can understand what's going on the ice and translate it into language the owners understand is what it seems like they're looking for. Maybe they do an outside the box kind of thing and hire Salvador as he at least speaks the analytics language that Harris is into. I mention Stevens because he at least has looked the part during his TV gig and laymen owners like ours might be impressed by it.
  7. Would be interesting if they throw a lot of money at Stevens for that role.
  8. Shero was a good wheeler dealer and it looks like Fitzgerald is good at it too. The issue is how he intends to put a winning team on the ice beyond that. We got a sense of it when he said he wants players roughly the same age as Nico and Hughes to come up with them. I'd hope that there is something more to it than that if it's his job to lose.
  9. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    It was a good trade. Foote fits in to what the organization needs, which is a young winger who can shoot. Hopefully the first ends up being a first rounder this year and is in the 16-20 range. This is much better than the deal I feared we would get from Boston which would be a first that would likely be below 25 and Beecher, who will be a bottom 6 grinder that will be in college for at least another 2 years.
  10. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Jimmy Murphy isn't reliable.
  11. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    If the main piece of the return for Coleman (or Palmieri) is a first rounder from a good team that figures to win at least a round in the playoffs, we might as well consider ourselves the second coming of the Sabres of the past ten years and that any current season ticket holder who actually doesn't feel like getting scammed should no longer be a season ticket holder. I am not averse to trading Coleman (or Palmieri). They are both at the peak of their trade value and there's no guarantee that either of them wants to sign a new contract with the team. But it has to be a deal that's too good to pass up. If it's Colorado, at the very least I want Alex Newhook and probably a conditional first rounder. If it's Boston, at the very least I want Beecher and a first. Even that would probably piss me off. It looks like at the least Coleman is out the door. Fitzgerald better not fvck it up.
  12. Daniel

    Coleman to the Bolts

    No way it's Byram, if it's Newhook it's not that bad.
  13. I was right about both Shero and Hynes being frauds when the dopey analytics people that hang around here assured us they were geniuses. I was wrong about the owners being wedded to them. I am stating observable facts that Hughes has been a non-entity up til now, which is an extremely worrying sign. It’s those same analytics people who are wrong about everything and still live in their parents’ basements that will give you esoteric meaningless stats to show that the fact that he doesn’t cause goals to be scored even though he’s given every opportunity to do so isn’t what matters. Well the fact that nothing good happens when he’s on the ice means a lot and not in a positive way.
  14. He is on pace to have the worst point production by a number 1 overall pick forward over the past 20 years by a country mile. We’d be gloating if this is what the Rags were getting out of him. He can’t show anything against the fvcking Red Wings. It’s time to get very very worried.
  15. The things he’s supposed to be good at, hockey sense and playmaking, are non-existent. He cheeses off a lot of secondary assists. It’s Larsson hype repeating itself.
  16. Hughes continues to be the invisible man (or boy)
  17. My dark horse prospect is Ohutyuk.
  18. I don't think that's a foregone conclusion. There will be proven coaches available this offseason. There's a good chance that Nico and Hughes both get significantly better next year, although I'll feel better about Jack if he goes on some sort of run to end the season. There should be a number of proven solid defensemen and goalies available in free agency this summer that a good proven coaching staff could get a lot out of in addition to the defensemen we have who at the very least have shown that they can play in the league. And we could get very very lucky and get one of the top two picks. I think the team doesn't see things as hopeless either, otherwise you wouldn't hear about making "hockey trades."
  19. I generally agree, except at some point there are offers that you can't say no to and that you might end up not being able to hold onto one or both of them anyway. And there are free agents you can bring in this offseason that shouldn't cost an arm and a leg who can fulfill leadership roles.
  20. ESPN says that at most he's worth a third round pick in two years and waiver fodder so looks like we'll have to get what we can now.
  21. The idea would be for Coleman and Palms to help Buffalo make the playoffs next year and perhaps show improvement towards the end of this year. You're right thought that if each of them had at least one more year on their deal, a trade like that would be more plausible.
  22. If trading one of them helps you end up with a draft haul of Byfield, Drysdale and Jack Quinn, I could imagine it.
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