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  1. i dont no wat by "some miracle" you beat gb means. the packers are beatable. its not like ur playing against the 85 bears
  2. pathetic jets fans and there obsesion w.spygate. coincidentaly always forgetting to say how the pats went to 2 sb's, & win the afc east every yr. classic
  3. problem is everyone thats avail is very old. jammer and sameul are both in wheelchairs. the jets would be better off giving a young kid a shot
  4. the whole afc east has been a mess for the past 10 years. how great it must feel to be the pats & no u will be spoted 5-6 wins every season
  5. i to was surprised that thw company line was still geno the starter even after the jets signed vick.
  6. the dif is in 2010 u had the 3rd best defense in the nfl. last season the jets didnt even finish in the top10
  7. babins a bit of a journey man, on the downside of his career. i doubt he does much
  8. do u reallythink that m.a.f will have a hof career from this point on though? or win 28 games at 42 yrs old? even on a team w.crosby & malkin, thats still a tough task
  9. i agree. its not impossible to break per say, but i need 2 see someone get close before believing it. at this point no one is even on track to get to 600 let alone 700. not even hank
  10. agree. no one is saying it would be easy, but there are def scenerios where it would happen. especially in the shootout era
  11. i believe marty has more vezina trophys than anyone? correct
  12. under baseball analogys i would compare marty to roger clemens
  13. ive been a marty worshiper since the cradle. having said that if marty signs with a team like phi or pitt, u can bet ur ass im booing. i am still holding out hope that he retires, but if he signs with a team in the division like isles or wash, i will be very upset. i grew up on marty, but im a devils fan 1st. and i can never support anyone trying to beat my team. after his career ends i can try to forgive. but i am saddened at how this is all unfolding. a lot of ppl have tried to make borque comparisons. this is nothing like borque. martys already won 3 cups. it didnt have 2 end like this
  14. he can still save himself if he retires. thats wat im holding out hope for here
  15. i couldstill def see retirement being a possibility. not enough teams w.interest to quantify spoiling ur legacy
  16. u would think so w.the smug arrogance of beez. still dont see how a tweet means the dolphins should forfeit the season
  17. one really has nothing to do with the other. its not like the guys going 2 get released. granted it was stupid to tweet but that doesnt mean ur going 2 beat them next yr
  18. this. like i said b4, hes never played with a qb as good as brady. beez is scared like the rest of jets fans that he will turn around his career
  19. they need a reliable te behind gronk and keller has never played with a qb as good as tb
  20. sucks 4 the jets. i figured he would resign w. seattle. izdik cant close
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