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  1. I hate to bring a thread up from the grave, but I'm in the same boat. I have them since their first season in '82. I did find the PDF a while ago and downloaded it, but I can't figure out where from, so I uploaded it here:


    I'm messing around with getting it printed... not sure if that'll get me in trouble or not! :whistling:

  2. Wasn't that Scott Clemmensen?

    He may have been involved too later, but I remember when we first got the shootout, he played for a few of them... instead of Brodeur and, as usual, bandwagons were full.

    Speaking of which, are we still praying that Gio goes or are we on someone new? :evil:

  3. Can I vote for Corey Schwab? The best shootout goalie of all time? :lol:

    (someone here must remember the post suggesting we put him in for all shootouts because he was the best at it...)

  4. To be honest, I wasn't saying ESPN was the way to go, I was just saying Versus just doesn't have the coverage that other networks have. The NHL knows it, but the money they took in keeps them quiet. Just look at the TV records from the last All-Star game. I think the stat was something like 10% TV viewership from the previous all-star game?

    I don't know if this is feasable, but what about more network coverage? I'll be honest, the only thing I like about NBC's coverage is Doc.

  5. Two quick comments. 1) I just started travelling for work. I was in MD, neither hotel I stayed at has Versus. Yet, they do have 70 other channels. Versus could give the best coverage ever, yet it not being a mainstream channel keeps their hockey games from millions of people.

    2) The USA Today, which you get free when you stay at some hotels, has an article on Tuesdays mentioning sports ratings over the weekend & did not mention the NHL at all, and I figured with new york playing, it should've at least cracked the shell in ratings.

    You've hit the head on the nail with Versus. But any time someone at the NHL opens there mouth to explain this to Bettman, he takes $3,000 from the money mountain he sits atop thanks to Versus and shoves it down their throat.

    now that we're on this topic can someonw explain the ratings to me. how do they work. what makes up a point

    I think its 1 point = 1 million people? :noclue:

    Look at Wikipedia. It's explained very well there.

  6. Indeed. I think that was probably the worst call I've seen in this whole first round. I forget which game it was but Kozlov got pushed into Biron and they called it a penalty there. Here the Caps got screwed again.

    Here's my 2 cents, because I just have to share...

    Mkae the crease 6 inches bigger. If the goalie has so much as an eyelash in the crease and someone touches them, goalie interference. There should be the usual stipulations, like if a player pushed them in to the goal, but if a player is standing at the crease and someone comes flying in and bumps the goalie because they had no other choice since the player was standing there, 2 mins for interference.

    Outside of that crease, the goalie is fair game.

    My next rule change as acting commish would be to get rid of the freaking tyrapizoid because it serves no legit purpose whatsoever and nix the instigator rule. You take a run at my goalie, I take a run at your head. This would be the end-all be-all of guys like Sean Avery and his idiotic ways.

    Incidentally, I don't remember the article, but I just read somewhere that Avery was called in to principal Bettmen's office after Round1 to discuss his behavior while in school... :rofl:

  7. Just gotta tell you guy, great site you got over there. Terrific multimedia--I just checked a few gems out. :hail: Sometimes I can't get over the talented and dedicated Devils fans we have! :clap:

    Hey thanks! :evil: I just wish I had more time to work on it. I have video clips from last season and just about all of this seaosn that still need to be clipped and posted...

    :hail:Grapes! :clap2: The instigator gets used too much against the enforcer who gives the other guy the ass beatin he deserved for instigating it in the first place.

    I know John Avery is an a$$hole, but that does not mean I don't appreciate what he brings to the ice. I like his game, he does a good job at what he is, But a spade is a spade, & waving his stick around at Marty's head was wrong. Everyone needs an a$$hole. Hey, where's our a$$hole?!?!?!

    I am going to get myself thrown out of this joint, but let me start with the fact that I share Docs sentiment in that the instegator rule is a bad rule.

    With that said, I also understand the NHL's stance on it. They want to keep goons from taking over the ice. And idiots like Avery, although unique in their talent of idiocy, won't be phased by a good sever beating. That's pretty much what he's after and will wind up drawing more penalties that way.

    Here's my solution: remember the puck hitting his face the other night? The Devils should make it a policy that when shooting the puck, aim for his head. The face is preferable.

  8. First off, I remember an incident in which a player by the name of Grant Marshall received a 2 minute unsportsmanlike conduct for doing the chicken dance to a little known Ranger by the name of Kasparaitis.

    Second, he's not going to get suspended, and they are not going to make a new rule, but simply clarify that what he did does in fact fit the bill for inciting or unsportsmanlike. Probably more along the lines of Unsportsmanlike.

    And his teammates probably told him to knock it off because A) they don't want to get stuck with a stupid penalty to kill (for the 9th time) and B) They would be just as pissed if we stuck Gio in front of Lundy to do that same thing.

    Simply put, Unsportsmanlike is doing the act of something - well, unsportsmanlike! That was a little-league play he pulled and everyone knows it. EVen to dumbass himself, which is why he declined to comment after the game. And I can't say I blame the refs because chances are, 99.9% of the people out there have never seen a move like that in hockey ever before.


    What'd Cangelosi say that would make anyone believe he is a Rangers fan?


    I'm with you on that one. I'm not a fan of the guy and I did like Matt Laughlin mostly because of his fights with the Mavin, but he's a become a good enough intermission guy for me to actuall watch it and not mute the tv.

  9. Like the military, we should have a don't ask, don't tell attitude towards the Rangers

    On whether or not they are gay? ;)

    Seriously, my prediction for the SC Finals (and you heard it here first guys): Devils vs Detroit Stanley Cup Rematch. :evil:


    except theyll give us another rags in Devils clothing like cangelosi .. :puke:

    Fischler will never die, come on guys you know this! :D

    Anywho, yes, MSG+ will continue to have its FSN affiliation to keep awesome programming like The Best Darn Sport Show this side of the Hootinany and no one will loose Devils games who have the Sports Packages that live outside this area.

    So don't worry folks, nothing will change in *that* respect.

    They do want to improve the content though over time, including perhaps some type of summer programming - except they lost it all - so I'm not quite sure what they are going to do there.

    Oh, and they are changing all the graphics for us because the standard working set is too crappy for the likes of MSG.

    I'm curious what they are going to call FSN NY 2... MSG++? Sounds like a bad programming language. :evil:

  10. I wouldn't say he would leave so much because he is whipping boy as much as because he may feel working with Gomez would allow him to return to that 48 goal form while still staying in the same relative area.

    And when he dropped the gloves with Chara, it was awesome!

  11. I could never do it...bad knees. Plus, I'm totally not the cheerleader-type. Come on, me as a cheerleader?

    I go to school with her, she's actually a huge Devils fan too. I think the job suits her well, and personally, I think she does a damn good job at what she does. I bet that's the thing that would surprise a lot people: the Power Players would probably agree about the lack of dancing skills. I think they're doing what they can. It could be better, but if the organization wanted full-fledged dancers, they should have changed the job requirements and found a different set of girls who CAN dance.

    And as previously mentioned, these girls are all students, it's not like they have the most time in the world to devote to the team, especially when it's required they be students or have full-time work. Kind of tricky right there.

  12. I don't know if I'm just too young or stupid, or if my personal bias plays any part in this post at all, but it always seemed to me that Scott Stevens became "Scott Stevens" here in NJ. Bobby Holik became "Bobby Holik" in NJ. Ken Daneyko, Scott Gomez, Randy McKay, Brian Rafalski, Petr Sykora all became "Ken Danyeko," "Scott Gomez," "Randy McKay," "Brian Rafalski," "Petr Sykora" in NJ.

    These guys became great playing for NJ, and then we lose them. Personally I don't think this is nothing new to the organization. I think it's been going on since at least 1995, but its more noticable now in the "New" NHL.

    By the way, does anybody have a different way of saying the "New" NHL? That phrase is starting to make angry.

    And you wouldn't like me when I'm - angry :rolleyes:

  13. Thank you.

    One of the Power Players is a good friend of mine. She's a full time student, plus works another job. She wasn't hired based on dancing skills -- and that wasn't one of the requirements. She expressed concern over the fact that the organization wants the girls to dance more, she said either give them training and pay them for dancing, or cut the dancing altogether. I agree, though, if the Devils really want dancers, they should have gone out and FOUND dancers specifically. So, yeah, I don't think a lot of the hate towards the girls is warranted, at least when it comes to their skill.

  14. Thanks for posting the stats. This only further reinforces the thought here. Stats don't lie, we need to dump this lazy SOB quick. He doesn't block any shots or register enough hits. I'll give him a pass on the faceoffs since he's a winger, but he'd also better start dropping the gloves and racking up some penalty minutes soon too. No sense keeping a loser who only shows up on MOST of leader boards for this team. If he can't get on ALL of them, then dump his a$$ to toronto.
  15. I must be in the minority in that I like the current goal horn and the AC/DC intro, but then again I liked the old goal horn and Yanni too. I do agree with HOI that Thunderstruck should be playing with the intros before the national anthem, after it seems so anticlimactic. I like Zombie Nation better than Ole last year. I never paid much mind to the power players either way but some of you are just way too mean, I mean geez they're not on a street corner looking to get laid for money :doh1:

    If there is one thing (rather person) I could have back it's Bob Arsena, but I guess that's water under the bridge now. I don't think we ever got the straight story of why the 'league' let him go?

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