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  1. That would be nice... if I got OLN's HD channel.
  2. Exactly. He's not perfect, and of course he sticks up for the men in pads - Doc has called him on pulling out his union card many times - but they have some fun banter and makes the games a little more enjoyable to watch. And the next game I'll listen to chico more closely, but I can't say I really recall him rooting for the other team all that much... I mean as an announcer you are supposed to be impartial, but I dunno about rooting for the other team. He's a character. That's what makes him not boring to listen to.
  3. Hey Doc sometimes changes the subject too! Not fair to pick on Chico in multiple threads today And my sig has my two favorite Doc-isms: * "My goodness murphy! What's going on here?!?" * "I have a tremendous grasp for the obvious."
  4. sounds like I'll need my sunglasses next time I watch the Devils on OLN.
  5. Ideally it would be nice to just have to type : uni : (without the spacing) but I don't think that is something that can be easily done. The signatures would have to be parsed like the posts are parsed, and judging by the capabilities of the forum, it would be no simple task to implement it unless they just need to check a box on the admin page.
  6. njdevils_info


    Sounds familiar, eh? I'll be honest, I have never seen curling once. But I would be interested in it I think, but by looking at Don's rules I have to say that I'm a little confused, partially because I've never seen what the curling playing surface looks like, and what all the terms reference to. I assume in its simplist terms, its an ice surface with a starting line and a bulls-eye some distance away, and people with brooms stand on either side and sweep when told to by the "bowler" Sounds like a sport my mother would be good at... sweeping...
  7. I agree. There was a time when Doc would call the playoff games and not "hands-of-cement" and I loved hearing him call. I believe he should return to that roll - and he might. This may sound like a dumb question and I know - - but does NBC have the playoffs this year? because if they do, Doc may be the go-to guy. As for the whole Chico debate, I think he may not be the greatest color guy - not by a long shot - but he's funny and him and Doc are great together. It wouldn't be the same without Chico. As for the hair Chico... that could use some work. On the Matt topic, I actually met him outside the employee entrance of the CAA after Scott Stevens night and he was chatting away with someone on the sidewalk - it just seemed to me he was just a regular guy who loves what he does and gets to do something really cool and interview players and debate Stan on a regular basis Personally, I wouldn't change any member of the Devils TV broadcasting team.
  8. Ow! That's not funny at all! Okay, I lied, but still you gotta feel sorry for that poor kid.
  9. It was a rough test RD! It must have been fill-in-the-blank
  10. Is Burnsy no longer an option because of health concerns?
  11. based on the fact that I actually met Scott Stevens on Scott Stevens night, I'd have to pick that moment as the best so for this season. In fact, that may be my favorite moment of all time! Sure its awesome to win the Stanley Cup, but I only see that on TV. I actually shook Stevens hand. I'll never wash that hand again gross.
  12. you think anyone noticed before us?
  13. My 2 pesos (yes, pesos are not worth much sammy ) Leave it up to the players. With the salary cap in place, if a player gets injured badly, it can't hurt the team more than half their salary or - better yet - injured players don't count towards the cap, right? Isn't that how we got by wih Elias for the first half of the season? Fact is, though, if a player gets seriously injured and ruins his career, it won't hurt the team monitarily, and lets be honest, that's what most GM's care about the most.
  14. Amazing shot... I'd say its in the net... but I would really like to airbrush that puck right out. I can do it, but then Marty looks just off I would think
  15. ahh the wonderful scene from the middle of nowhere...
  16. Ah, but RD what you don't realize is that should to cry on is attached to the arm that will be removing the bra shortly there after! And based on what I read about 435789 posts ago: > Sammy, if guys made bra clasps, they would all be defective on purpose so the bras would become unclasped at random times... I like the idea, personally! > Sorry langs to hear your troubles. But just think - it could be worse! I like a girl in HS once and one of my really good friends told me I shouldn't ask her out... I thought that was strange but took the advice because I wasn't sure she liked me at the time... turned out it was just because he was asking her out later that week. She broke is heart a few months later. Score 1 for me > After some consideration, I find that bra removal gets better with practice (for example, Joey). But the trick I have found is that you start to massage the girl, have her lean on her stomach while you masage her back, and the clasp is right there to work with! No need to reach around behind, its right there for the taking! > Now I'm 21, but the bases scheme Jen and I used was the same one RD uses... so I think things changed rather quickly. > Sex at 14 is not much better than sex at 13. Trust me, wait a little while longer before giving it up. > Why doesn't oral count against virginity? Not that I care much, just thought I'd ask. Sex is sex, just in different locations. Does that mean if you had anal first it wouldn't count? > Personally I wouldn't do anal... seems wrong in my book. I'd rather put it where it belongs. > Well due to dating someone for close to 6 years, I'd have to say B is a good cup size RD, but I doubt I'd mind C :steps down from soap box:
  17. Well I was taught (during my custodial days) that anything more than a handful is a waste. And I'll be honest, I'm perfectly content with the set I have.
  18. I don't need more pics, just saying that I haven't had much experience with sagging boobs to make such a judgement with only clevage - allbeit a lot of - showing. Also, who the heck asks for a pole to be installed? Does she need to practice? I guess in my mind its a weird profession to be eager to enter. And think of how that'll be a real conversation starter at parties - or I guess you could just say it's their for support? ;-) And on one final note, I got a funny e-mail with some guy rules for women. I'll post some of the highlights: Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. Crying is blackmail. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 Days. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. If something we said can be interpreted two ways and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one. If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing," We will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle. Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as baseball, the shotgun formation, Or golf.
  19. I don't think that was a good picture for them to make that kind of a judgement. At least not for me.
  20. I heard about that day last year. But this is a far more technical explination of the holiday!
  21. hmm... I'm starting to really dislike web sites right now. Stupid DNS should be working... It was before and now nothing. Like I can still get to the main address, but the others stopped working... Grrr... somebody is going to have hell to pay!
  22. I'm confused... do you not like young women? Maybe because I'm 21 I have a somewhat skewed perspecitve, but young in my book is like < 18.
  23. This had to be fixed, I'm sorry.
  24. Exits are here -> http://njdevils.info here -> http://www.mynjdevils.com and here -> http://www.njdevilsnews.com
  25. Uh, I tried to light the message board on fire, but now my screen is all droopy and dark...
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