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  1. oh that works well, as does I think lysol
  2. Well just to update you, we have yet to agree on a name. I like Stanley and Poncho, but no one else does. Now they added Zach to the mix. I'm sorry but that is not a cat name!
  3. Hey, here's a cool microwave trick. CAUTION: I do not recommend you actually do this Take a raisin and put it in your microwave for about 25 minutes. Be sure to get a fire extinguisher ready. The raisin actually grows to about the size of a grape before it ignites into a ball of amazing fire. Gotta love college
  4. Glad I could be of help. I have about 40 gb of bandwidth for each month, and normally I don't use half of it, so I'm glad I could be of help! Well, these are the Scott Stevens Night Unofficial DVDs, and materials are cheap these days, so $2 is it. Besides, if you are poor like me, you don't want to spend a lot to get cool stuff, so consider this a service to all you poor Devils fans out there
  5. Oh Darwin, just tell your obsessive owner to pony up the two bucks, it's worth it
  6. Uh - please elaborate on this RD. Unless I missed something scrolling through this thread, no one questioned this. And I, for one, would like to hear how someone... anyone for that matter, can possible burn down their house making, of all things, EASY Mac. The fact that making the stuff should be easy... is right in the title!
  7. Okay, some of you asked if I could send you a copy of the DVDs I made for the Scott Stevens night. I already have two on my list: MadDog2020 and njdevils783. So here's the deal: I have two DVDs, one of the ceremony, interviews, and picture slideshow, and one of the game itself. As such, the cost will be $2 ($1 for the DVD and the case) + shipping. I am only charging for the materials for two reasons: 1. I'm a nice guy and 2. I don't want to break every copyright law that exists. Donations, however, are always accepted at my site Anyhoo, here is the track listing for the DVDs: Disc 1 * the entire ceremony * the GameNight pre game show * Video Clips -> Interviews -> 2nd Intermission with Matt, Scott, and Ken -> Stevens Shorts (from the web) -> Testimonies (from the web) * Pictures -> Ceremony Pictures (Music: Champion, Oleander - thanks RD! ) -> Memorable Moments (Music: Hells Bells) Disc 2 * The entire game versus the Carolina Hurricanes Those of you who want this, PM me with your name and address. I'll send them out to you via USPS (that's United States Postal Service ). You can send payment of the $2 plus shipping when you receive the item, preferably by PayPal (Credit Card), but if you'd rather check is fine. Note to Admins: If you want to move this to the marketplace, that's fine, but I wasn't sure if the people that wanted this check there. As always, ~ Kyle
  8. Bon Jovi vs Aerosmith And I'd like ot wish Crasher a very special HAHA for the NHL vs WWE one. And we thought hockey had few fans! I do think this is fixed somehow: Pat Burns vs Larry Robinson
  9. My girlfriend and her sister just got a new cat, and we are trying to find out what we should name him. lapcat.bmp If you have any other names, post 'em and pick Other EDIT: SOrry, i thought I made this a poll but I guess it didn't work. Just post your suggestions. The ones we had were * Poncho * Ralph * Rascal
  10. RD, you better watch your knee! i don't want to hear its been re-injured! : Nice cat DM! But to my knowledge, cats are not fans of snow.... Oh, and we got about 18" up in Mahwah, NJ
  11. Most colleges don't get the local cable service, but rather some sort of mix. Like here at Ram-a-ho we get some type of DirecTV service, 69 channels that break up everytime it rains or snows. Yeah, I'm looking forward to this storm! I'd e-mail them and ask if they can tell you if they get FSN NY, or better yet, go to TVGuide.com and type in Trenton's zip code, and see if they post listings for the college. Ramapo's listings are online, so TCNJ's should be too.
  12. I know! Jeze, porn is a form of art, but it doesn't mean taking naked pictures and distributing them in any fashion of people under the age of 18 (EDIT: IN THE US) is legal. And crasher, this means you can't buy it either if any of them are 17... at least not legally anyway. Now can we please get back on topic here and talk about the calendar, not the legality of it?!?
  13. While this is true, I don't think Gretzky is stupid enough to involve himself in something like this. Why would he risk ruining his career like that?
  14. Do you get extra post points for getting something like that? Personally, when I read it, came to mind.
  15. My caption: Gionta: 25... 26... 27... - how many pushups do I need to do again, Thomas?
  16. agreed. Gretzky won't be touched. Not because he's the all-powerful Gretzky, but because he didn't get himself tangled in the ring. Did he lie? Sure sounds like it to me. Does that constitute jail time for him, probably not. He really didn't hinder anything except make himself look bad to the media and the public. As for his wife, however, I am not sure how much she was involved - like if she just took bets from people or if she also had a hand in to the money laundering part. Depending on how involved she would change what kind of punishment she faces, if any. And yes you can make the claim they are getting special treatment, but so does every other highly publicized entertainment figure.
  17. NJ does not offer sports plates. I believe the state made it perfectly clear earlier that they do not care about sports teams - but if the Giants want a new stadium, a new stadium they shall have! Apparently they are above "sports" And yes, I know the Giants are paying for most of it! Just let me be bitter about it and go on with my merry way of life please
  18. and where can one purchase such calendars? Just kidding Jen!
  19. So besides are obvious choice for who we want to go to the finals, what matchup should we see in the finals that will bring the most excitement to the game? Remember, there are no shootouts in the playoffs.
  20. I will flush all the money I have down the toilet the day I see Mickey Mouse's name on the cup. And how do you find a thread from three years ago?!? My goodness I have difficulty getting past this week!
  21. I also have some I'll post soon, in case anyone is interested. They'll be on the DVD as well. Oh, and I need a good song for the slideshow of the celebrations pictures. any ideas?
  22. I'll volunteer. I got the bandwidth
  23. What would you have prefered?
  24. Well the GM's run the league, headed by the puppet known as Bettman. If they say no, than no it is... right?
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