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  1. nice my vote: money is worse. Of course I'm a momma's boy
  2. After I got home from the game I watched the repeat on FSN NY and Doc mentioned something about the Canes being on their bench to watch, and how they didn't have to be there. I clapped when he mentioned it in his speech during the ceremony. They were out their honoring not just one of the Devil greats, but someone who was respected and admired throughout the NHL. And same here, the boos weren't too bad in the lower teir, I think the cheers were louder. I can proudly say that I clapped when Neids came on the screen. I see no need to boo someone like me. If he left for money, that's a different story.
  3. 1 million dollars! hahahaha No, but seriously I was just kidding about that. Of course I should have it TiVo'ed, but I won't find out what condition it is in until Sunday night. If you can't wait for the Devils to release it (which I am sure they will) PM me. but please for the sake of my sanity, lets not make this 36 requests I need to fill
  4. Ah, gotcha. Like Giggy Puff was for the Disney Ducks.
  5. I'll be coming out with a two DVD disc set from tonight's game I don't know why they are not replaying it. Maybe it'll be on afterwards?
  6. I'll be honest, I normally never consider doing something like this, but I guess this night was special. And I thought, what's the worst that could happen? If I was with any of my folks or friends, I would have left really early, but since it was just me and Jen, and since she was also interested in staying, it just kinda happened!
  7. I saw Dano on the concourse twice, once at around 6:45 when I walked in, and once after the game around 10:30. As for Stevens, that was a little trickier. He was sitting in Box 115, and sure enough after the game there was a large crowd outside the box. CAA Security basically told everyone to leave. Scott wasn't going to come out until the place was clear. Like everyone else, we left, but hung out outside by the employee entrance. People that were coming out said that the players were leaving through the winners club entrance, but you could not get anywhere close to that with the security they had out there. We knew Stevens wasan't getting on the bus to go to the airport with the players, plus his new truck was sitting outside of the arena. So we hung out near his truck and at around 11:30 it was me, my girlfried, and another couple left at the arena, and we figured we'll just try the winners club, even though everyone that went couldn't get close. Well we were in luck! The players had all left, and so had security. Sure enough, out emerged Steven's family, and about 2 minutes later, out came Stevens himself! I couldn't believe it! There was one of the security guards that I recognized from inside the arena that shewed everyone away, but I guess since it was just the 4 of us, he was really cool about it and Stevens immediatly got out a sharpie and started to sign what we asked him to. So the moral of the story: they have to leave some time! Oh and glad to hear you like the shot of the banner with the cup banners! I just wish it came out a little clearer
  8. And this is why I refuse to create a message board. I could make one, but what's the point? I did it once many moons ago and all I got was a very boring board with nothing but posts about cheap viagra and breast enlargement all natural pills. Besides, I have my hands full as it is, I don't want to have to moderate as well or else you end up like Crasher's board where all hell breaks loose
  9. heh, I meant who would receive the CUP first, not the C And how can the goalie be a captain unofficially? I don't even think they are allowed to wear an A!
  10. Marty and Sergei would be the two top choices in my mind. They have been there the longest. Then it would go to Elias. Unless a C gets stitched to Elias's jersey before then
  11. Hey guys! Long time no talk! Look at this!!! On the right, Scott Stevens. On the left, ME!!!1111 I am still in some shock, but in addition to meeting, talking with, and getting my picture with Scotty tonight (plus got him to really sign the program), I also met Ken Daneyko and got him to sign my program too!!! Oh wow this was awesome. Seriously the best experience I'veever had at a Devils Game! Here's another pic I took which I really liked: I'll be around probaby tomorrow to chat some more!
  12. I honestly have never considered moving. In my mind that has not been one thing that's ever been a threat. But keep in mind that 10 years ago I was 11, so I can't say I know much about Nashville! But if someone from East Rutherford contacted them about considering us, then all that measn is that someone somewhere is considering whether or not it is worth the investment. I'm sure somewhere someone thinks it is worth it. How much "crazy money" are we talking about though?
  13. I am sure that you are right, there are people who are or have been Yankee or Met fans for a very long time, and they won't stop any time soon. But you have to figure that when new teams move in to an area they get fans from somewhere. And sure the Devils don't pull good attendance for the games. And maybe their fan base is small. But we've done okay. We are not in danger of closing up shop here. We haven't failed as a team in drawing fans. All I'm trying to say is that it can work if they try. It's not as simple as move a team to East Rutherford and go. It takes time and good marketing.
  14. well, I think its hard to compare the Devils & Nets to a baseball or football team. They are just on completely different levels.
  15. They can get fans. There are so many people in the area someone will go! It's just a matter of how expensive this would be to, yes, "pay off" the Yanks and Mets. Something tell me if the Rep from NJ has the resources, that wouldn't be that big of a problem.
  16. Very scary indeed! Welcome~ Make sure you read all 143 pages of "Naughty little Devils" in the Hall of Fame section. It's required
  17. there is no word filter on the chat software. afaik, the chat software isn't even really apart of the board software! Just kind of added on.
  18. Oh I couldn't believe that scene! I don't even know if there is something that refers to (as everything in family guy is) but I seriously fell off my chair watching that.
  19. i know directv always has a delay, and then you throw a TiVo on top of it and forget it! You are always behind by at least three shifts.
  20. Don't start making cross-thread posts. You know I can't handle that!
  21. I think :crasher: should be but the rest of your suggestions sammy are good in my book. And RD a bitch and a$$hole? I really think I missed that post because RD has been nothing but nice in my book! (It's good to suck up to the admins!) Edit: We need one more emoticon, and I think it should go to me, :njdevils_info: and that is something along the lines of "Thread Killed"
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