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  1. That's very sad to hear. I remember sitting on the floor of my bedroom with all of the Berenstain Bears books around me readding them all at the same time. I wonder if they are still in a box in my basement somewhere... does anyone still have their collection?
  2. Ah, okay I suppose I could have just clicked FLashChat up at the top too, huh?
  3. and how does one go about getting on this flashchat, and why does RD feel the need to whistle after you mentioned it?
  4. I'll be listening to the game on the radio... no OLN up at Ramapo. I wonder if Doc will be calling the game for OLN. He should - its his team!
  5. afaik, they have not. The deal was once the city reached $25 million in their costs, the Devils would pony up the $100 mil. Since the city has "technically" not reached that mark, the Devils are under no obligation to give the money. The unfortunate thing if you look in to all of this is that they don't have the money yet. They are still shopping around at banks looking for the $100 mil and either they are doing a lot of comparison shopping, or having trouble finding someone willing to give that kind of money up in a loan to a team that has lost money the past 5 seasons...
  6. I did not see that, but that's a weird play. One of those "what-if" circumstances that needs to be clarified in the rules at some point. Technically they are right, the goalie should not be allowed back in, but that's like giving the other team the goal. There will probably be some clarification on the rule soon to resolve that issue.
  7. Well, the Devils recently signed an outrageous TV deal with FSN NY, some deal that lasts until the year 2130 I think. So i know they can't move. But what about bball teams too. The good thing about that is if you have the Mets plus the Isles or any bball team, there is almost no overlap so you don't have to worry about one conflicting with another.
  8. what's the chance the Islanders will explode leaving only the Devils on FSN NY?
  9. Now those are what I call ice sluts. if they are all clones, they should all dress like TB does!
  10. so you'd rather do that than have a shootout? I don't think the fans would appreciate that very much...
  11. You know, I will have to take a pic next time I go to a game. It seems like everyone else needs proof that they do. They don't have a page on the Devils site because there is no need for it. Lets face it, the only reason that is posted on the web is because its being sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield and they want more exposure besides the little patch on the bottom of the shirts By the way, to those who may want to know, the Devils "ice sluts" are the exact copy of what the Canes have, minus Mike of course... I don't get it, why is he there?
  12. Well keep in mind theshootout is not the only thing that the NHL is using to entice the casual fan. More scoring, less clutch and grab, long plays, breakaways, all those sorts of things are geared to get the casual fan in to the sport. The shootout happens to be the icing on the cake, thats all. Keep in mind I am not saying this is right for the NHL to do, but more or less trying to justify the NHL's logic. I mean I can't see anyone proving the NHL is less exciting now then it was the past few seasons. The NHL is hurting for money, and things like this may bring in a few more bucks as opposed to if they just left things alone. Easier said than done Jester! You make it sound like teams just wait for the 3rd OT to score that winning goal. And the only other alternative is to blow the game on purpose, which makes my skin crawl. What can you do to ensure that OT won't go in to multiple rounds?
  13. well this thread alone is pretty tame... its the rest of the forum I worry about
  14. Since I decided getting mauled by every blonde on the board is a bad idea. Besides, what if my gf goes through the history on my computer and sees this thread. I need to cover my ass somehow!
  15. wow... I'm not sure if I should be turned on or really disgusted at this point...
  16. I know how you feel crasher. I've been dating a blonde for over 5 years. NOTE TO THOSE WHO MAY BE, PREVIOUSLY WERE, OR LOOKING TO BECOME BLONDE: I am merely playing off of an overly used stereotype with no hurtful intentions in mind. Please take this post for what it is: a bad joke. Thank you, and enjoy your day.
  17. Happy Birthday! Hope you get lots of cake - if you like cake, that is.
  18. I figure one has got to be ready for me, they're just holding off for some reason. Come on, 2000 royalty-free video clips can't go completely unnoticed. I am surprised I haven't gotten in trouble earlier. I think its because I'm not even a blip on their radar. So few people actually visit that I'm not worth the lawer fees!
  19. njdevils_info


    I think its funny how 7 has made this poll 1: Good person 2: Burn in hell
  20. Wow, I don't show up for a day and the thread all goes to hell. Okay, first, 7, I know you hate Bettman and all, I'm no fan either. But you need to take him for what he is: a puppet. He's just the guy who sits there and does what the GM's with their hands up his ass make him do. Don't think he's the great and powerful Oz of hockey and it is he and only he to blame for everything that is wrong with the sport. Jester: the glowing puck? You come back at me with the glowing puck? When I said gimmicky, the glowing puck is a stretch at best. That was mental retardation put in to practice thanks to the idiots at Fox. I should correct myself and say it was a gimmick for the fans, the term fans should be used loosely. The NHL is doing stuff for the guys that don't watch hockey on a regular basis. The NHL wants something to draw people that don't normally care in. The NHL knows that the shootout can do just that by what has just happened thanks to the Rangers. That goal made highlight reel after highlight reel. Sure, die-hard fans will criticize away, but the fact is we keep coming back for more. And sure, a few may say the NHL is dead and this is so bad, bring back the ties, I'm leaving, screw hockey. The amount of people that might actually leave being a fan of the sport vs. the amount of people that may actually pay to go see a game because it looks like more fun, for whatever reason, is reason enough for the NHL to bring in a shootout for OT decisions after OT. As for continuous play until a winner is decided is a bad idea. No, we don't coddle hockey players, but with a tough schedule in place (Sammy, you are right, ergo the Olympics) you do not want to overstretch your players on games that, individually, don't mean as much, especially since an OTL still gives you a point. Sure, disagree with that all you want but what is going on right now about goaltenders being overworked and now injured more frequently thanks to players crashing the net. We may not coddle them, but we certainly don't like it when someone gets hurt. Do you really want to stretch them even further making a regular season game last 7 periods? Even Doc said that goaltenders that used to play 70 games may only get in 55 or so because of the increase in play. So, take from this what you will. I don't mean to discredit anyone's opinion, or say one is better than the other, but lets face it, this was a GM decision just to make money. Screw tradition. Screw die-hard fans feelings. Screw what should and should not determine a winner. Cheep publicity sells, and that's what this does very easily. In just 20 games, they created something that now every sports show has talked about. In their minds, the shootout is already a success.
  21. It won't stop until I get the letter from Lou!
  22. Petey is right about the location in central/souther Jersey not an option. If a team moves in to Jersey, they move to Northern Jersey where there is a larger population base to draw from. (funny how this hasn't helped the Devils attendance at all) In any case, I know nothing of MLB deals like this, but wouldn't it be up to MLB and not the Yankees and Mets? AFAIK, They would only need to pay off the Yanks and Mets and be done with it, like the Devils did in '82.
  23. Wait, is this the same mood ring I'm supposed to be giving away at my site?
  24. Tip next time this dream occurs: Look at your jersey
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