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  1. I agreed with the goalie thing until I saw a few times during power plays where if a goalie played the puck in the corner, it would have killed a good chance by the opposing team. However, I've always said don't restrict the goalies ability to play the puck, but rather make him fair game outside of the crease. (His whole body would need to be outside of the crease for this to work). And I believe the "gimmicky" part of the shootout was the main reason why the GM's and NHL heads liked the idea so much. Gimmicky things are what fans typically like. I'm not here to change your opinion, don't get me wrong. That would be narrow minded of me. I just wanted to see if there might be a way to lessen the passion of hatrid towards the shootout. What if you try this: next shootout don't sit there and think how much you hate it. Sit there with an empty yet open mind to the idea the NHL was going for. If after that you sill can't stand it, then hate away
  2. njdevils_info

    Toronto "goal"

    fair enough then. I didn't get to see the replay, and the pic was far from conclusive. One thing, however: if the call cost them the game, I'd be pissed. And I would complain. Otherwise, yah the officials making the decisions on these things should pay more attention. But it won't hurt that much the next morning.
  3. Hey I gotta admit that I wasn't crazy about the idea, but I don't think its that bad. I think a majority of the fans are warming up to the idea, and its not a bad idea to eliminate ties from the game either because you always have closure after every game. Plus the looser still gets a point out of the effort. I don't think rotating 3 or 5 shooters is a good idea. Like what was mentioned before, the "team" effort is there since everyone has to shoot before you start over. I'd much rather that then see Jagr 6 times. LGD, I know everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, and I have no intention of taking it away. But I am curious why you don't try to warm up to it a little more. It's not so bad once you get used to the ideas they have. And if they have some really bad ideas, they can always go back and change things.
  4. njdevils_info

    Toronto "goal"

    when they slow down the video replay, they also have the ability to have the audio to go with it so they can easily tell when the whistle blew compared to the pucks placement. In my book if the ref blows his whistle at any time for any reason, even the bad ones, play is dead. No matter if the puck is in mid-air. Play stops. So if the puck wasn't completely over the line when it blew, no goal. cry away Leafs. cry away!
  5. Oh, well that makes more sense now. But their description makes it sound like its good for anyange group, even for people playing street hockey, who are a goalie short, etc etc.
  6. Where else did it snow besides good ol' Sussex County?
  7. njdevils_info


    I love snow It is the second best thing of winter The first obviously being hockey! I like it so much i made a slight change to my site. Can any of you guess what it is?
  8. Any chance I can get my hands on that tape?
  9. Listen, first, I am sure there is a way (if not already done) where they could make some type of a user-friendly male blow up-doll that would sustain itself... I think that's the nicest way I could have phrased that. secondly, although I've never actually seen one, there are enough shows on comedy central that have had one that I know what they are and exactly what they should be used for. Langs, you must not watch a lot of comedy central, huh? And third, how exactly did in a matter of 20 posts we go from le-goalie to the second teenage mutant ninja turtles movie? I've never seen the show, to be honest. what age was it geard to and I have to imagine I must have just led a sheltered life cause I'm 21 and figure that must not have aired all that long ago... Edit: In an attempt to get this thread back on topic the goalie is a blow up doll. Don't you think shooting a hard puck at a blow up doll might not work?
  10. going down to souther NJ for Turkey Day. Must remember to bring an excess amount of gas cans to fill up!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all minus you Canadians out there. Hey, I got a dumb question for you guys: I'm just curious if an American holiday affects a neighboring country in any way. Like more/less tourists or travel or shopping. Stuff like that. Just one of those things I think about but never have an opportunity to find out!
  12. oh good, I' glad I wasn't the only one that saw the yellow ice that time. I really can't believe I missed that first period. I want to kill the TiVo. It has never crossed me before. But seriously, if someone has the first period on tape/DVD/can download it off their DVR, for the love of god please send it to me I'll pay for shipping & cost of tape/disc/bandwidth.
  13. probably the fact that there was no brain damage had a lot to do with the quickness of the response to after it happened. I mean, think about it, they were able to perform CPR and get the heart started with the AED seconds after it occured. Most of the time when such a thing happens people around may not know CPR and/or not have such a device near them. It may sound odd, but thank god it happened with so many people around - people who knew what they were doing. and I don't think having loved ones stay out of the way is a crude thing to say at all. It makes logical sense if you really think about it exactly for the reasons you gave. Although, on the flipside of that, wouldn't you want your loved ones around to see you and, if you happen to be moments away from death, to be the last people you are with?
  14. So who TiVoed the game and will let me borrow the first period? My TiVo decided after I told it to record the game to forget the overflow channel existed.
  15. Question to Derek: If a goalie gets hurt during the shootout, why would it be illegal to switch? Or did you just mean for any other reason it would be illegal to switch? Still, why would that be? I think its almost idiotic to throw a cold goalie in to a shootout without having faced a single shot from the opposing team.
  16. I have no medical background whatsoever, so I am only guessing at this. But maybe before they brought his girlfriend down they had gotten a pulse and breathing, and for all we know maybe he gained conciousness before they put him on the stretcher? I honestly don't know because I didn't see it when it happened. I just saw the same clips everyone else saw. Not only that, would you want her flipping out in the stands screaming and trying to push people out of the way? It might have been best to get her out there instead. He did have a slight heart abnormality, but I don't think it was serious enough that would cause people to think twice about having him play. And I was also shocked to see it firts in SportsCenter today. It probably was on at the end last night because they didn't know enough about what had happened, and they were trying to get as much information before they aired the story? I hope he makes a quick recovery, and that he can play again while knowing this won't happen randomly again. Does anyone think they can pinpoint what exactly caused this and possibly fix it?
  17. I also have the ESPN SC report, if anyone wants to watch it. This is just too scary... http://njdevils.info/media/videobin/2005/ESPNFischer.wmv
  18. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Got rope? Ya know I have tickets to Friday's game against the Canadians... I was thinking they had a chance, but if they play like this, I'm afraid what the final score might be...
  19. so they were asking you if you wanted flat soda?
  20. My father, who is a Ranger fan, says that the Devils "stretch of bad luck" is simply mediocrity in disguise. He said he's delt with it for the past 10 years, now it's my turn. One thing I know for certain, and am thankful for, is that no matter what the case may be, we won't have teams like this for 10 years. Lou has a plan, and I follow like a good sheep.
  21. Thank you for that! I think this makes life around the boards much easier DM!
  22. okay, I'll go to order "pizza" but when I'm on the phone I'll ask for a large "pie" So I use both. And who the heck class soda "pop" around here? I'm a norther NJ'er here, and I've never heard of anyone refer to soda as "pop" But it's definately sprinkles up here. If someone asks for jimmyies, I look around for someone named Jim.
  23. alright no need to pull her pigtails now
  24. the NHL is all OLN really has, and it was certainly a spite tactic to get back at ESPN. but the NHL has a long term deal with OLN, don't they? And I think OLN got picked because I think they poney'd up the most money and were the only ones really willing to make an effort for the NHL. Who else wanted them? In any case, ESPN knows they made a mistake in dropping the NHL, no not because the NHL was such a ratings slugger, but because it's ESPN< they show all sports, and the NHL is still part of the "big 4"
  25. glad you guys got them! Maybe I could find a way to give out free t-shirts sometime early next year... looks like people like free stuff
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