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  1. So I posted a message under the "Official Trade Gio" thread and, as always, I made several glaring spelling mistakes. In fact I'm sure I'll be making some here as well. In any event, I went to go edit the post and to my surprise, the editor cut out half of the post! I tried both the quick and the full to no avail. I know there were issues earlier, but I can't post in that thread... Edit: I can edit this fine though....
  2. Silly penalties?? He has less than 1.7 penalty minutes per game. Not great but give the kid some slack - its not like he was the cause of the Penguin's PP goals tonight - Elias and Brodeur were! Agreed! He still has some value left in him. Obviously someone at the Devils thinks so or else he wouldn't be playing on the top line. And sorry, but GWG never meant much to me. G is what is important, because it includes the tiebreaking goal, the insurance goal, the goal that changes the momentum of the game, etc.
  3. Am I the only one scratching my head on this one? Since when has Gio been dragging us down? Maybe he's not up to the level he once was, but does that mean we immediately dump him? Hell, I can think of at least a half dozen other guys I'd rather see leave before I let Gio go! I mean, if we look at his stats, he has the same amount of points and Patrik Elias in a much smaller package. So he's not racking up the deflections he once did at the front of the net - ever think that maybe Gomez had a hand in that department? Does it mean that since Gomez is gone, Gio is obsolete? [u]P # Name Height GP G A Pts Shifts Shots[/u] C 26 Elias, Patrik 6' 1" 49 15 19 34 1175 174 RW 14 Gionta, Brian 5' 7" 53 13 21 34 1218 168
  4. And the penguins had 0 shots on goal after their 10th. Woo! Although this conversation should be in the GDT...
  5. They were out there looking for Penguin heads I thought. They were making some nice hits to start the period, but I was getting nervous when the Penguins had 10 shots on goal and the Devils only had 3.
  6. njdevils_info

    Player sigs

    I'm going to keep track of that one. Oh, and back in the South Mountain days, Jen would get some autographs next to the rink as players left to go back to the locker room. i don't know if it has changed now at the Pru Center. Any idea what the practice schedule is like?
  7. The cup thing is a nice idea, but when you play 82 games and you still have 30 left, you're tired and losing, you need a spark to get you going. Sutter is doing just that, and I can't blame him. Sometimes the trophy is too far away to get you going. FWIW, I agree with the point, but I just think there's more to it than that.
  8. I think the point here is that you may nt play the 4th line a lot, but you need guys with some talent back there or else your basically playing with a 15-man roster and - if someone gets sick or leaves a game early - you need to plug the holes with guys who can get the job done and not wear down your top guys. If you consistently play those guys for more and more time, they are going to be dead by the time the Stanley Cup Finals rolls around. I personally think fatigue played a roll in the Devils losses in the second round last year and the year before.
  9. You got it. I really didn't have any desire to try and figure out all of the legal jargon required to do it, and I was too afraid I'd do something wrong and wind up being sent to jail because of it!
  10. Where's a good online translator when you need one!
  11. I agree and certainly think that with a little hard work, Newark can become an even better home. But the trick is the economy can't suck at its present levels. Also as Newark improves, so should attendance. You still have a number of fans who are hesitant to even try to go to a game because it's in Newark and Newark is a bad place to go at night. Also, it wouldn't hurt if lower level tickets weren't so expensive. Granted I like the idea of different price ranges in the lower tier, but its still too high. I mean, why else would the Devils be offering a buy4 get one free deal just for the lower tier? Its because they just can't get butts in seats down there. And yes, I agree some of the people arent' sitting there because they are elsewhere in the arena, but not that many...
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