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  1. I have the book to verify his feelings too! I think the idea was a bad one, but it helped when TV reception was crappy. Now with HD its not needed. BUT with that said, if the NHL would stick a chip in the puck again, they could use it to see if the puck crosses the goal line when no camera has a good shot of it and the play is under review...
  2. When you compare Asham's stats with Cam's stats so far this season, Asham is doing a heck of a lot better. The only reason for Cam in the lineup is that we need someone who can deck Avery once per period so he doesn't act like his moronic self. And hey, Cam has scored one goal during his career... and I was at the game too!
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! And to all a good night!
  4. Yes, Vista, because Macs aren't buggy at all. They never lock up or come up with odd error messages explained in 7 languages. EDIT: Sorry if you weren't referring to Macs as being an alternative - I just wen't on a little rant that really wasn't directed to anyone inparticular! Sorry, I have just had one too many bad experiences with the Macs I have to support. In any event, it's nice they have a source of the problem, but why do people always blame the technology? Some set up that computer - why can't it be his fault? My poor technology always getting a bad rap!
  5. take the polar express to the game if it's so bad outside! I'll be there - no clue as to what section though. My friend has the tickets. Somewhere in the blue sections though.
  6. I've been boycotting Airplane 2. So 1. And I don't have an old lady next to me who talks Jive! I think Google (http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en) needs a Jive addition actually!
  7. Yeah, I feel like I'm watching that scene in Airplane... you know the one
  8. The forum software will not allow something like that to be embedded in to your signature. There are ways to do it using HTML code - but the forum software won't allow that. For bandwidth's sake, it's typically not a good idea. Be kind to those that may still be using dial-up... poor souls
  9. Well i also think they need to space the divisional games out a little more. Seeing the Islanders twice in six days is a bit much especially since they beat us both times.
  10. I think just about every Devils would love to see "Satan" on the back of a Devils jersey, but thats purely for the name only. In all honest, I believe Jagr still has some life in him, and still makes me hold my breath when he rushes in on Brodeur with the puck. He's still dangerous. I'm just confused at how he, the team captain, could tell the coaching staff he couldn't handle the shootout. Someone with the mentality worries me as a player.
  11. I think this is appropriate, to be honest. We still get plenty of rivalry inter-division games (24) and the team gets to see every team at least once. I thought it was awful that you could see a team in the post-season you hadn't seen for a year and a half. And don't bring attendance in to this - it sucks as it is without playing west coast teams! But just cause I like pain, I'll mention this one thing: when you see all them empty seats in the lower tier, look up and smile at the packed fans in tiers two and three.
  12. Looks like something the Devils would have. Nothing fancy, no big to-do's, just a plane with our beloved emblem on it. Gotta love our team.
  13. You know what I just realized, the Colorado Rockies jersey from the waist up is the same as our jersey now, just different colors. but the striping is the same.
  14. I love these little rules in the CBA that come up in times like these. I wonder what would happen if Phoenix was at the max and had no cap room left, what would they do then since this acquisition would put them over the top?
  15. I could use a game.... maybe a week. But a month? If this becomes a "tradition" where one game a year is done this way, how many seasons need to go by before the Devils are asked to participate?
  16. Maybe I need to make this thing interactive...
  17. This thread was a jinx! It's the reason we lost! We need to trade everyone! Get rid of Sutter. We need Schwab for the Shootouts. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I need that panic button again!
  18. I was thinking the same thing! Anywho, I had the opportunity my last game to sit in tier 2 - I thought the concourse was just fine and access to/from to be okay. And in theory, as mentioned before, it should be serving half the people in the arena, where as the CAA had a concourse that size servicing the entire arena. At no point in time did I feel like Moo-ing while walking through there. And opening night I thought it was too quiet, but the second game I went to everything sounded just fine. I think when you compare the pluses with the minuses, we come out on top here.
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