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  1. Not to get off topic, but a wise man once said "I think its a shame the colored jersey's are used as the home jersey, because you cannot see the many colors of teams around the NHL." I have to agree with that statement.
  2. I started watching the team in 1993. I have to say I am spoiled by that fact. I've seen the Devils be a competitive team year after year, where as some teams are consistently middle of the pack teams that don't get very far in to the playoffs. We started to take a decline the past couple of seasons, and unfortunately there's still more room before we hit bottom. I don't know if Lou will let us hit bottom, but seriously we need to get a hold of ourselves and not get scared. I joke about panicing, but we can't jump just because things haven't gone well. Now more than ever we need to stick by our team, defend the logo sewen to the front of the jersey, and be the best damn fans in the NHL to support our Devils in not just the good times but the bad times as well! I sware I can hear some sort of motivational music in the background as I wrote that...
  3. See I figured if Lou was in charge there wouldn't be much more decoration on it but the logo itself. Although I could picture the three cups on the nose or something. Where's RD when you need her "mad Photoshop skilz"
  4. I don't know when this got up there, but I just saw this tag line at the top and thought it was appropriate to post it here:
  5. That makes sense... But let me ask this then: is it worth it for DirecTV to shell out any type of money to CV to air FSN NY HD to the rest of the country when the majority, if not all of its viewers are in areas "blacked out"
  6. Sammy, once again I am impressed by your insaine knowledge about airplanes. Now I need to watch a movie I haven't seen in a long time... "It looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!"
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