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  1. Colorado Rockies 1976 is dead on. Season ain't over yet boys.

    Plus the white jerseys at home thing was retarded. Our primary color is (drum roll) RED, so why the fvck would you wear the jersey that has the minimal amount of that color in it?

    Not to get off topic, but a wise man once said "I think its a shame the colored jersey's are used as the home jersey, because you cannot see the many colors of teams around the NHL."

    I have to agree with that statement.

  2. :clap:

    I started watching the team in 1993. I have to say I am spoiled by that fact. I've seen the Devils be a competitive team year after year, where as some teams are consistently middle of the pack teams that don't get very far in to the playoffs. We started to take a decline the past couple of seasons, and unfortunately there's still more room before we hit bottom. I don't know if Lou will let us hit bottom, but seriously we need to get a hold of ourselves and not get scared. I joke about panicing, but we can't jump just because things haven't gone well.

    Now more than ever we need to stick by our team, defend the logo sewen to the front of the jersey, and be the best damn fans in the NHL to support our Devils in not just the good times but the bad times as well!

    I sware I can hear some sort of motivational music in the background as I wrote that...

  3. See I figured if Lou was in charge there wouldn't be much more decoration on it but the logo itself. Although I could picture the three cups on the nose or something. Where's RD when you need her "mad Photoshop skilz" :evil:

  4. I get by...I used to make graphics thinking they looked all awesome, but when other people saw them they said the colors were off or the text color really didn't fit with the picture and such. I've just honed my skills with the program even further and made sure to really stick to somewhat a formula with text, at least when it comes to 2MA.

    I'd say I have relatively decent Photoshop skills for a person who never actually pursued a graphic arts education or took any classes about it or anything. I've been using it for, gee, I think 11 years now...I damn well BETTER be good at it!

  5. That's awesome about your grandfather!

    Yeah, it's kind of funny...I have this one pair of Adidas pants that I love to wear, I always would say they were blue with red stripes. My ex kept on saying the stripes were "Flyer orange." One time I wore them to a Devils game and he kept on going on and on that I was supporting the Flyers, which would annoy me because I was so convinced they were red. I've asked other people...they tell me they're orange. Oh well.

  6. It doesn't really affect me THAT much, of course, when I close my "good" eye it's completely obvious to me, but otherwise, the shading for certain colors is a bit weird, and I do have a few problems with reds.

    I was born just fine, but I got shot in the eye with a BB gun when I was a kid, I lost some vision too but thankfully that's as bad as it was for me. I could have easily lost my eye had it gone any closer, I was told.

    It happened when I was at my dad's house, my mom was LIVID when she found out.

  7. It's still nice. For some reason the shadow you have on the text is a little trippy for me, I think it's my eyes though...I have really bad eyes.

    FUN FACT: I'm colorblind in one eye! It sucks.

  8. I don't know when this got up there, but I just saw this tag line at the top and thought it was appropriate to post it here:

    Where a losing streak means "Trade the whole team!" and a winning streak means "We're going to the finals!"
  9. Well that's for them to decide of course, but between the Knicks, Devils, Islanders, and Rangers, there's actually pretty good demand for these channels by fans outside the NY area, and they obviously intend on carrying them based on the fact that MSG-HD and FSNY-HD have shown up in advertisements, etc., in channel listings that they carry. ;) Going by forum postings on other sites (such as DBSTalk.com), they're by far the most desired RSN's not yet carried by DirecTV, and a lot of those requests are from people outside the NY market. Make of that what you will. :)
  10. Whatever happened to production? you don't get wins by blind loyalty. I don't want Patrik to go at all, I like him and want him to succeed, but jesus, what needs to happen for that to take place?
  11. Sammy, once again I am impressed by your insaine knowledge about airplanes.

    Now I need to watch a movie I haven't seen in a long time...

    "It looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue!" :evil:

  12. Notice I said I think the agreement would involve CV keeping their exclusive rights in the NY area, meaning they wouldn't be losing anything. It'd only be for people like me outside the NY market that have no way of getting FSNY-HD and MSG-HD anyway. Better for the Dolan's to get some money from DirecTV for people that Cablevision can't service than none at all, no? ;)
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