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  1. Hey guys, sorry for playing a disappearing act. Finals are coming up and class work finally caught up to me! I hope that after next week I
  2. Game no longer blacked out! woo hoo!! Devils 1-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111 Hey, can I chat to the Chat njdevs uses using mIRC?
  3. Although your very long sentence befuddled me at first, I think you are right FSNY is only doing rhe CenterIce broadcast, not their normal FSNY broadcast... correct? Anyone else besides us DirecTV people getting the game w/o Center Ice?
  4. I'm on Hold right now.... How's the music? crappy! Just lounge music... interrupted frequently with their advertisements for spedcial programming.
  5. Well the lady I talked to (who knew very little English apparently) said that it is FSNY's doing, not DirecTV. They chose not to broadcast this game to DirecTV for some reason. They have that right, apparently, and have no other information regarding it. I'm not pleased with that answer.
  6. I get in on DirecTV normally w/o any problems, on FSNY. (Escept, of course, the games that are to be on Metro). This is uncalled for. It's not being shown on anything else tonight, so there should be no need to black it out!
  7. Anyone else with DirectTV not getting the game??? I got a stupid black screen w/a blue box at the bottom saying program is not available in my area!! WTF! I live 15 minutes away from teh CAA!!! Isn't available in my area my a$$!
  8. Congrats! I'm youngest of 3, so I'll never get to know what it's like to have a younger sibling! oh well, maybe it's good!
  9. Glad to here it was a good one! Happy belated b-day! B)
  10. Is it a 3 tape set? Cause I have that and I thought it was on it, and I couldn't find it the other day! A three tape bootleg set off eBay, yeah. Which of the three tapes is it? If that can be determined on a bootleg copy. But I won't tell anyone
  11. Is it a 3 tape set? Cause I have that and I thought it was on it, and I couldn't find it the other day!
  12. Not to hash open old wounds, but what was the last thing with Marty and his wife? I can't remember what was te last thing to happen, or why it even all started.
  13. That does make sense... but I would bet money I've seen it on TV before....
  14. more like deformed if you ask me
  15. Dude, band camp was awesome... okay, well it wasn't band camp... 1 week, every summer, for marching band. It was essentially sex ed with a little musical instrument playing every now and then
  16. Okay, I need to know if anyone can find a clip of this anywhere. I have looked and searched for it all over the internet, and I know it has to exist somewhere! I just cant find it!! Anyone? Someone? Pleeeease?
  17. 16! yikes! why did I think you were older.... oh well My apologies for the -ing before!
  18. Wait.... that was a joke, right?
  19. I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it's a place to start I guess: http://njdevils.info/media/index.php?mediu...=year&order=asc Some of the early ones are pretty crappy quality, but I think you get the gist! ~Kyle
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