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  1. Just keep lowering the pads and make the goalies fair game, that I'd be in favor of. Hey, they're a player on the ice, they might as well be treated as one outside of their cage. That alone would have quite an effect in chaining goalies to their crease.

    I am sure all goaltenders will want to bang my head into the ice a couple hundred times for saying this, but I would like to see goaltenders fair game out of the crease. Like, if the goaltender has both skates out of the crease, any player may check him if (and only if) the goaltender has the puck.

    By the by, whats the ruling on covering the puck when you're not in the crease... not allowed, right?

  2. Although I am in no way a fan of the Penguins, they need a good break. If the NHL goes on strike, they may not have much of an option but to say goodbye.


    Um... how much in the hole are they?

  3. It's been said time and time again that the Devils style of play is boring. Boring or not, they win. But the past two games have been full of excitement generated by both the Devils and the opposing team. This afternoon, the Devils took on the Colorado Avalanche in their second game of their 4 game home stretch. They also got their third straight win, and only their second win at home.

    Although the action increased as the game wore on, the first period was certainly nut a lull in activity on the ice. It wasn't until about a minute and a half left in the first that Colorado's Joe Sakic got on the board. The Devils fans in the Continental Airline Arena quieted for about a minute; less then 60 seconds later, Scott Niedermayer made a diving play to tip a rebound over Avalanche's young goaltender David Aebischer. The game was tied at 1 a piece for 30 seconds, until Colorado's Alex Tanguay scored with 3 seconds left to deflate the Devils excitement in their recently acquired goal.

    The next twenty minutes was possibly the most important moment of the game for both teams, as they both have had difficulty in the 3rd period this season. The only goal of the period was scored halfway through by the Devils to tie the game up yet again, this time at 2 a piece. The goal came at a scramble in front of the Colorado net. Scott Gomez, who skated to Aebischer's left, happened to be in the right place at the right time. The rebound came to him easily, and Gomez just wristed it into the back of the net. The goal came just as a Devils power play came to an end. Although the goal was not scored as being a power play goal, the Devils were still in their power play positions.

    Tempers started to rage a little more. Scott Gomez, after being blindsided and flipped head over heal, took a 4 minute penalty, 2 for Roughing and 2 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Although many would say the penalty was justified after what was done to him, it put the Devils in a difficult position, on the penalty kill for 4 minutes. When the Devils and Martin Brodeur killed off the penalty, Colorado became a little more frustrated, as the fans stood and clapped.

    The roughness did not pursue into the third period as much as one would think. The hits were getting harder and teams played aggressively; however both the Devils and the Avalanche kept in mind that one or two bad penalties could put their team at a serious disadvantage, and could possibly cost them the game. One obstruction hooking penalty was assessed to Colorado, but nothing the Devils could take advantage of. Although the Devils power play was playing well, Colorado's net minder and the defensive line in front of him were able to keep the shots from becoming goals.

    Colin White for the Devils was able to take the lead halfway through the third with a feed that came to him in the slot. That feed came from Turner Stevenson, who got the drop pass from Mike Rupp behind the net. Mike Rupp, although getting the second assist on the play, made the chance possible by fighting off a pair of Colorado defenders to the right of the net. The lead lasted for about 4 minutes, as Colorado's Milan Hejduk scored to tie the game up at 3. Momentum shifted from one end of the ice to the other very rapidly. And the score reflected this. The only question was when it was going to stop, and with who. Whoever the momentum stopped with was going to win the game. It stopped with Devils forward Jeff Friesen, who made the unassisted game winning goal. The blast originally came from a turnover right outside the Colorado blue line. Friesen gave credit to Mike Rupp, who tied up the Avalanche defender in front of the net, and distracted the Avalanche's goaltender. Devils coach Pat Burns recognized Rupp's performance. "Aebischer was probably thinking different when he saw Rupp going to the net," stated Burns. "He cheated over to one side and that opened the hole for the goal." Rupp did not get an assist on the play.

    The Devils will be playing their 3rd consecutive game at home this coming Wednesday, November 5, 2003 against the San Jose Sharks. This will be the one and only time the Devils will be playing the Sharks this season. Martin Brodeur and the Devils will be looking for their 4th consecutive win, which they haven't done since March 18 through March 24, against the Montreal Canadians, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders, and Florida Panthers. Wednesday's game will be on at 7:30 PM on FSNY.

    As always,

    ~Kyle Bisignani


    #| BOX SCORES |#


    ~ Saturday, November 1, 2003

    ~ Colorado Avalanch @ New Jersey Devils

    ~ Time: 1:00 PM ET

    ~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena

    ~ Atten: 17342


    View 8 Video Clips: http://njdevils.info/media/game.php?gid=10&year=0304

  4. Best holiday of the year!

    Did anyone happen to think that last night was "Devil's" Night? There was no way they were going to lose!

    I heard someone say that. :evil: Then I remembered what last night was! Guess the trickle in the net on Rupp's game winning goal maybe had a little help from the New Jersey Devil himself! :D

  5. Hey, say what you will guys, but this is the stuff that makes you want to go to bed with a fat guy!  They're like HUGE stuffed animals ...and two fisted drinkers, all of 'em.  :wub:



    PK's in Love!! Someone needs to tell her it's Halloween, not Valentines! :lol:

  6. That's fine with me...Winona is not my type anyways...I mean, I just don't go for the females, seeing as I am one myself and I don't swing that way. :D

    Ahh c'mon, women have SOME curiosity...right? :uni:


    EDIT: :rant:

    EDIT2: I can't believe this happened in the same thread consecutively! :angry:

    Sammy, one day when I have oodles of free time (which is not today! I have Calc class soon) I am going to tally up, based on all the threds you've posted in, how many times you come on top on the next page. I would bet it most be over 50%! :lol:

  7. Hey now... I wouldn't call it "violence."

    I don't enjoy violence. Fights sort of upset me even.

    I personally just like to see bodies go gracefully yet unexpectedly flying through the air. Hip checks RULE! Stevens hits are nice - they're gorgeous - I enjoy the whole wind knocked out of you aspect :evil: but I confess the heads smashing on the ice sort of worry me :saddevil:

    But anyhow -- definitely a great part of the game. As is fancy foot work and dazzling stick handling. BUT THE MOST ENTRANCING PART OF THE GAME, hands down - is everything all coming together. When everything flows as smooth as...well, ice. GOD I LOVE THAT! I just love it when it's all neat and tidy and everything makes sense everything's operating at maximum efficiency! just wow... hmmmm, passionate efficiency - YUMMMMMMMMMM!

    EDIT: TYPOS! :rant: Grrrrrrrrrr!

    PK, if it is possible to love hockey at a new level, you have just done it :P

  8. Nice job Kyle! Very good read. I liked the caption for the goal DiPietro allowed. He didn't have a particularly sharp game and it showed. Your paragraphs are getting better. I would use full names more in the beginning. I know you're audience is the Devils and everyone here knows that but if you were writing for a paper, someone might not know who DiPietro is. I might use full names too much in my recaps. There's probably a middle.

    :-) Well thank you! I never knew someone was paying attention to how I write, let alone reading it at all! :lol: But thank you for your advice, and I

  9. There was another Jersey that might've been the original road uni, I think there was a video on the Devils website where McMullen announces the team has relocated to NJ and he has a red sweater with the words New Jersey written horizontally across it, sort of like the Rangers road jersey or the Avs 3rd jersey.

    might've been just a generic thing because they didn't have the name yet. I don't know what plans they had with that jersey.

    That clip was on a Devils history page at the official site, but as they do every season, they changed the site around and now there is no more history page. damn crappy official site :soap:

  10. Don't worry sheeps, I'm almost sure that about 80 percent of the board ignores my posts... :rolling:

    OK fess up! Who are the 20% that DON'T ignore sheeps? :P

    Well obviously Sammy you are one of them!

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