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  1. As for the ads, if they distract the players, they will be removed quickly, otherwise I can't imagine CAA removing them because members at njdevs.com forums dislike them :saddevil:

    As for the ribbons, that was my bad. I mis-read what sammy typed, and thought there was something to the effect of them being there still. Sorry!

    EDIT: Oh, and I agree about some thing hanging or whatever for 9/11. No need to get rid of everything for good. It did only happen 2 years ago

  2. Well, not at this time, but I want to use it on my website eventually. I've been looking for one for a while now and can't seem to find it. as much as RD think's it's too "cute" I think it has potential.

    If anyone does have it, I'd be more then happy to give them credit on my site.

  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    #| The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Members Newsletter |#

    #| http://njdevils.info |#


    In front of a sellout crowd at the Continental Airlines Arena, Mike Emrick acted as Master of Ceremonies to raise the Stanley Cup Champions banner and display the newly engraved Stanley Cup. In possibly one of the sweetest Stanley Cup victories, the 4 Devils that have been on the team for all three (this is, of course, excluding Ken Daneyko who retired this summer) helped to raise the Stanley Cup Champs banner. Scott Stevens, Martin Brodeur, Sergei Brylin, and Scott Niedermayer all participated on attaching the banner to the ropes that raised it to the rafters.

    Back to business, the Devils, who remain undefeated this season, tied the Maple Leafs 2-2 after an exciting 65 minutes of hockey. The Devils again dominated he first period keeping the Leafs out of most of the game. And a nice deflection by Jay Pandolfo on Brian Rafalski

  4. Yea the Devils Den skating devil. I always thought if they do get a third jersey (ducks incoming thrown debris) it should be that logo.


    DM, I have said the exact same thing multiple times and each time I get someone jumping down my throat at how cliche it has become. But I agree. Iactually have a copy of the Devils Den catalog, but is has the D of Den going through it.

    Who knows... I'm sure it exists somewhere! :D

  5. Hey, yah that's the image I was talking about. I'm glad they changed it to what they have now. :evil: hey, anyone have the other Devil image... I think it was on the game program or the Devils merchandise catalog, the once on skates thats leaning forward with a stick. I've been looking for it for a while and can't seem to find a good one anywhere!

  6. Apparently McMullen didn't even think it would be a contest, it just should be Devils, no question. But maybe it helped drive up fan interest in the very beginning to such a poor team at the time?

    P.S. anyone have a pic of the initial logo? I can't seem to find it. I think it has Chico on it with McMullen, and a white sign of the NJ logo, but a little different then what was used... the N was on the inside of the J, and it was two distict letters, not merged. the N was red and the J was white? Or I might have that flipped....

  7. The New Jersey Meadowlanders

    The New Jersey Blades

    The New Jersey Colonials

    The New Jersey Americans

    The New Jersey Meadowlarks

    out of 10,000 ballots cast on June 30, 1982, Devils was the overwhelming winner.

    (Thank god! :evil: )

  8. This was mentioned in another Forum, and I thought I would mention it here, cause I thought it sounded like a cool idea.

    When they raise number 3 into the rafters, I think it would be an awesome tribute if they wore the green, red, and white (aka, the x-mas) jerseys. ANyone else think so?

  9. For the games I don't have access to (like game one the other day when ESPN monopolized and DirectTV showed me the damn Anaheim game), I take the clips off of NHL.com, but break it up in to various clips. I did that all last year too. But before that, and what I am going to try and do now, I get them right from the game and record it. As for the legality.... eh- :evil:

    I don't really think they can do much because the only way I can get in trouble is if I make money off of it. It's like me taping the game and giving it to a friend. Not much they can do about it. Once I start selling that tape to a friend, then it becomes a legal issue. B) And I would never do that anyway.

    Glad you enjoy them. I'll make sure to continue making them! :D

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