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  1. No matter what, at home, I can see every Devils game through some channel. The only problem is good ol Ramapo College of NJ uses DirectTV, which means I don't get the Metro channels. You think they will move most of the games to Yes Net when the contract with FSNY is up?
  2. No one realizes anything like age over the internet! I've found that out a long time ago. Even with my picture on my website!
  3. well, I hope everything returns back to normal soon for ya, if it isn't already. I'm interested to see what caused all this. I have heard about 3,000 theories, but no definite answer.
  4. Again thank you. Derek, where were you at where you had no power? I watched the news all day, and it was kinda creepy. Especially at night... channels 4,5,9 were down. But the only perspective I saw on the TV was NYC.
  5. Lets just say its a mental image I hope I never get again. In the words of Ray Ramano, "I wanna poke my minds eye out!"
  6. Thank you all for the replys! Although sammy, as for the December and January comments, thanks for the mental immage
  7. Hey thanks! I'm taking the day off from work and went up to see the Mets/Giants game tonight up at Shea. 9 - 2! There was a good energy flowing through the crowd tonight, and it was great to see Piazza have such a great night after being out since mid-May. Thanks again! ~Kyle
  8. Np for the update. I personally was surprised to be contacted by Warner Bros. Its always nice to see when people, and in this case, a company, do things for the fans. And just between you and me Zamode, I never win anything! But just keep on entering to contests... you gotta win sometime!
  9. As I mentioned before, I am posting the winners of the DVD offer my site had. And the 5 winners are... (Insert drum roll sound here) Sydney Harris (NJDevsGC) Sameer Kagade (sammyk) Craig Lapp (dev4evr) Chris Nerso (CNerso) Rob Sniffen (rsniffen) Congrats to those who won. Winners should have already received an email from me. If not, please email me and let me know! Thanks to all those who participated! ~Kyle
  10. With cablevision, digital cable is like $10 more. I love it, with like the 500 channels (okay, so it's probably less, but I don't feel like counting). That + Cable Modem which runs 5x faster then most DSL, and is always faster then any DSL. + News12 + FSNY + Metro ____ (insert whatever you want, they got metro everything channels). and plus where I live, to a get a dish work I'd have to put a flag pole on my roof to even THINK about getting reception! ~Kyle
  11. PK, I would never think you were kuku (or, as the image looks to say, kyky). But your interest in Stevens is, well, large to say the least. But, you'll be happy to know they interview him in the DVD!
  12. Oh I wish! No, they are your simple $20 Stanley Cup Champs DVDs that you can buy in the store... but maybe that'll have to be something I rig up next year when the Devils win the Cup... And PK, I just got off the phone with Scotty and e said he's a little busy around this time... ya know, the usual... gotta lug a big silver trophy around. Maybe sometime this December? ~Kyle
  13. PK, I'll ask Scotty about the date contest... but something tells me he's not going to go for it (No hurt in asking, eh?) If you already have two DVDs sheeps, if you win, sell it off on eBay! As for giving one to a ranger fan, I wouldn't recommend it. They'd have no time to watch it, with all that golf playing going on! In any case, good luck to all! And I'll be sure to post the winners here after the contest is over. ~Kyle
  14. Good day to all, I spoke with this forum's grand overseer, DevilMinder, about posting this and he said this was okay, so please do not think of this as a cheap plug for my web site. The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site at http://njdevils.info is giving away 5 free official Stanley Cup Championship DVDs to 5 random members of it's site. You can go to http://njdevils.info/members/promo.php to read more about the offer. From there you can sign up and log in to the Members area. The contest ends on Sunday, August 10, 2003 at noon. Winners will be announced on Monday. As always Let's Go Devils! ~Kyle
  15. eh, I don't do it for advertising. Just figure I'd voice my 2 cents on the game. I've been posting here for about a little less then a month now, and if no one cares to hear what I have to say, they don't have to click on the post! It's just a hobby. Trust me, I make nothing on my site! I do it for the love of the Devils! ~Kyle
  16. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils have yet again won the Stanley Cup to be the NHL Champions for third time in 9 years. After 20 minutes of regulation, things appeared as they did in the first two playoff games. 0-0 score while still showing some great offensive chances. But one save might have given Anaheim a little more momentum then the Devils wanted to give. Short handed, the Devils Patrik Elias got the puck in the Ducks zone, and made an excellent fake-out of a forehanded shot, only to have it backhanded. But Giguere's left pad was stretched out to the post, and he blocked the shot. There was only 40 minutes left, and it was still anybody's game. The second period was again the Devils period. As it was in Games 1 and 2, the Devils were able to score, not once but twice. First, from the player who came into the series midway through, Mike Rupp. The second goal was by the ex-Duck, Jeff Friesen. Both goals were scored by the same line, consisting of Jeff Friesen, Colin White, Scott Niedermayer, Mike Rupp, and Jamie Langenbrunner. After the first goal, one of the Devils skated to Brodeur and said ''There, we got you the lead you need.'' The third period was difficult to watch. One goal by the Ducks and they would be right back in it. One goal for the Devils would mean the Ducks were pretty much roasted. It remained 2-0 for 16 minutes, until Jeff Friesen scored again. The Devils had widened their lead, and clinched the victory. The Devils did not have the retaliatory penalties they stupidly made in Game 6 on Saturday. The Ducks did lead in the face-off category, but not like they had in their own victories. The Devils led in shots on goal. Joe Nieuwendyk was still out with his torn oblique muscle injury, but he dressed up to hoist the Stanley Cup. Martin Brodeur not only celebrated the win with his kids, but a shutout- his third shutout in the finals, his seventh of the 2003 playoffs. But he did not win the Con-Smyth trophy, which is awarded to the MVP of the playoffs. Mike Rupp, Martin Brodeur, and Scott Niedermayer were named the three stars of the game. Ken Daneyko was back on the ice tonight, possibly skating in his last Stanley Cup winning game. Pat Burns returned him into the lineup tonight as a moral boost to the team, as well as the fans. 19,040 fans stood up and cheered as Daneyko played, and the extra oomph in fan moral is always good to help cheer the team on. Hopefully, the 39 year old defenseman, who is graying around the beard, will not see he last of Stanley Cups. The Conn Smythe Trophy, which is awarded to the most valuable player in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, was awarded to Jean-Sebastien Giguere. He is only the 5th player who won the trophy on a loosing team. Although the fans booed, and I feel that it should have been awarded to Martin Brodeur, who made 3 shutouts in 4 wins, the Devils showed their respect to a man who literally brought his team to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The rest of the awards will be awarded on Thursday, June 12, 2003 in Toronto. That will be broadcasted on television on ESPN2 from 8:00 to 9:30 PM ET. The Devils have done it again, and have earned the title as being the most dominant hockey team in the NHL for the past 9 years. As for this newsletter, we will send out periodic updates during the off-season just keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments with New Jersey Devils. We will also be adding some interesting items to the site during the course of the summer. Tomorrow, we will also put in place over 100 pictures of the playoffs taken by the media in our Multimedia archive. We hope you check out http://njdevils.info throughout the summer to catch the latest on the Devils and their failing Newark arena. From all of us here at the site, to the greatest fans on earth, enjoy the off-seasons! As always, ~Kyle Bisignani To the champions! ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Monday, June 9, 2003 ~ Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ New Jersey Devils ~ Time: 8:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena ~ Atten: 19040 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO47 GOALS 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 0 0 0 0 New Jersey Devils 0 2 1 3 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 5 9 10 24 New Jersey Devils 7 12 6 25 STATISTICS Ana NJ Total Goals 0 3 Total Assists 0 6 Total Shots 24 25 Penalties 2 1 Penalty Minutes 4 2 Penalty Kill % 100% 100% Power Play % 0% 0% Faceoffs Won 35 25 GOALTENDERS Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere Record: Vs NJ | Season 3-4-0 | 15-6-0 NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ana | Season 4-3-0 | 16-8-0 SCORING 1st Period (No Goals This Period) 2nd Period NJ - Mike Rupp - 2:22 Assisted by Scott Niedermayer & Colin White NJ - Jeff Friesen - 12:18 Assisted by Mike Rupp & Scott Niedermayer 3rd Period NJ - Jeff Friesen - 16:16 Assisted by Mike Rupp & Scott Stevens PENALTIES 1st Period NJ - Turner Stevenson - 17:31 2 Min - Boarding Mike Leclerc 2nd Period Ana - Rob Niedermayer - 3:58 2 Min - Obstruction Interference of Brian Gionta 3rd Period Ana - Mike Leclerc - 16:45 2 Min - Cross-Checking Sergei Brylin
  17. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Niedermayer said it best after the game when he said ''I think everybody was doing something a little different; we weren't playing as a team.'' If you watched tonight's game, you would realize that was true. In the first period alone, Brodeur had three pucks put past him. By the time he was removed from the net in the third, 2 more managed to find a home in the net. A crowd of 17,174 witnessed, yet again, a victory over the New Jersey Devils. Pat Burns was none too happy with the loss, either. In his career, he has been the most successful coach without winning the Stanley Cup. Grant Marshall agrees. ''We really want this one for ourselves, for our team, and we really want it for our coach.'' So what was the problem tonight? It should be pointed out that so far every Stanley Cup Final game has been won by the home team. And it would be narrow minded to think that it's because of the fans cheering for/against you that's the only factor in the win/loss. It actually boils down to line changes. Anaheim's line setups are different for the home games then they are for their away games, to compensate for the rule where the home team can put the line they want out after the away team decides what line to put out for a face-off. Fan support will also help encourage a team and boost moral, of course. But this is the technical advantage of being home. The Devils game night ended early, when they found themselves down 3 goals to none 16 minutes into the game. The Devils were not playing with their heart and the right mindset. They were playing frustrated, making extremely bad penalties. Jamie Langenbrunner was caught with a 4 minute penalty, which worked out as two minor penalties for roughing. Turner Stevenson was assed a similar penalty in the third. And late in the third, Pascal Rheaume was penalized 2 minutes for clipping. In total, the Devils racked up 20 minutes, while Anaheim received 10 penalty minutes. Even the clobbering hit made by Scott Stevens to Paul Kariya did not help the Devils; instead, it did just the opposite. Scott Stevens leveled Kariya in roughly the same place he flattened Lindros not so long ago in the playoffs. Kariya was down, and didn't move. But he got up, went to the locker room, and came back. He only had the wind knocked out of him. Coming back to the bench made the crowd cheer and the players glad he was back. That actually helped out Anaheim, because not even a few minutes after that, Kariya scored goal 4. Brodeur was not playing up to par. Neither was the Devils defense. Their offense was working normally, however, getting the goals they usually score during the course of a game. J.S. Giguere kept the Ducks in the game, making big saves. The Devils had a chance to end the Stanley Cup finals, but they just couldn't pull through. They have the heart that is required. They want to win it. But they cannot take chances. The whole team needs to play the same game. They will have one last chance in Game 7, where winner takes all. That game will be on Monday evening, at 8:00 PM, back at the swamp. The Devils must continue to use home ice advantage and keep the Ducks from what the Devils normally do, frustrate the opposing team. Believe. As always, ~Kyle Bisignani ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Saturday, June 7, 2003 ~ New Jersey Devils @ Anaheim Mighty Ducks ~ Time: 8:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Arrowhead Pond ~ Atten: 17174 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO46 GOALS 1 2 3 T New Jersey Devils 0 1 1 2 Anaheim Mighty Ducks 3 1 1 5 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T New Jersey Devils 9 10 9 28 Anaheim Mighty Ducks 9 10 5 24 STATISTICS NJ Ana Total Goals 5 2 Total Assists 4 10 Total Shots 24 28 Penalties 10 5 Penalty Minutes 20 10 Penalty Kill % 75% 67% Power Play % 33% 25% Faceoffs Won 26 38 GOALTENDERS NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ana | Season 3-3-0 | 15-8-0 Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere Record: Vs NJ | Season 3-3-0 | 15-5-0 SCORING 1st Period Ana - Steve Rucchin - 4:26 Assisted by Paul Kariya & Petr Sykora Ana - Steve Rucchin - 13:42 Assisted by Mike Leclerc & Rob Niedermayer Ana - Steve Thomas - 15:59 (PP) Assisted by Paul Kariya & Keith Carney 2nd Period NJ - Jay Pandolfo - 2:18 Assisted by John Madden & Brian Gionta Ana - Paul Kariya - 17:15 Assisted by Petr Sykora & Adam Oates 3rd Period Ana - Petr Sykora - 3:57 (PP) Assisted by Stanislav Chistov & Niclas Havelid * NJ Goalie Change - Corey Schwab - 9:37 NJ - Grant Marshall - 10:46 (PP) Assisted by Brian Rafalski & Patrik Elias PENALTIES 1st Period NJ - Patrik Elias - 8:55 2 Min - Obstruction Interference NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 14:24 2 Min - Roughing NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 14:24 2 Min - Roughing Ana - Ruslan Salei - 14:24 2 Min - Roughing Ana - Paul Kariya - 18:39 2 Min - Tripping Jamie Langenbrunner 2nd Period NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 6:26 2 Min - Hooking NJ - Turner Stevenson - 18:27 2 Min - Slashing 3rd Period NJ - Turner Stevenson - 1:15 2 Min - Roughing NJ - Turner Stevenson - 1:15 2 Min - Roughing Ana - Jason Krog - 6:26 2 Min - High Sticking Ana - Samuel Pahlsson - 9:32 2 Min - Tripping NJ - Pascal Rheaume - 14:45 2 Min - Clipping NJ - Grant Marshall - 18:51 2 Min - Obstruction Tripping NJ - Colin White - 19:59 2 Min - Roughing Ana - Steve Thomas - 19:59 2 Min - Slashing
  18. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- In one of the strangest Stanley Cup playoff games that I have ever seen, the New Jersey Devils are victorious over the Anaheim Mighty Ducks 6-3. In a series where only 12 goals were scored in a total of 4 games, 9 goals were just scored tonight. It was a game where neither goalie shined, but a game where the Devils seem to have corrected some of their problems they were having in Anaheim. One of the problems the Devils had was their inability to win face-offs. They seem to have fixed this, actually leading that category barely, with 33 face-off wins; Anaheim had 32. Also, Patrik Elias scored a goal when the Devils were on a power-play, something which they seem to have great difficulty doing. Although they appear to have improved upon these couple of things, that doesn't explain the unusual high scoring game. What caused it? Well, it would be too easy to chalk it up to bad goaltending. Although that must have played a little role, since ''Jiggy'' let up 6 goals in a Stanley Cup Finals game, something Anaheim fans would cringe at. But, as Pandolfo indicated after the game, they were just having fun! Pat Burns would agree, who was actually screaming at the team on the bench even though the team was ahead 5-3 at the time. For all of you who were whining about how boring this series would be, with two defensive teams playing each other in the Finals, this game was for you. So watch it over and over again, because it is almost a guarantee that this won't happen again. Will Giguere let this happen again? Probably not. Will Brodeur let up a couple of sloppy goals as he did this evening? Again, probably not. It should be noted that two of the goals made by the Devils were, by all means goals, but they weren't what you would call natural goals. For example, one of the shots made by the Devils was from the corner and was headed to the crease, not into the net. But it deflected off of two Anaheim players and past Giguere. Another goal was scored after Pandolfo was turned around and the puck hit off of his skate blade. Originally the ref waved off the goal, but the call was made from upstairs to allow it. That was Goal 4. The Devils were scoring what the announcers were calling ''dirty goals.'' But the last two goals, who where made by Jamie Langenbrunner in the third period, where two clean goals that put the Devils within reach of Lord's Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup will be at the pond for Game 6, when the Devils will have a chance to win it once again. So far the Devils only appear to be able to win at home, but before the Finals, the Devils had 4 wins and 4 losses when playing away. But the Devils can only seem to win at home and not when they are in Anaheim. The last time the Devils won when playing at the pond was Friday, January 24, 2003. Game 6 will be on Saturday, June 7, 2003. That game will be on ABC as well as broadcasted over the radio on 770 WABC at 8:00 PM ET. As always, ~Kyle Bisignani ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Thursday, June 5, 2003 ~ Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ New Jersey Devils ~ Time: 8:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena ~ Atten: 19040 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO45 GOALS 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2 1 0 3 New Jersey Devils 2 2 2 6 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 12 7 4 23 New Jersey Devils 11 13 13 37 STATISTICS Ana NJ Total Goals 3 6 Total Assists 5 11 Total Shots 23 37 Penalties 6 3 Penalty Minutes 12 6 Penalty Kill % 75% 100% Power Play % 0% 25% Faceoffs Won 32 33 GOALTENDERS Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere Record: Vs NJ | Season 2-3-0 | 14-5-0 NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ana | Season 3-2-0 | 15-7-0 SCORING 1st Period Ana - Petr Sykora - 0:42 Assisted by Adam Oates NJ - Pascal Rheume - 3:35 Assisted by Turner Stevenson & Sergei Brylin NJ - Patrik Elias - 7:45 (PP) Assisted by Brian Rafalski & Scott Gomez Ana - Steve Rucchin - 12:50 Assisted by Petr Sykora & Vitaly Vishnevski 2nd Period NJ - Brian Gionta - 3:12 Assisted by Jay Pandolfo & Scott Niedermayer Ana - Samuel Pahlsson - 6:35 Assisted by Rob Niedermayer & Keith Carney NJ - Jay Pandolfo - 9:02 Assisted by Brian Gionta & Scott Stevens 3rd Period NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 5:39 Assisted by Michael Rupp & Scott Niedermayer NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 12:52 Assisted by Brian Gionta PENALTIES 1st Period NJ - Scott Niedermayer - 4:34 2 Min - Roughing Adam Oates Ana - Adam Oates - 4:34 2 Min - Roughing Scott Niedermayer Ana - Keith Carney - 7:03 2 Min - Tripping Patrik Elias NJ - Turner Stevenson - 14:34 2 Min - Roughing Dan Bylsma Ana - Mike Leclerc - 17:50 2 Min - Roughing Patrik Elias 2nd Period Ana - Adam Oates - 0:18 2 Min - High Sticking Turner Stevenson Ana - Stanislav Chistov - 6:39 2 Min - High Sticking Patrik Elias 3rd Period NJ - Grant Marshall - 11:52 2 Min - Roughing Ruslan Salei Ana - Ruslan Salei - 11:52 2 Min - Roughing Grant Marshall
  19. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- On Saturday, May 31 at 8:00 PM ET, The New Jersey Devils were ahead of the Stanley Cup Finals 2-0. Things were looking very good, as the Anaheim Mighty Ducks were being called a
  20. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- If a goal could be credited to an opposing player, Martin Brodeur would have one tonight. You could say it cost the Devils the game. You would be right. It was a mistake, however, and everyone is human. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks were criticized after Game 2 for entering the Stanley Cup Finals on a ''fluke.'' Giguere quickly dismissed that theory however. And the Ducks, being at there home pond, wanted to prove it, and they did. Tonight's game's importance could not be any greater. If the Ducks lost, they would be in serious trouble for Game 4. If they won, they would be right back in the Stanley Cup Finals, down 2-1 in the series. They knew this, the Devils knew this, and the fans knew this. The Ducks opened the first period strong, pushing some weight around and getting the puck into the Devils zone, as well as getting shots on goal, something they couldn't seem to get in the previous two games. Their average shots on goal before tonight's game were 28.9. But instead, their combined shots on goal for games 1 and 2 were only 32. They picked that number right up, making 33 shots on goal for game 3. The first period ended in a 0-0 tie, but the Devils seemed to be on their heels for a little part. It wasn't something great, as the Devils were creating offensive pressure, but they just seemed behind by a second. It became apparent in the second period, when Anaheim scored. Brodeur went to the corner to hit the puck around, but he didn't have enough time to get settled back in the crease when the shot came. It went in. But that wasn't the worst of it. The Devils did manage to tie the game up, from wrist shot from Patrik Elias. Giguere didn't even budge. But the tie game didn't last for more then a minute, as Brodeur let one in accidentally with a maneuver that could not be reproduced if you even tried. His stick got caught in his skate blades when trying to make a plain ordinary save, and the puck glanced off his skate blade on an angel that sent it into the net. That was the cause of the 2-1 lead for Anaheim. Sandis Ozolinsh received the credit for the goal, while Giguere received an assist. Brodeur, however bad the mistake may be, rebounded from the fatal error to be big in the third period. But something different in this third period then the rest of the third periods occurred: Brodeur had to be big for 20 minutes. There were times in Games 1 and 2 where Brodeur could have sat down and played a game of solitaire before a shot came his way. Tonight, shots were coming from every angel and from every possible deflection. Any fan of Brodeur will tell you that overtime is not his friend. In the past 17 OT's that Brodeur has played in, he has lost 9 of them. Not a record you want to have. Giguere has a current record of shutting out the opposing team in over 165 overtime minutes, a record that just beat Roy, just a couple of days after his retirement. The Devils' face-offs had not been good all night. John Madden's left arm was sore in the middle of the second with a collision between him and Colin White. It showed. This is important for a very notorious reason. With 13:03 remaining on the clock, the Devils were behind in face-offs 50 to 30. At 13:01, the game was over, right off of a won face-off from Adam Oates. He gave got the puck back to Ruslan Salei who one-timed it passed Brodeur. Game over. You may have noticed a name missing from this report that was commonly seen in the previous two: Jeff Friesen. By now, some of you may be saying, ''Oh yah
  21. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Devils will be leaving the swamp to head to the Pond a very happy team. Yes, there is still a lot of hockey to play, a possible 300 minutes of regulation. But that doesn't change the fact that the Devils have begun the Stanley Cup Finals ahead of the series 2-0. And statistically, they are in very good shape. In front of two sellout crowds, Martin Brodeur, the number one star of tonight's game, shutout the Ducks for a total of 120 minutes. This is the longest streak in the Stanley Cup Finals since 1945 when Toronto shutout Detroit. Not only that, the Devils won all eight playoff series when they won the first two games. And not only that, the team who has won game 1 has won the Cup 50 out of 64 times. All statistics and fancy numbers aside, the Devils simply outplayed the Ducks. Their offense crashes the net and is able to get the pucks past Giguere, something that no team in the Western Conference could do. They are getting the players in front and Giguere simply can't see where the shots are coming from. With the exception of the end of the third period, Anaheim's offensive did not click, and if they got a chance, the Devils defense quickly shut them down. The Devils skated tonight without Joe Nieuwendyk again, who remains out with some injury that is lasting longer than anticipated. Reports originally stated that Joe would be back in fine shape for Game 1 of the series, but low and behold, it is now Game 2 and still no Joe. But that didn't bother the Devils too much tonight, as goals from Friesen (surprise surprise), Elias, and a tip from Gomez's stick, who received a feed from Oleg Tverdovsky, gave the Devils the 3-0 win. New Jersey has won each and every game in which they have held the lead. Scoring first also helps! The Devils led practically every aspect of the game statistic wise, except for face offs. But unfortunately, Anaheim cannot win on face offs. Power plays have never been New Jersey's strong point. They have had atrocious power play attempts all during the regular season, and even throughout the playoffs. However, they came away with a power play goal, after it had been 4 on 4 for about a minute. Oleg Tverdovsky gave the puck to Elias who had just left the box, and he scored the Devils first Power Play goal this series. In Game 1, Anaheim was outplayed and outmaneuvered. They at least had the excuse of being rusty after a 10 day break, although they opted not to use that excuse. They may have made the right choice, because their inability to play carried over to Game 2. They had a brief shining moment at the end of the third, but they still couldn't make things happen. Brodeur had made 6 shutouts this playoff series, tying Dominik Hasek from the Detroit Red Wings in 2001-02. Game 3, on Saturday, will be at the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim. The game will be broadcasted on ABC at 8:00 PM ET, as well as on radio 770 WABC. As always, Kyle Bisignani ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Thursday, May 29, 2003 ~ Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ New Jersey Devils ~ Time: 8:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena ~ Atten: 19040 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO42 GOALS 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 0 0 0 0 New Jersey Devils 0 2 1 3 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 7 2 7 16 New Jersey Devils 7 6 12 25 STATISTICS Ana NJ Total Goals 0 3 Total Assists 0 6 Total Shots 16 25 Penalties 4 3 Penalty Minutes 8 6 Penalty Kill % 75% 100% Power Play % 0% 25% Faceoffs Won 38 22 GOALTENDERS Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere Record: Vs NJ | Season 0-2-0 | 12-4-0 NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ana | Season 2-0-0 | 14-5-0 SCORING 1st Period (No Goals This Period) 2nd Period NJ - Patrik Elias - 4:42 (PP) Assisted by Oleg Tverdovsky & Scott Gomez NJ - Scott Gomez - 12:12 Assisted by Oleg Tverdovsky & Patrik Elias 3rd Period NJ - Jeff Friesen - 4:22 Assisted by Brian Gionta & Scott Niedermayer PENALTIES 1st Period Ana - Samuel Pahlsson - 6:10 2 Min - Obstruction Interference of Grant Marshall Ana - Mike Leclerc - 18:24 2 Min - Hooking Jeff Friesen 2nd Period NJ - Patrik Elias - 2:23 2 Min - Obstruction Holding the Stick of Samuel Pahlsson Ana - Petr Sykora - 3:19 2 Min - Holding Sergei Brylin 3rd Period Ana - Keith Carney - 0:27 2 Min - High Sticking John Madden NJ - Jim McKenzie - 8:29 2 Min - Interference of Dan Bylsma NJ - Scott Stevens - 19:19 2 Min - Holding
  22. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- Even without Joe Nieuwendyk in the lineup, still suffering with some lower back problems received in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the New Jersey Devils started out the first twenty minutes of regulation with a strong shot to the Ducks. Although the scoring chances were pretty much even, the Devils led in offensive minutes. The second period of the game set the momentum the Devils want the Ducks to remember for the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. A goal by Jeff Friesen, an ex Duck, put the Devils ahead by one. Their momentum continued throughout the second period as the Devils made 15 shots on goal, while the Ducks could only make 4 on Brodeur. Jeff Friesen's Duck playing days were not too long ago. If you remember in July of 2002, the Devils and the Ducks made a 7 player swap, Devils dealing out Mike Commodore, J.F. Damphousse, Petr Sykora, and Igor Pohanka, and received Maxim Balmochnykh, Jeff Friesen, and Oleg Tverdovsky. After two periods to remove the dust and rust from a ten game break, Anaheim wanted to make a dent into the Devils. After all, they were only down by 1 goal with still 20 minutes of hockey left. They could not pull it off. Although Anaheim's offense shined a little more this period, almost evening the shot count for the period (9-8, in favor of the Devils), they still could not get one past Brodeur. What was worse was the fact that Grant Marshall scored at around 5 minutes into the third to broaden the Devils' lead to two goals. Friesen scored again after Anaheim pulled their ''super-star'' goaltender Giguere with a minute and a half left in the period. The rusty Ducks could not pull themselves together after their unusually long break from the Western Conference Finals. It was obvious they were out of sync with each other, and could not pull together during the 60 minutes of regulation play. What's worse, Anaheim's Paul Kariya who has given his team 5 goals so far in the playoffs, as well as 3 assists, was only able to get a single shot on goal in 28 shifts totaling 22 minutes on the ice. The Devils defense was yet again able to shut down the teams best players and prevent them from being a threat. The Devils should not celebrate just yet, however, because Anaheim has shown time and time again this postseason that they are a force to be reckoned with. They can and will be a threat to the Devils Stanley Cup run, and although they may have made the most mistakes in this game, they will not be making as many in the next games. Although many analysts have stated that it would take the Ducks a good part of the game to clean out all of the cobwebs, they showed in the late part of the third period some offensive chances that can only lead to a stronger offensive run on Thursday night. Brodeur was able to shut out the Ducks tonight, making his 5th shutout this postseason, as well as his 18th career postseason shutout. He will try it once more on Thursday night when the Devils play the Ducks again at home in Game 2. That game will be at 8:00 PM on ESPN as well as broadcasted over the radio on 770 WABC. As always, ~Kyle Bisignani ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ~ Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ New Jersey Devils ~ Time: 8:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena ~ Atten: 19040 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO41 GOALS 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 0 0 0 0 New Jersey Devils 0 1 2 3 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T Anaheim Mighty Ducks 4 4 8 16 New Jersey Devils 6 15 9 30 STATISTICS Ana NJ Total Goals 0 3 Total Assists 0 6 Total Shots 16 30 Penalties 1 2 Penalty Minutes 2 4 Penalty Kill % 100% 100% Power Play % 0% 0% Faceoffs Won 33 28 GOALTENDERS Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere Record: Vs NJ | Season 0-1-0 | 12-3-0 NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ana | Season 1-0-0 | 13-5-0 SCORING 1st Period (No Goals This Period) 2nd Period NJ - Jeff Friesen - 1:45 Assisted by Sergei Brylin & Brian Gionta 3rd Period NJ - Grant Marshall - 5:34 Assisted by Patrik Elias & Scott Gomez NJ - Jeff Friesen - 19:38 (EN) Assisted by Colin White & Martin Brodeur PENALTIES 1st Period NJ - Jim McKenzie - 9:17 2 Min - Charging Jason Krog NJ - Colin White - 14:01 2 Min - Cross-Checking Petr Sykora Ana - Keith Carney - 18:10 2 Min - Roughing John Madden 2nd Period (No Penalties This Period) 3rd Period (No Penalties This Period)
  23. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils are Eastern Conference Champions for the 4th time in history, 3rd time in 4 years. In a rough, tough, hard playing, and emotional game, the Devils were able to come from a 1-0 deficit in the first period. The Devils were being outplayed in the first period, but there was still 40 minutes of regulation remaining. The Devils needed to break out and keep themselves in the game. Joe Nieuwendyk went into the locker room after playing for about a minute and a half. Although there were speculations as to whether or not he would return, he wound up not playing the rest of the game. The second period was again, tough action, but the Devils were making a lot more chances and making the offensive plays that they needed to not only boost moral but to get a goals in the net. They finally got the break they needed twice from one man: Jamie Langenbrunner. In the span of two minutes, the Devils were beating Ottawa 2-1. The first goal was from a shot the defected off of an Ottawa defenseman
  24. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters http://njdevils.info ----------------------------------------------------------------- A disappointing loss for the Devils forces a game 6 to be played on Wednesday. The Devils know they have two more chances to win the Eastern Conference finals, but no one is going to let a game go on purpose. They just didn't seem all there for tonight's game. The game was played evenly up through the second period. The game remained scoreless in the first period. Ottawa's Todd White got the lead first with a shorthanded goal in the beginning of the second. But 2 minutes and 20 seconds later, New Jersey's Scott Stevens scored to tie things up. In the third, the game began for both teams very defensively. Both teams were apprehensive to let the other get the lead. But a sloppy play cost the Devils the lead, and eventually the game. The puck was attempted to be put in between Brodeur's skate blade and the post. It, instead, slid across the crease and underneath Brodeur's pad. But after it slid under his pad, the stick or skate blade of one of the Devils hit it back under his pad on accident, and passed the red line. Not a goal that should have been scored against them. After Ottawa got the lead, they played the game wide open making many more scoring chances and playing much harder then they had all game. A few more sloppy penalties on the Devils behalf allowed an Ottawa rookie, Jason Spezza, get his first goal in his first playoff game. That power play goal came off of a deflection off of Spezza's stick, on a feed from Chris Phillips. Who's to blame? Although people look towards the goaltender, this loss is not Brodeur's fault. Spezza's goal came off of a fast deflection in mid-air. Havlat's goal was the fault of a Devils defenseman in too close at the crease and having the rebound hit off of their stick or skate blade into the net. The Devils need to pull together, make sure they do not make bad penalties, and do not make the mistakes that give Ottawa's offense the chances they need to score. The last team to come from a 3-1 deficit was the Devils against the Philadelphia Flyers back in 2000, when the Devils won the Stanley Cup for the second time. Can Ottawa come back? Obviously, anyone can. But the Devils have the ability to prevent them from doing so, and they didn't show it tonight. No matter the outcome of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Stanley Cup Finals will start on Tuesday, May 27. Hopefully the Devils will take advantage of this, win on Wednesday night, and have a 6 day rest before their next game. By Tuesday, Anaheim will already have 11 days rest. Game 6 will be on Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM back at home. The Devils are 8-0 when playing at home. However, Ottawa was 0-6 when playing an elimination game. They won their first tonight. Wednesday night's game will be televised on ESPN, CBC, and RDS as well as broadcasted on 770 WABC. As always, ~Kyle Bisignani ---------------- ## BOX SCORES ## ---------------- ~ Monday, May 19, 2003 ~ New Jersey Devils @ Ottawa Senators ~ Time: 7:00 PM ET ~ Venue: Corel Centre ~ Atten: 18500 http://njdevils.info/schedule/report.cgi?PO35 GOALS 1 2 3 T New Jersey Devils 0 1 0 1 Ottawa Senators 0 1 2 3 SHOTS ON GOAL 1 2 3 T New Jersey Devils 7 6 9 22 Ottawa Senators 2 12 4 18 STATISTICS NJ Ott Total Goals 3 1 Total Assists 1 3 Total Shots 18 22 Penalties 6 5 Penalty Minutes 14 6 Penalty Kill % 86% 100% Power Play % 0% 14% Faceoffs Won 24 39 GOALTENDERS NJ - Martin Brodeur Record: Vs Ott | Season 3-2-0 | 11-4-0 Ott - Patrick Lalime Record: Vs NJ | Season 2-3-0 | 10-6-0 SCORING 1st Period (No Goals This Period) 2nd Period Ott - Todd White - 3:59 (SH) Assisted by Magnus Arvedson NJ - Scott Stevens - 6:19 Assisted by Pascale Rheaume 3rd Period Ott - Martin Havlat - 7:59 Assisted by Peter Schaefer & Jason Spezza Ott - Jason Spezza - 12:28 (PP) Assisted by Chris Phillips & Zdeno Chara PENALTIES 1st Period NJ - Jay Pandolfo - 2:40 2 Min - Interference of Karel Rachunek Ott - Vaclav Varada - 7:12 2 Min - Interference of Brian Rafalski NJ - Colin White - 19:46 2 Min - Elbowing Martin Havlat 2nd Period Ott - Mike Fisher - 3:49 2 Min - High Sticking Scott Gomez NJ - Sergei Brylin - 7:04 2 Min - Hooking Zdeno Chara NJ - Joe Nieuwendyk - 9:57 2 Min - Holding Daniel Alfredsson Ott - Chris Phillips - 15:04 2 Min - Holding Brian Gionta NJ - Pascale Rheaume - 18:22 2 Min - Tripping Daniel Alfredsson 3rd Period NJ - Brian Gionta - 12:24 2 Min - Hooking Radek Bonk NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 15:12 2 Min - Goaltender Interference of Patrick Lalime
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