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    The Devils are closing in to the Stanley Cup Finals, where the Anaheim Mighty Ducks sit and wait to see who their opponent will be. As for Ottawa, the Devils have never lost when going ahead 3-1 in the series. They, as a matter of fact, have never needed the game seven. The Devils have the defense, the goaltending, and as they showed everyone today, the offense.

    In a close match-up up until the third period, the score was 1-1 after the first, 2-2 after the second. Grant Marshall got the scoring started with a power play goal in the first. The teams continued to battle hard with both teams getting offensive chances. Ottawa was hitting the net, pelting Brodeur with 11 shots in the period. Patrick Lalime was only hit 3 times. Towards the end of the first, however, Rachunek made a shot that went past Brodeur.

    The second period brought a little more even hockey overall, with segments where both teams had offensive chances. But Ottawa jumped ahead in the second quieting the crowd down. Pandolfo, who had been stifled by Ottawa

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    The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters



    Coming into tonight's game, the Devils were not discouraged by the fact they were down in the series by one. In addition, Scott Niedermayer was back for tonight. For any of you that might not remember or know, Scott was hit in the back of the helmet with a shot from Ottawa in Game 1. He seemed weary of his surroundings when he left for the locker room. He wasn't expected to play in tonight's game, rather, play in Game 3 when the Devils returned home. However, his presence helped the Devils to a 4-1 win.

    Entering the game, the Devils took control right away and made sure Ottawa did not get too proud of their game advantage in the series. Although the Devils were plagued with penalties this period, they managed to kill all four off, one by one, without letting Ottawa take control. One penalty, however, should not have been called on the Devils. A camera shot clearly showed 8 Ottawa players on the ice at the same time, and the linesman called a penalty on the Devils for too many men

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    The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters


    In an exciting game, the Devils could not hold on in OT against the Ottawa Senators. This is the first time the Devils have been down in the series in the 2003 playoffs. And the victory occurred not seconds after Scott Niedermayer was hit in the head with the puck. His helmet absorbed most of the impact, but Niedermayer seemed weary of where he was. Seconds after that, Ottawa wins the game winning goal in OT.

    As Scott Stevens stated, and hit to the head is scary. As far as Niedermayer


    The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site's Kyle Bisignani will be making his second appearance on The Face-Off Hockey Show on Wednesday evening, brought to you by Broadcastmonsters.com. The show will begin at 9:00 PM ET, and Kyle is tentatively scheduled to be on at 10:00 PM ET. If Wednesday night's game runs late and has multiple overtime periods, the interview will occur later. Details will be posted at http://njdevils.info

    If you wish to listen in Wednesday night, tune in your Windows Media Player to the following address:



    In one of the strangest games so far this year, the Devils lost 4-3. The game started off on an extremely bad note with Scott Stevens injured at 77 seconds into the first period. It was later determined that he was hit in the ear by the puck, was stitched up, and taken to the hospital. That started the ripple effect that eventually led to the Devils destruction. Three goals, scored all in the first, made the game seem over by the end of the first period. There was, however, still 40 minutes to play, and the Devils planned on taking advantage of it. The Devils action was sloppy and simply a mess. They were not connecting, they had no defense, and their offense barely made any good scoring chances.

    All hope appeared to be lost. But some inspirational words by Ken Daneyko pepped up the team. That, plus a bad penalty taken by Vincent Lecavalier gave the Devils the chance they needed to score a goal. The second goal came 56 seconds later. The third goal, scored 7:30 later, wasn

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    The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters


    For the first time in these playoffs, the Devils ended 60 minutes of regulation tied. An incredible win for the Devils defiantly boosts their moral, which is good especially since the Devils now head to Tampa Bay to play Game 3. They also got their 5th straight home win, which they have never done before in the playoffs.

    The first period began with outstanding offensive pressure form the Devils. Shot after shot, the Devils would not let Khabibulin get a break. But sometime around midway through the first, the ice began to tilt in the opposite direction, and the Devils started to feel the pressure from Tampa Bay. They finally scored at 12:25, and didn

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    The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site Newsletters


    It was the Devils kind of a game. The Devils forward lines and defense strategies kept Tampa Bay out of their attacking zone for most of the game. The Devils only let up 15 shots. And after 45 minutes ticked off of the clock, the Devils make 3 goals.

    The last 15 minutes of the Devils game was enjoyable. Sergei Brylin

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