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  1. Just a general question - just looking to see what everyone thinks. IMHO, I'm willing to give it another couple of weeks, but a couple of good games does not a season make.
  2. You can also do commands like WHERE (`body` LIKE "%<a href="http://nj.com/%" OR `body` LIKE "%<a href="http://www.nj.com/%") AND (`body` LIKE "%Rich Chere%" OR `body` LIKE "%Other Common Writer%")
  3. DM, those "UPDATE" commands can be very easily changed to "SELECT" commands, and then using a program like phpMyAdmin (which should be provided by your Web Hosting) you can view all of the results before you go ahead and change anything. Of course those queries can be tweaked by adding commands like WHERE `body` LIKE "%nj.com%" AND `body` LIKE "%Rich Chere%" Please let me know if I can be of any further help. Anything that uses MySQL can be easily manipulated, its just a matter of tweaking the command to eliminate as many false positives as possible. Oh, and always always always make a backup of the database before you do anything! words of advice from someone whose made this mistake in the past!
  4. Just because we have a new building isn't going to make new fans come out of thin air and magically arive at the games. Will we be doing better this year in attendance numbers than last year? Yes. But a new building doesn't make new fans immediately! I think the fan base is growing, honestly. But this isn't going to be a change overnight. As mentioned before, most people over the age of 40 in northern new jersey are Rangers fans and people in Central/Southern jersey are Phlyer fans. Last I checked, the Rangers have been around since 1926 and the Flyers since 1967. At this point, my thought is to just drop the whole attendance thing because quite frankly there's nothing we can do about it but bitch and moan. And that isn't going to fix anything! Personally, I don't think there's anything to fix. Let it go, take two breaths, count to 10, and lets get excited about the fact that Olli Malamar (or whatever his name is) is going to smear Gomez at center ice
  5. From section 127: Same attendance issues at CAA - Upper two tiers are pretty packed, lower sections had very few people. Coincidence? I think not. Anywho, the goal horn was the same, but just turned up louder - much louder! I actually like the concession stand at the upper concourse - better then the ones on the lower. But I don't like the fact that the pretzels are behind the counter of the beer stand - but they don't sell them there! Argh! Come on guys! I was impressed with Toronto's PP collapse style - although it really didn't do much. The last goal by them was really just a fluke.
  6. I know I would be extremely angry if NJDevs copied material from my site at njdevils.info and posted content from njdevils.info on a numebr of threads. Even if it gave njdevils.info credit, I woudl still be annoyed that people weren't actually visiting njdevils.info. Oh, did I mention njdevils.info? I'll stop now
  7. I'll be in attendance tonight with my camera. Lets hope we can make this 2 in a row. Lets go Devils!!
  8. Ahh, but you must walk on the Grand Concourse (which sounds funny if you ask me... "take the Grand Concourse sir) to get to and from the upper concourse, so that has to be wider. But here's an easy fix: sit downstairs!
  9. What would be Dolan's motivation to let DTV have FSN HD and MSG HD? It's probably one thing that keeps a lot of area fans tied to Cablevision... granted now that everyone and their mother has their own sports channel it doesn't leave much left for CV to hold on to, but still I can't imagine DirecTV is going to wave enough money in front of them to give up those rights.
  10. Hey.... Jumbotron is my thingy... I don't mind you taking the two ribbons around the rink... but the other two are on my jumbotron...
  11. + 1 for Arlette returning (I know this is currently being debated in another thread, but it's a plus 1 in my book) - 1 for programs being sold only in the crowded Devils Den shops. + 1 for amazingly large concourse.
  12. - 1 For my seats not existing in section 16. + 1 for free shuttle to get from Broad Street Station to the arena! (hey, I tried two posts and it attached them together!)
  13. njdevils_info


    Actually he likes babies. That's why he originally signed Gomez! Ba-zing!
  14. Hey, where is that big puck going anyway?? Jen and I signed it and I was wondering where its going to go.
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