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  1. Not to sound cheesy or anything, but the new place was shiny and, well, new. It doesn't feel like home yet. But having Arlette's familiar face and voice there for the anthem kinda made it feel like home. Then she got booted for some broad from Broadway. It's not like it was Springsteen or someone like that.

    Arlette actually got a pretty big ovation when she was announced. Like I said before, it seemed to suck some of the life out of the crowd when she left before our anthem. Did anyone else feel that way?

  2. Its designed like that or else behind it (where the glass is) would be very dark during the day-time. This way from afar it looks fine and from the inside you won't see this black monster where the windows are.

  3. From what I could tell, they couldn't put seats there because there was no easy way to get to them from the upper concourse. I'm not 100% sure about that, but it sounded logical to me! :lol:

    Warning: Site Whoring Ahead!


    The first 37 are pics I took.

    This is my favorite: http://njdevils.info/media/viewer?type=pic...007&cid=183

    Edit: Here's another panoramic for your hungry eyes: http://njdevils.info/media/viewer?type=pic...007&cid=218

  4. It was just an "opening night" thing they they wanted to do. I'm glad they still had her do the Canadian though, to comfort us fans who would have been scared she wouldn't work in our new home! :lol:

  5. You could sing with Ole too! First it was "Hey", then it was "Ole Ole Ole Ole!" This song is just "Da da da da da"

    I don't like it one bit!

    Oh, and the new horn sounded more like a train horn - which is probably what they were going for. But the end-of-period buzzer sounded the same, and I was glad to be greeted by the same "organ" music that we had at CAA! I smiled when I heard it!

  6. Train in = easy

    Shuttle to Arena = easy

    Realing my seats didn't exist = horrible

    Shuttle to train = easy

    train out = easy

    It was kind fo cool seeing all of the Devils fans packed into the trains. Actually rain into someone I went to high school with. People who weren't going to the game just walked and looked around confused. I loved it! :evil:

    And before anyone asks, yes, the seats I bought were legit. They just rain out of room when installing them and realized row 10 wouldn't have enough room for 15, only 13. And Jen and I had seats 14 and 15. Awesome job guys.

    An usher got someone in a suit to come over and he gave us seats in the same section, Row 21. He told me to call the Devils on Monday because they'll do something for me. I felt bad for him because this happened to another couple and they were freaking out. I was just happy to sit down and watch the puck drop after standing for the opening ceremonies.

    At the risk of giving away a juicy secret.

    The line to get in on Lafayette on the backside of the practice rink took 5 mins while the cylynders were 50 deep... ;)

    Hell's Kitchen on Lafayette and Beyruen was a kick ass bar.

    Train from Ramsey was pretty simple.

    Jen and I saw that small group of people there... but we walked past it because we waned to walk around the outside to see the whole arena. It's an awesome looking place. I have lots of pictures if anyone wants to see them. I'll wait for someone to ask so I don't whore my site like RD.


    Like I never do anything like that!

  7. I'll post it... just give me a few minutes...

    Edit: I am recording this now on TiVo. Once its done, I'll download it to my PC and then post it online.

  8. I'll be there in section 16, row 10 with horns on!

    I'll have on my white Brodeur jersey and the gf will have her red Gomez Parise jersey.

    By the way PK, did you ever see this?


    P.S. Hi all! Haven't spoke in a couple of years, but I've been lurking... :evil:

  9. That would be awesome... any chance the hockey gods are looking down on me and you have plans to include Steven s night?

    I did a Stevens night DVD a while ago - if you want in on that, I'll send it with the Dano DVD when I send them out.

    And I'm glad I can do this for you guys! And BlueSkirt, if there is anything that can be done remotely, I'll certainly let you know! :evil:

  10. Good evening all!

    I have good news! And it has nothing to do with my car!


    Anyhoo, I will be making the DVD's for the Ken Daneyko ceremony. There is one catch however - they are going to be a little late. I've gotten myself caught up in work and don't seem to have much free time lately. I will make them, I sware guys!

    I will post any updates to this thread so keep an eye on it for those of you who want it. I'll let you know when to send the PM's! :evil:

  11. There should be an option somewhere either on the server end or the board software that tells the browser in the headers that the browser should check for a new version of the image when it goes to download it. If the server returns a 206 status message, the borwser uses what it has in cache - otherwise it download the new one.

  12. Thank you for the clarification on what the rule currently is - I was wondering why they wouldn't whistle play dead the other night and now that makes sense.

    Basically when you boil everything down, if it weren't for the fact that the refs completely missed the play to begin with, it wouldn't be an issue. If they just see the slashes and high sticks, a rule wouldn't need to be changed.

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